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1:51 PM on 07.27.2011

Sakuya Izayoi Perfect Cherry Blossom Version!

Normally I don't like doing news posts... OK, I guess I really don't post here at all BUT I'm really excited for a particular figure flying under the radar. Buried somewhere in all the WonderFest and ComicCon news, Griffon announced a new Sakuya Izayoi that I'm totally in love with. "But wait," you're probably thinking, "Griffon announces a new Touhou figure like every three days, and Sakuya has a ton of figures!" That may be true, but this one is unique.

This particular Sakuya is the "Perfect Cherry Blossom Version", taken from the seventh and arguably most popular game in the Touhou series. Upon closer inspection you'll notice a few details specific to her PCB design: the red scarf, red shoes, long sleeves and... a mop? Well I guess she is a maid and it does stay true to the original art from the game, so we'll let it slide. I also love the cool, all business expression on her face, fitting for the "Perfect and Elegant Servant" she's supposed to be.

I really didn't care for Griffon's early Touhou work (including their previous takes on Sakuya), it's only been with the recent figures of the newer girls that I think they've hit their stride. So I've been kind of hoping they would go back and revisit some of the older, more popular characters. It would be even cooler if they continued doing more game specific figures as the girls' appearances do change slightly from game to game.

Sakuya is already up for preorder and will be out in November. Anybody else with me on this one?   read

7:37 PM on 09.20.2010

Thanks Tomopop! - Unboxing My Vocaloid Nendoroid Petit

I was pleasantly surprised to find a package waiting for me over the weekend and even more excited to find it was my runner-up prize from the recent VN02 Miku contest, a Nendoroid Petit Vocaloid. Seeing as this is a blindbox affair, I thought I would share the unboxing, with a little help from an appropriate assistant. So here we go...

Well, here's the box. I've never purchased a blind box figure before, I've always been afraid of paying money and getting a figure I don't want. But I have to say after this, I might give it a try, it's pretty exciting. The nendo petits are usually great quality for the price so you almost can't go wrong.

So let's see who we got.... ah, it's my own little Servant of Evil, Kagamine Len! I don't really have any male figures so maybe he will SPICE up my collection............ I apologize for that, moving on.

And now we're all unwrapped and ready to rock. Or dance? We're ready either way.

I know I really enjoyed putting together an entry for this contest and it was cool seeing so many great entries from some very talented people. One thing I love about the whole Vocaloid phenomenon is how much creativity it inspires, whether it's the actual music, the fan art or figures, and this contest seemed to fit right in with all of that. So thanks again Tomopop!

Oh and I will be taking a pass on pursuing a career in voice acting but my friends and I will be at NYAF/NYCC on Saturday, hopefully we will see everyone there.   read

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