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7:55 PM on 04.02.2009

Revoltech Valkyrie (Package from Aiya!)

So waiting for me on my front door today was an awesome package from Stella (Aiya). It was amazing in so many ways.

Box Art:

Not only are these fantastic sketches of Persona 4 characters. They're related to the massive conflict I had within the game!
Which ended up turning out not being a conflict after all because you can totally be a mack-daddy in the game and get JIGGY with ALL the girls.


There was even a hand written note with an awesome drawing of Palom and Porom!! Then it reminded me of their sacrifice and it made me weep for a while.


Finally the goods! Not only did she send me the awesome Revoltech Valkyrie, but there was an extra hidden FF4 figure! ALSO, CANDY!

Totally made my day! Thank you so much Aiya! You ROCK!

Coming up: better pics of the play date that my Revoltech Mazingkaiser will have with Valkyrie.   read

2:06 PM on 03.26.2009

Introduction and First GET!

Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself to the Tomopop group. I've been mostly on the Destructoid side of things, which means I also love 'em games. I also find that I might actually swing on over to the Japanator side of things because I like 'em animes as well. But I've mainly joined Tomopop in order to fulfill my toy collecting desires.

So as a sacrifice, I present to you my first CEREAL collectible toy. I'm sure this probably has been posted on here quite a bit because it's such a cool figure, but I had to get one for myself in order to celebrate the spring cleaning of my desk.

Voila! Revoltech Mazinkaizer!

(The green lighting hue is done by reflecting the flash off the camera with a neon green post it note)   read

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