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gunmetalgrey avatar 10:54 PM on 03.21.2013  (server time)
Review: Vertigo Cover Girls Death of the Endless

I felt the need to include this shot just 'cause she's the first in the line of Vertigo Cover Girls.

As for the rest of the box, nothing really remarkable about it except maybe that it's nice and clean, rather minimalist even.

Now onto the figure, I suppose I'll work my way up from the bottom.

The base is really neat, made up of what seems to be a pile of bones and skulls, though there are also a few helmets and some chain mail here and there. I really like the wash they used to bring out all the detail.

The clothing on her is mostly a solid black but I like that they broke it up with some glossy and matte finishes like on her boots.

The pants were sculpted with some more or less realistic folding and stretching in all the appropriate parts. Now for an abstract entity who's supposed to appear like a 16 year old (as revealed in The High Cost of Living) girl, she's got some really well-toned legs.

I mean just look at that!

There's more gloss on her belt and gloves, and some silver to highlight the studs, the buckle, and her ankh pendant which is on actual thread.

She's also got some relatively toned arms as well to go with those legs.

The best part about the whole thing is definitely the face. The paint is pristine along with some pretty interesting detail like a touch of blue eye shadow and even some subtly sculpted dimples!

The hair is well-sculpted with a semi-gloss finish so it could pick off some light. And yes, that is a falcon perched on her umbrella.

The feathers on it are also sculpted well, with a blue wash to bring out the detail.

There is some bleed here and there, but nothing specific worth mentioning. My only real complaint is this tiny bit of paint drip behind her left shoulder.

Overall she's a fantastic statue (made of cold-cast porcelain, for those who are wondering).

Now the rest are just some artsy pictures from various angles..

I hope for more Vertigo Cover Girls to come, particularly from Fables/Fairest.

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