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10:54 PM on 03.21.2013

Review: Vertigo Cover Girls Death of the Endless

I felt the need to include this shot just 'cause she's the first in the line of Vertigo Cover Girls.

As for the rest of the box, nothing really remarkable about it except maybe that it's nice and clean, rather minimalist even.

Now onto the figure, I suppose I'll work my way up from the bottom.

The base is really neat, made up of what seems to be a pile of bones and skulls, though there are also a few helmets and some chain mail here and there. I really like the wash they used to bring out all the detail.

The clothing on her is mostly a solid black but I like that they broke it up with some glossy and matte finishes like on her boots.

The pants were sculpted with some more or less realistic folding and stretching in all the appropriate parts. Now for an abstract entity who's supposed to appear like a 16 year old (as revealed in The High Cost of Living) girl, she's got some really well-toned legs.

I mean just look at that!

There's more gloss on her belt and gloves, and some silver to highlight the studs, the buckle, and her ankh pendant which is on actual thread.

She's also got some relatively toned arms as well to go with those legs.

The best part about the whole thing is definitely the face. The paint is pristine along with some pretty interesting detail like a touch of blue eye shadow and even some subtly sculpted dimples!

The hair is well-sculpted with a semi-gloss finish so it could pick off some light. And yes, that is a falcon perched on her umbrella.

The feathers on it are also sculpted well, with a blue wash to bring out the detail.

There is some bleed here and there, but nothing specific worth mentioning. My only real complaint is this tiny bit of paint drip behind her left shoulder.

Overall she's a fantastic statue (made of cold-cast porcelain, for those who are wondering).

Now the rest are just some artsy pictures from various angles..

I hope for more Vertigo Cover Girls to come, particularly from Fables/Fairest.   read

4:57 AM on 06.07.2012

Uncanny X-Force Marvel Legends 3-pack revealed

as a SDCC exclusive..

Looks like I'll just have to save up for whatever the price will be in the aftermarket..

Fantomex is out and Deadpool is coming just around the corner, I'm starting to hate reading team books 'cause I just know I can't resist completing them as figures.

One thing that bothers me though, is that Archangel's paint scheme is X-Force accurate but not Uncanny X-Force accurate. I guess I'll just have to live with it.   read

8:48 AM on 05.19.2012


I love Rhino. Really classic Spidey villain. But that aside, he just looks awesome and I knew right away that he would look great in a three dimensional form with all the texture on his hide, the musculature and the horn and hooves, but all in the shape of a man. So it was just great to see two Rhino figures announced almost simultaneously and also scheduled to release at almost the same time.

First up is Sideshow's Rhino Comiquette:

This is the exclusive version that comes with the more classic square-ish head which I much prefer to the longer-faced modern version. A bit too expensive for most of us, I know, and it looks to be a huge space hog to display, so it's nice that there's another option

And that is none other than Marvel Select Rhino:

I've been waiting for a MS Rhino for what seems like ages knowing MS's great track record with oversized figures. This guy just looks so good for a mass produced action figure, sculpted yet again by the good fellows over at Gentle Giant Studios, sculptors of some of my favorite MS figures like Juggernaut, Abomination, and Sabertooth.

Of these two, I'll probably be picking up the latter, although one cannot deny the aura of strength that comes from Sideshow's comiquette and it's just such an awesomely massive piece. The last time I felt this way about a figure I couldn't afford was with Bowen's Juggernaut.   read

7:52 AM on 04.23.2012


Some of you may remember the post I made a while back about space dinosaurs which I linked back to the page that also had the 8" sasquatch. For those who don't, here's that post:

Well.. that sasquatch also has this awesome yeti variant!

That guy with the shotgun in between them is about 6 inches tall, similar to the space dinosaurs, so that may give you a better idea on the scale of these things. The white paint really brings out the sculpt a lot more than the dark brown. I'm hoping this isn't some kind of limited edition 'cause the $19.99 price on the regular version is just too sweet.   read

4:52 AM on 04.05.2012

One of the best modern Spidey statues

Tomo really needs to have someone covering these again..

Like the header states, I'm pretty confident in saying that this is one of the best modern renditions I've seen of Spidey in action. I'd say it's up there with Sideshow's statue and Bowen's upcoming one.

The pre-order just came up on AmiAmi:

I really like how detailed the sculpt is, from the musculature to the worn down pillar base.

The paint's looking sharp as well, especially on the line work, but Koto's had its share of issues in that department when they hit production, even in their high-end resin statues, so we'll have to see.

I'm also not too keen on how he's precariously perched on the base, not that I'm worried about breakage or leaning, but it seems to be easily toppled over, though I'm sure they'll address any such issues before release.   read

11:17 AM on 03.26.2012

I need this in my life

I haven't been so active around the cblogs lately (probably not since the whole format change), so it had to be about something really awesome for me to be posting here again.

I've known CS Moore Studio as more of a statue-producing company for a while (and they're really good at that), and it seems they've recently ventured into the action figure business, and in the classic 6-inch scale too.

Now for the piece of theirs that got me posting back here:

Yup, that's right, a T-Rex wearing space armor with 2 holstered blasters and a laser sword!

I saw this just in time too, since for the past few weeks I've been hunting down some old comics from the 80s and 90s and this fits in with that era quite nicely. Now if only I could figure out how to get this to my country..

It's up for pre-order on their site (for the totally reasonable price of $15.99) if anyone's interested:

They've got some other awesome stuff too (like an 8-1/2" tall Sasquatch figure!):   read

4:09 AM on 10.12.2011

Gimme Ika now!

I saw the promo shots over at figma blog the other day so I knew the pre-order was coming up soon:

And she's coming in March, just in time for my birthday! I should probably go find her a cake to hold just for the occasion. :D


6:31 AM on 07.22.2011


I like the character quite a bit, the sculpt and the paint looks great, but..

a. It's HUGE, even when it doesn't have to be.. I mean there are other characters I'd rather have such
a big figure of..

b. It's out of my price range for something with a kinda plain design, although the size does allow for
a bit more detail..

c. It's coming at a really bad time for me..

I may cave at some point, it's still at the bad kind of impractical for me, but maybe watching the show again will be enough to tip the scales to the good kind of impractical, the one that we have to be sometimes.   read

4:35 AM on 06.27.2011

OMG dat Berserker.. O_O

This set is pretty amazing, although I would prefer full-sized ones.

Up for pre-order:   read

11:37 AM on 04.27.2011

Hidden Snow Princess indeed..

I always thought Tomopop had some good coverage on all the Shining series figures, seeing as everyone seems to love them here, so I was quite surprised to see this come up for order without warning:

Yeah, I know this isn't a news site, but I thought it would be something that would easily catch the attention of someone in the staff. Perhaps she really was hidden, even from such faithful eyes as those of the staff here.

At first I mistook it for another Blanc Neige figure, with the white hair, red eyes, and the ice-based weaponry and environment she seems to be in. Also, she seems to be sporting an interesting variation of Kureha's outfit. I don't know much about the story in the game so I'm unaware of the relevance of these similarities. The pose reminds me a lot of Momohime, except of course for the head, and this appears to be one of those figures that only look good at certain angles.

The paint and sculpt on this figure look to be top-notch, as now expected from Kotobukiya, and that base is pretty sweet. I love the frosted, translucent look they gave it. Did anyone else spot this beautiful figure beforehand?   read

3:16 AM on 04.23.2011

Madoka figma? whut? also.. KYUUUUUBEEEEY!!

Sadly I can't read any of the details..

Good thing Kyubey's eyes aren't painted in yet or I'd be foaming at the mouth and speaking in tongues by now.   read

5:18 AM on 04.13.2011

Gintoki's getting a re-release!? WHAT!?

Right on time for the relaunch of the anime!

I can't express my excitement and surprise (but mostly excitement) enough!

Up for pre-order at AmiAmi:

Takasugi is already up for pre-order as well:

Gintoki's looked great since the first release and Takasugi looks awesome as well.

Sadly I have so much coming up in the next two months that I might be able to afford only one of them..   read

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