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Hey, Tomopop community! Haven't seen you in a while. ;)

Miku, Mitsuru, Rise, and Yukiko seem to having a freaking blast on that merry-go-round of wonderness, don't they?

We all know Uplark's (formerly Eye Up's) great Gurren Lagann figures. I only have the Yoko one so far, and the Nia one is on preorder, but I was wondering what other Gurren Lagann figures you would also like to see from them.

I would REALLY like a Leeron Littner figure, but I pretty much KNOW that's not gonna happen.

A few months ago, I wrote a Cblog stating my lust for all things Persona 4, and how I was looking for someone to trade for this 1/8 scale Yukiko Amagi figure from Atlus. I had no luck in the trading department, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Since stingy old Atlus doesn't ship to North America, I hired a separate Japanese company to buy the figure from the Atlus D Shop for me. The whole process took about a month, and it was pretty pricey, but I don't regret it at all, the figure is amazing.

Pretty standard figure box. But keeps the figure nice and protected.

The base is very nice. I've always loved Persona 4's logo, with the whole yellow business.

Yukiko's sweater is a really cool orangy-red colour, and it sort of changes in different kinds of light. And her flipping out hair looks cool. Notice the school logo on her shirt collar.

She comes with two accessories. A fan, which she uses as a weapon in the game, and her tiny little glasses, which serve a part in the game. I'm seriously scared that I'm going to break her glasses, they're made of like the thinnest plastic ever, so I hardly ever take them off.

The skirt is probably my favourite part of her outfit. It seriously looks like it's really moving with her, and the cool retro-ish design appeals to my inner fashionista. Also, her tights feel really realistic, it's sort of like a matte paint, and feels very similar to the finishing on the Nintendo DSi.

I appologize for her slightly dusty hair. I never noticed till I uploaded the pictures.

I don't like her to constantly be holding her fan, because it's not really being held up by anything, it just sort of sits between Yukiko's fingers. I'm scared of the plastic drooping after a while.

Like most static PVC figures, she can stand fairly well without her base, but she's not necessarily the most sturdy figure in the world. I recommend using the base.

Overall, it's a really great figure. If you are a big fan of the game (and I know there are a few Persona 4 fans around here), I highly recommend going to your favourite proxy shopping service and picking her up. The paint job is great, her pose is beautiful, and she comes with some sweet ass accessories. She's just an overall amazing figure.

Colette's post on the latest erotic figure got me thinking. There are a lot of erotic female figures out there, but where are all the scantily clad male figures?

Would any of you guys feel comfortable with an almost naked 1:8 scale man sitting on your shelf? I know I would, but I'm not so sure there would really be that big of a market for it.

I'm just curious about what your guys' thoughts on this subject is.

11:13 PM on 06.14.2009

I've been practicing my figure photography, tell me what you guys think :)

Eye Up's 1/8 scale Yoko from Gurren Lagann.

Alter's 1/8 scale Mitsuru from Persona 3: FES.

Good Smile Company's 1/8 scale Hatsune Miku.

Took this picture for one of Tomopop's contests a while ago, I really liked this shot so decided to include it.

I was wondering if anyone wanted to trade something for one of the Teddie Plushies that came out a while ago. I love the Tomopop community, so I thought I would use the Tomopop Cblogs as a resource for my toy lusts. I would be willing to trade any member or 2 of my plush collection (except for Link, I love him too much) shown below. I'm also really looking for Alter's 1/8 scale Yukiko Amagi figure. I would be willing to trade Eye Up's Yoko from Gurren Lagann or 2 or 3 games or something like that. I got lots of games :3 My email is so please email me if anyone is interested :) VIVA LA TOMOPOP