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4:42 PM on 11.20.2010

For Sale: Momohime by Alter - SOLD

Edit: She's sold - thank you Stella!

Hi everyone! I'm in need of some cash (damn living expenses!) so I decided to put my Momohime up for sale. I just got her a few weeks ago and she is in mint condition with her original box. I did take her out of the box but she has just been on my display shelf. Here's a photo of her:

I'm asking $70 for her plus $10 shipping via USPS priority mail. Please email me at kristin.gamergirl AT if you're interested!   read

12:38 AM on 10.05.2010

Nendoroids Chiaki and Snow Miku Go to the Lake!

Hi everyone! Earlier today, I went to a local state park called Shabbona Lake. It was the first time I had gone there, and was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it was! Naturally, the reason I went there was to take some photos. I decided to bring along my two newest nendoroids, Chiaki Minami and Snow Miku. They had a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoy the photos!

Miku: Come on! Let's go explore!

Hmm, Chiaki is looking kind of guilty....

Uh oh....poor Miku!

Miku gets her revenge and Chiaki starts to cry -

But they start to get along after a while!

Exploring around the lake...

And posing for photos....

It was a great day!

Bonus shots of my Dollfie Dream, Sophie -

I should have another post soon, because I'll be getting my first scaled figure! I ordered Momohime from AmiAmi and she's already on her way via EMS. I know there have been a ton of reviews, but since she's my first 1/8 figure, I can't wait to take some pictures! Anyway, thanks for looking!   read

3:27 PM on 09.08.2010

BRS Backyard Adventure (figma and nendo photos)

Hi everyone! So, after a stupid decision to order my BRS figures SAL, and a week and a half of regret, they arrived! Yesterday, but I was too busy to take them outside for a photoshoot.

I'm guessing most people are tired of BRS at this point, but I hope you enjoy the photos anyway!

An enemy appears! Take care of it, mini BRS!:

"Too strong. You kill it, big sis!"
figma BRS gladly obliges:

Just a cool pose of the figma. She works really well with action poses:

Thanks for looking! Note: No figures or cicadas were harmed in the making of this post. The "enemy" was just a cicada shell!   read

1:10 AM on 09.05.2010

A "Dream" Gift!

I am mainly a figma and nendoroid collector, because they are more affordable and a lot of fun to photograph. Recently though, I decided to get a different kind of poseable figure....

On Friday my first Dollfie Dream arrived! I had to keep the bill as low as possible so I had to pick from the standard image characters. I decided to go with Yukino.

I just thought I'd post a couple of pictures here. I know this is mainly a figure blog, so I plan on keeping my posts about figma and nendo pics. I'm actually still waiting for my BRS nendo and figma (damn SAL). I just wanted to share a couple of my favorite shots.

Thanks for looking! I plan on taking my BRS figures for a photoshoot when they get here, so that'll probably be what I post next. No more dolls, I promise!   read

3:26 PM on 08.30.2010

A New Home, New Orders, and Photos, too!

Hi! It's been a while! I moved into a new place at the beginning of the month and just now got my internet set up. I'll have plenty of cool new stuff to take photos of soon, though. My order for figma and nendoroid BRS is on its way, via SAL. But I have an even bigger prize on the way - a Dollfie Dream Yukino! According to UPS' webstite, she should be here on Friday!

Today, I just have some shots of Tako, Drossel, and Louise (in a new handmade outfit) exploring the new apartment.

Louise "supervises" the arrangement of the dining room set:

Tako - "Play with meeeee, sister!"

Louise - "What's all this ruckus about?"

Drossel - O_O

Group shot - Tako is a perv!:

Thanks for stopping by! I'm very happy to have my internet back, it's very boring not being able to stop by Tomopop every day!   read

11:17 PM on 07.27.2010

The Backyard and the Birdcage (figure photoshoot)

I took these photos a few days ago on a nice evening. I don't really have a story for them or anything, but I thought they turned out nice enough for me to share them. I hope you like them too!

First I saw a nice blue mosaic table that would make a great background for Drossel:

After she spotted the wind chime hanging from the tree, she was determined to climb up to the top:

The rusty old birdcage being used as a planter made a nice background for Louise:

Here she's standing on the door, it took some time to get her to stay there!:

Tako Luka is determined to be included in every blog post:

And finally a quick close up of Luka in a planter. It looks like she's exploring:

Bonus pic - since I wasn't able to buy Louise any new clothes right away, I tried to sew a dress myself. The fabric was from a little Chinese fan I had sitting in my closet. What do you think? Did it make for a nice first dress?


8:46 PM on 07.19.2010

Monthly Megapixel - A Vocaloid Vacation!

Hello! Today is my first attempt at a Monthly Megapixel entry. I hope you like it!

Miku's Scrapbook~~~July 19, 2010

After last weekend's eventful concert, I suggested that we take a day off. Luka and Gakupo already had plans (a date, I'm sure!), Kaito we assume is still being held by rabid fangirls, and the police refused to release Rin because she's a danger to society. Well, I did tell her it probably wasn't a good idea to show up at the concert in a road roller, but she insisted....

Anyway, so Len, Tako, and I headed to Fox River to practice our photography and have a picnic. I thought it was perfect for a day long mini vacation. Here we are after we first arrived. It was cloudy, but that kept it from getting too hot.

I then decided it would make for cooler photos if we went out on the rocks in the river. Tako and I went and Len stayed on the shore. I think he took some good pictures.

But he wasn't paying attention when I tried to show him something!

So I took the picture myself. Baby ducklings!

Next I took a picture of the river. And then Len took a picture of me taking a picture of the river!

I was trying to look for shells on the beach, so I climbed on a log to get a better view. It was slippery though and I nearly fell off! Len was there to catch me, thankfully!

Tako was fascinated by the concrete blocks along the shore. I think they put them there for when the river floods, but I wasn't sure.

We were going to go back by the river but it started to rain, so we took shelter by the picnic tables. Tako complained that she was hungry (she always is!), so we unpacked our lunch and ate. It was delicious! But I didn't tell Tako that I was having takoyaki.

It was getting late, so we took on last group shot by the river before we went home. I was a bit cold from getting rained on, that's why I have a towel. I'm glad I remembered to bring one!

We all ended up having a really great day! It's important to take a day off and enjoy nature every once in a while. I was dissapointed that everyone didn't make it, but it actually was really nice. The three of us got along pretty well and had a lot of fun.

I'm hoping next time Kaito will be able to come along!


These photos were harder to take than usual because I kept slipping on the rocks. Miku's pose at the picnic table and the "slipping" picture were a little awkward because of posing/sitting limitations and I don't like having stands in natural looking photos, but I tried to make it look okay. It did end up being a lot of fun, aside from almost losing Len's hand and stepping in goose poop.... but I'm happy with the way the photos came out.

Thank you for looking!   read

7:32 PM on 07.16.2010

The Impromptu Adventure of Tako Luka and Louise

Earlier this evening, when it finally got bearable to be outside, Tako Luka and Louise decided they wanted to go outside. I didn't like the way my indoor shots turned out this morning, so I agreed. This morning I got the Pureneemo Flection body for Louise, so it made taking photos of her a lot more enjoyable. And Tako Luka adds a bit of awesome to everything.

Here they are waiting for me to get my stuff together:

Tako Luka makes a break for it, before realizing the plant is only like a foot tall:


I like the contrast of the figures' bright colors and the drab, earthy background:

Wheat - Get!


After exploring outside, Tako gets hungry and tries to sneak a cookie.

Louise tries to help out but ends up knocking Tako into the box:

The end :) Yummy ~

Thanks for looking! My next post will be for the Monthy Megapixel and will be starring figma Vocaloids Miku and Len and Tako Luka.

I hope it goes over well :)   read

1:47 PM on 07.12.2010

Azone 1/6 Pure Neemo Louise and Dead Master Big Plushie

After a lot of waiting, wishing, and stressing, I got two very awesome things in the mail today. You may remember me mentioning in my last post about ordering Louise from Mandarake. Well, I was able to get the money in time to pay for her and she arrived today. I also got the large Dead Master plushie I ordered from Toylet (two weeks later...).

Louise really was an awesome find. She was released in 2007 and tsuki board lists her as limited + exclusive, and was only available through Hobby Japan mail order or on their website. I never expected to find her, yet when the time came that I was finally able to order my first 1/6 scale doll, she appeared on Mandarake. She was 12,000 yen, which is my most expensive purchase to date!

So enough talk, time for photos! Requisite box shots, front and back:

Here she is in her uniform. I was really impressed by the quality of the clothes. The shirt was made out of the same blouse material as shirts for people. The cape was a silky material and even has a hood. The stitching on all of the clothes was so nice and neat, I was impressed because of the small scale.

Compare size to nendoroid Louise:

She also comes with a little nightgown. It is so adorable, I can't believe it. With her slight frown and her wavy hair, she really is the best Azone doll I've seen, in terms of hair and face up.

My major complaint is that her body is not poseable at all. I've remedied that by ordering a Pure Neemo flection body, which is more posable, but still looks nice. Thankfully, Hobby Search had them in stock for around $17, plus 50% shipping, so I was able to afford EMS. Now I'm waiting for them to sent a Paypal payment request.

Now here is my super adorable Dead Master plushie. I ordered the big size one, but I was pleasantly surprised at how big it really was. Here she is by herself and with Louise for size comparison.

I love them both and they were well worth the money :) I hope you enjoy the photos. I can't wait to take more once I get the flection body, so she can actually pose.

Thanks for looking!   read

1:58 PM on 07.03.2010

Tomopop Prize! - UCC Milk and Coffee Eva Figures

So, I was just minding my own business one day, checking out Tomopop and saw a new Tomopop Unboxes video by the awesome Colette Benett. Thinking these figures look pretty cool, I watched the video and got an unexpected suprise - the figures themselves! If you watched the video to the end, you saw that Colette offered the figures as a prize to the first person who emailed her saying her video rocked!

And finally, the figures arrived today! Along with the first Haruhi novel (not manga), that I ordered and thought got lost in the mail :(

Sorry for the less than great photos, I didn't have a whole lot of time to take them:

They're small, but pretty awesome. They're actually my first non articulated figures I've ever owned! I really like how nice they look considering their size. Plus, the tiny cans of coffee they're holding are so adorable, I'm willing to overlook the blatant advertising.

Thanks for sending me these cool little figures, Colette! I appreciate it!

Stay tuned for some cool stuff I have on order. I have a Dead Master plushie coming from Toylet (damn thing still hasn't shipped b/c they're at the anime expo). I also have pending one of the coolest things ever, an Azone 1/6 scale Pure Neemo Louise doll. I never thought I'd be able to find her, but she showed up on Mandarake a couple of days ago. I placed the order for her and she's in stock, but now I have to wait for the check I need to pay for her. Mandarake's website says you have seven days to pay and the check should be here by Wednesday (I ordered her on Friday, gives me 'til next Friday). Wish me luck that it all works out okay! She will be my rarest and most expensive purchase to date, but so worth it :)

If you read all of that, you rock. Thanks for taking a look :)   read

9:02 PM on 06.29.2010

A Summer Evening Outing (nendo and figma pics)

I live outside of Chicago, and summer usually equals hot, humid and miserable. By some divine gift we got a beautiful, cool day today and this evening I decided to take advantage of it to take some photos. It really was a beautiful evening, and I'm glad I went out. I just wish there weren't so many effing mosquitoes. I'm like a magnet for the damn things.

We started out by the fence next to our driveway. Tako Luka is taunting Drossel - "Bet you can't make it here!":

Drossel proves Tako very wrong:

But it doesn't last very long:

Disappointed, Tako goes to harass Yuki, who's checking out the remnants of an old tree that grew around the fence:

Then everyone decides to go around out back. Drossel explores in between the ferns:

Yuki braves a precarious log bridge deep in the jungle (at least that's what she thinks):

She makes it back out front and finds a good resting place:

Drossel, however, just gets glomped by Tako Luka:

I didn't mean to post two things so close together, but I wanted to share these pictures, seeing how my last post was all business. I hope you enjoy them. Thank you very much for looking!

Edit: I went ahead and took my sale post down since I sold Marisa. If that's not okay or against the rules or something, please let me know! I just didn't want it taking up space since she sold already.   read

8:24 PM on 06.18.2010

It's Been A While! (plus nendo and figma pics)

Wow, it's been a while since I've last been here. My laptop broke down before Christmas and wasn't able to get it fixed (no money!) Luckliy, I won a netbook at a raffle at the computer shop down the street. Don't recognize some of the new people here, but I'm glad to be back here!

Okay, so now what you actually wanted to see! I got nendo Luka and figma Marisa Kirisame a few days ago, so here's some shots of them.

Here's Marisa:

The pictures of her flying on her broom were really cool, so that's they way I have her on display now. She's a nice figure but her skirt weighs her down so it's hard to pose her in midair.

Now here's nendo Luka:

I really like Luka and Tako Luka, but I am a little disappointed in her sloppy paint job. I know she's really small, so I don't expect perfection, but I expected a little better from GSC. Unfortunately, my camera can't pick up small details, so you'll just have to take my word on it :) Otherwise, she's a nice little figure, and tako Luka is a cute bonus.

Tako Luka stole Luka's skirt!:

"Go forth, my minion!":

Tako Luka is really a bully. Here she is harassing poor Yuki:

And here she's stealing all the Milky Ways from mini Miku:

Sorry the photo quality isn't the greatest. The best camera I could get was a $100 point and shoot, but I really enjoy taking photos. So it's still fun to see how they turn out! I hope you guys enjoy them too. Thanks for looking :)   read

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