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Just went searching on Amiami to see any miscellaneous Persona merchandise and saw these!

I prefer saving up for scale figures, but I think they look as good as the P3/P4 sets, which should be nice for those that want them. All the characters are solely from P2 and are going for about 3200 yen (with Amiami discount). Anyone planning to purchase them? Did anyone else pre-order the PSP port of the first game coming out this month?

Probably just Kyrie, but you never know :)

It's a mini-anime convention at the Headquarters Library (Fayetteville, NC) this Saturday. No figures for sale, but there's an artist gallery, cosplay runaway, and different events/panels around the entire library.

I'm just volunteering as usual. It'd be pretty neat to have a Tomopop meet-up, no matter how small!

4:53 PM on 07.29.2011

<b>This post is about a month old because I couldn't find my camera USB cord, just so everyone knows</b>

I recently got back from Portland, ME. A couple of months ago, and then spurred on again by Jax's post, I began looking more in-depth into the vinyl scene. I found a couple of series that looked nice, particularly Kathie Olivas' <i>Scavengers</i> and Travis Lampe's <i>Tear Drips</i>. After some Googling, I found a store called Newbury Comics was going to have Dunny 2011 in stock with a release party.

I got there the day it was supposed to happen, but got sidetracked and was unable to make it :( I did however go the next day to buy some blind boxes, since there was really only one common design I wanted. I will say, those that live near a Newbury Comics location are very lucky people! I don't have any equivalent nearby (at least any that I know of), so seeing a wall of vinyl in the flesh was very exciting. Sadly no Tear Drips, but I managed to buy two of the Dunny 2011 from a case near the cash register and my younger sister has been getting into them, so she bought one as well.

Anyone, what exactly is the correct plural form of a Dunny? Dunnies? Dunnys?

The boxes aren't looking so good from being crammed in luggage...Luckily, the figures themselves are fine.

First box- a Betso! The card was nice. I've never bought a Dunny before this, so I was amazed that the teeth and eyes actually stuck out and weren't simply a design printed on.

Second box was my sister's- a Huck Gee! His card makes me think of the title for High School of the Dead. My little brothers really liked this design. I guess because it was a zombie?

Third box- a Squink!...Sort of cute, didn't expect the writing on the back.

A few days later, I went back to the store to get <i>one more</i> box. A forum for case layouts was underway and it seemed the highest probability was in one spot that didn't look shuffled around. Would it be the one I wanted?

It's...a Wingnut. Back was interesting, but it wasn't my Travis Lampe. A bit disappointed overall, but not a bad experience. Each of my siblings have claimed a design, so I'm left to do something with this Betso.

But there was one package I received after my return. What could it be?

A <i>Scavengers</i> series 1 box found on eBay for a decent price! And such nice packaging.

The box is smooth and the top is magnetic, though I would have preferred only the top to open rather than have two connected sections.

I bought a white Masao, which is common but still cute. One tiny issue is that he looks down when he's sitting, but it's impossible to lean him back by himself because his tail is partly underneath him. Eventually, I might buy a couple more but for now it's enough. But it would be nice if there was a Scavengers series 3!

I was looking through the Otacute sale and found out they opened pre-orders for more Alter Yui! I've never heard of Alter doing a re-release twice, but it's nice for anyone who wants another chance to buy her.

3:28 PM on 06.23.2011

I don't really know how to start. I do wish I took the opportunity to chat with you more often but I'm really awkward when it comes to those types of things (there is Twitter, but I don't use it).

But honestly, thank you for creating Tomopop. Before I came here, I merely had a passing interest in figures. That all changed around a year or so ago; Resinya had the prototype for their Aegis and I was pretty desperate for more information. While I was Googling around, I came upon an article about it, which was actually written by you, here! At first I really only wanted to know about Aegis but I started looking around and decided to come back every once in a while.

That once in a while turned out to be every day! There's so many things I'm grateful for because of Tomopop: I wouldn't have bought Gift's Hakurei Reimu without Jonathan's approving review, wouldn't be planning to attend a Dunny party tonight without all the news by Stephen, Leah, and others, wouldn't have so much fun looking at photos and discussing them with members like Kyrie or personaspace, etc.

You're always so cheerful and just plain ecstatic about your favorite things like Persona. Reading your posts were never a bad thing. Like personaspace said, you're like the Team Mom so reading that you'll be leaving just seems unreal. I don't know anything besides that, but I will miss you tons along with many others; this S-Link is maxed out forever.

No matter what you're doing, I hope that you'll be happy, you'll pop by once in a blue moon, and that a Junpei Iori figure will someday be made just for you!

(Just wondering, will you still be on Destructoid? If you are, I'll make it my mission to check there as much as I check here.)

Is it reliable? Do they keep their stock on their website up-to-date? Any experiences?

've never ordered from them, but I'm planning on using them as a back-up. They and the store I'm planning on ordering from first have the same price; I missed out on an Amazon sale so I don't know if the first store still has the figure. I am planning on sending an email and asking the first store but I would like some feedback on NCSX in case I do need to use them.