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Chris Seto's blog
tomopop  Associate Editor

2:52 PM on 05.10.2013

Calling all Brits!

This is more for my curiosity than anything but I thought it would be worth asking how many of our readers are from the fair British Isles and also, who (if any) have plans to attend the London Comic con/MCM Expo at the end o...   read

10:32 AM on 03.12.2013

A Wild Taiga Appears

Man, it's been a long time since I wrote up a c-blog post and, truth be told, I haven't cos I've been lazy. That and I haven't really done anything which is worth sharing, not since KOS-MOS ver4, which made it onto the front ...   read

3:28 PM on 09.25.2010

Summer GK Blowout!

Feels like an age since I last wrote a Cblog post... Oh wait, it WAS an age ago! Anyway, I thought that I'd share some pics of the garage kit acquisitions over the summer.The LAFM Sheryl Nome figure got put into the shot as w...   read

11:20 AM on 02.07.2010

Wonderfestival Winter 2010: company side!

Well, The first wonderfestival event for the year is about done now so we'll be seeing photos of the event trickle through over the next day or so.But some of the bigger sites such as dengeki and moeyo have already posted up ...   read

6:04 PM on 02.04.2010

Dimension Diver Q&A

I don't think Dimension DIver needs an introduction in Tomopop.They are the group responsible for a range of poseable resin kits such as Aegis:And Samus Aran:They have been featured on Tomopop several times beforeYou can reac...   read

6:12 AM on 01.28.2010

Thinking fast: Aegis or Metis?

OK fellow tomopoppers, I need some advice which (hopefully) will be more informed and thought out than a coin toss (which was what I initially planned)You have all seen the Dimension Diver kits before and Jonathan has done an...   read

12:01 PM on 12.30.2009

PG 00 Gundam: Not-so-awesome

I received a PG 00 Gundam for christmas and so, with somewhat limited internet availablilty back with my family, I've spent some time building the newest addition to the Perfect grade family... And I'm not impressed.I'm not s...   read

6:27 PM on 12.17.2009

GSC Saber Lily! ...or not.

Better late than never, I suppose. I finally decided to take my saber lily out of her box and take a few photos. But after seeing god knows how many blog posts and reviews about her and even more photos, I really wonder what ...   read

5:03 PM on 11.20.2009

Minor GK update: Volks upcoming releases

I know that Garage kits aren't really something which most of the community members are particularly interested in. It tends to fall into the "look but do not touch" category, but still, there may be some things here which so...   read

7:08 PM on 11.04.2009

September & October Purchases

Feels like it has been a while since I last posted on the cblogs, wait... it has been a while!!In any case, I have returned with a post regarding my purchases for the last few months. Now, before I continue, I suggest that yo...   read

7:19 PM on 09.16.2009

My First Time: Scars of the Past

Now, I'm sure that the members of the tomopop community have some sort of collection, be they Gunpla, PVC figures, munnies or anything else for that matter. I'm sure they also vary in size as well.And I will also go out on a ...   read

6:35 PM on 09.07.2009

August Haul... and an interesting question!

I've managed to collate most of my august purchases and made a blog post on them, but I thought I would share with other communities as well.From the pic we have:Fraulein Movie YokoRevoltech Arch Gurren LagannMG Gundam Exia I...   read

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