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11:33 AM on 03.13.2013

So remember that bootleg store in my mall from forever ago? I have some news for you...

That's right, as of a few weeks ago, they are history! At long last! While obviously neither the store or mall said WHY they were closing, I'm convinced I must have gotten something through to them, since a few months back, they removed an entire large display case full of booties from the store. Even if it was a different reason, who cares?? They're gone!

I can't express how relieved I am to finally be able to visit my mall and not get disgruntled every time I see a bag from that horrid place. No more are their scams and tricks. Sure, a smaller shop may have accumulated a few Pokemon booties, but that's only because they haven't met me yet. Though, that's not what's important today. Today is a day of victory, and that victory lies in the defeat of the mother store. The victory was won with the help and support from those who care, or whatever the reason was. Let us continue to walk hand in hand as we slowly take back that which was stolen from our beloved companies. Let us continue to fight the harsh battle to uphold our legitimate reign. Let us never forget, that while the issue is large, with enough determination, we can cut it down to size. Because we, together, have the power. Even if it means one mall store at a time.

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