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11:33 AM on 03.13.2013

So remember that bootleg store in my mall from forever ago? I have some news for you...

That's right, as of a few weeks ago, they are history! At long last! While obviously neither the store or mall said WHY they were closing, I'm convinced I must have gotten something through to them, since a few months back, they removed an entire large display case full of booties from the store. Even if it was a different reason, who cares?? They're gone!

I can't express how relieved I am to finally be able to visit my mall and not get disgruntled every time I see a bag from that horrid place. No more are their scams and tricks. Sure, a smaller shop may have accumulated a few Pokemon booties, but that's only because they haven't met me yet. Though, that's not what's important today. Today is a day of victory, and that victory lies in the defeat of the mother store. The victory was won with the help and support from those who care, or whatever the reason was. Let us continue to walk hand in hand as we slowly take back that which was stolen from our beloved companies. Let us continue to fight the harsh battle to uphold our legitimate reign. Let us never forget, that while the issue is large, with enough determination, we can cut it down to size. Because we, together, have the power. Even if it means one mall store at a time.

10:38 PM on 01.18.2013


I still have a few things for sale if anyone's interested. Ask about condition/details. Though, pretty much everything is in like new condition. I already have pictures taken for a lot of them so just lemme know.


Both currently on ebay and about to END!!
Lightning -SOLD
Fang - SOLD
Vanille $40

FF Trading Arts Aerith - $10

Jolteon Pokedoll with a Jolteon kid figure (no hang tag) - $45

Zoroark Deluxe TOMY figure - $15

Mcdonald's Pokemon Toys - $10

Black Butler Lot - $100
Nendoroid, DVD Limited Edition Box Set, T-Shirt, Metal Keychain.

Reno Play Arts - $15


Hare + Guu Volumes 2, 3, 6, 7 - $8 each

Rozen Maiden Volume 1 - $8

Wolfs Rain All Episode Set - This is BOOTLEG. Pay the shipping, I don't sell booties.


Fullmetal Alchemist Vol 1-11 Lot - $40

Angel Sanctuary Vol1-3 Lot - $18
OR $6 each

Neon Genesis Vol 5 - $8

Neon Genesis Angelic Days Vol 2 - $8

Chrono Crusade Vol 1, 2 - $6 each

Love Hina Vol 1 - $4 (scuffed)

Paypal only. I'm working on doing international shipping so just lemme know if you're out of the US.

Thanks for looking!

Hey guys...

So I'm going to assume many of you don't really remember from a while back when I posted about this SUPER annoying bootleg anime store at my mall. But that's alright! I forgive you!

You don't have to read I guess, but it's pretty entertaining, so you might just wanna take a few minutes to see what I've been through.

To sum it up from last time, There's an anime store at my mall which sells MANY obvious bootlegs. From nendoroids to Pokemon to Final Fantasy to everything else.

I'd asked them about their bootleg stuff on Facebook, only for them to reply twice that "we do not sell bootleg merchandise, as it would soil the name of our store and ___ mall". Yeah, I'm sure the "No pictures, no returns" sign on their display case has nothing to do with that.

I also asked them about the (obviously bootleg) Ciel nendoroids they were selling without their boxes or accessories in a display case with lots of other box-less nendos. They then told me: "the figures are displayed without boxes to save on space in the store, and both the accessories and box are provided for the customer once they purchase one."

I took a trip to the store a day or two later and "pretended" to buy said Ciel. It was hard to play the dumb unsuspecting customer when the Ciel was SO horribly made. After telling the woman I wanted to buy one, she took one from the display case and went to place it on the counter next to the register, then looked up at me for my money. No mention of a box or the oodles of accessories he was SUPPOSED to come with. Therefore, had I truthfully been an unsuspecting customer, I wouldn't have been completely ripped off. I told her I left my card at home and left ^^;

I reported the store to both the mall's customer service and the BBB. Both of which were extremely unhelpful. Then, I took the time to contact GSC themselves and let them know that their products were being counterfeited. GSC actually DID get back with me, and told me they would send the store a warning, but they couldn't promise the store would stop. I figured that was since they're overseas.

SO! This leads the story to just this last Monday, when after taking a near unwilling trip to the store with my cousin the previous day, led me to want to try again at taking down one of my most hated things in the world.

Monday, I took yet another trip to the mall (While applying for work at other stores) and decided to just ask them up front if they were aware they were selling counterfeit goods. Good idea or not, I didn't really care.

I took a little while to look around the store and scout out what I was going to pinpoint, the nendoroids being the easiest, as now they're apparently selling last years SNOW Miku, and the new exclusive Cherry Blossom Miku; along with one random Ciel they decided to actually sell in his box.

Once I'd seen everything, I turned to the lady at the counter (the same lady who I'd pretended to buy the Ciel nendo from) and asked her if the manager was there that day. She said she WAS the manager. Meaning she was the one who lied to me about giving me the rest of my deal.

I proceeded to ask her if she was aware she was selling counterfeit anime stuff, and all the was able to muster was, "oooooh?". She asked me why I wanted to know, which I then told her I was just wanting to enlighten them, since some stores would quickly remove the merchandise had they honestly not known it was fake. At first she didn't seem to know what counterfeit even WAS. Then as she spoke more, I was certain she knew she was aware she was selling fake crap.

She was a bit tough to understand since she had an accent, but what she told me were things like: "These are the same things they sell at conventions" (to which I told her pretty much all convention stuff is bootleg). "I never said everything in here was real" (>.>). "The items in here are being sold for less than regular price" (The nendoroids in their boxes were all around $40)

The icing on the cake was when she tells me: "oh yeah, the companies give their licenses to China companies to make same figure too". I honestly felt a sudden rush of the Jackie Chan meme face when I heard her say that. Lady, you mean to tell me companies like GSC give their nendoroid licenses to cheap China companies to make HORRIBLE knock-offs? Think for a moment please.
Either she thought "I" was stupid, or she really is that ignorant.

She also seemed to believe every anime fan should know whether something is fake or not. I told her not every one DOES know, and that people are not getting the quality they should be getting. (Her out of the box Tony Taka Miku was leaning so bad she was almost on her back)

On top of that, I believe once she realized I knew more about anime merch than she thought, she then told me from behind the counter "well I'M not an otaku, ok?" "we're all not otakus". She was pretty much calling me an otaku to my face, which in Japanese context, isn't the nicest. And this is the store MANAGER! How unprofessional!

I told her about the comments on Facebook saying that her store said they weren't selling bootlegs because it would soil their name. All she had to say was "well, I don't know who told you that". After that she repeated from before "I never said everything in here was real"

There was a good bit of stuff in between all that, but nothing I can recall well enough to relay here. But, now you know. I hate this store (And now the manager) with a passion, because she KNOWS she's selling cheap knock-offs and doesn't give a crap.

I understand I might be a bit crazy for all this trouble, but now it just seems so personal. I want to look out for my fellow anime fans is all.

To those of you who read this far, BRAVO! I love you!~

I would also like to mention that I will be selling my Black Butler lot on ebay within the next few days. It consists of:

Ciel Nendoroid - (It's LEGIT, I promise!)
Limited Edition DVD Box Set of Season 1
A Medium T-shirt of Ciel and Sebastian
A metal keychain of Ciel and Sebastian

Some other anime stuff too, but not worth mentioning ^^;

Thank you!

Also, to those who read that wall of sadness and anger, this is for you.

Hello again :)

Have a few different things to ask, show and tell.


Anyone going to AWA? :) Anyone even live in Georgia? lol
It'd be awesome to meet some of you guys since there's no one around here who shares my love for collecting :/
I'm cosplaying Len this year, my sister's being Rin and my cousin's being Tifa X)


I thought this was a petit! D: Now she's got face and accessories! Did I just totally miss something or something?
This is super cute too unfortunately. I already really really like the Sakura Miku and I don't even collect her ;A: Dear lord if they make Kagamines....


I've never seen these and they're also cute! This year's going to be terrible! :'D


Selling a Kuroshitsuji/BlackButler lot on ebay at the moment if anyone's interested. If it doesn't sell on ebay, though, I had the idea of bringing it with me to AWA to sell. Would save on shipping and help the fact that 90% of the dealers room stuff is bootleg ^^;

I have some other stuff to sell, but I'll save that for another time.

Have a great day everybody! :D

Hey guys. So I come with a question I would like serious answers to please. Figured it involves anime enough to post.
My malls anime store unfortunately sells some pretty obvious bootleg stuff, from the figures to the plush to the scrolls...
I've pointed this out to them, and they have denied it twice, as well as lied to me about providing nendo Ciel's box and accessories upon purchase (they're selling him out of the box by himself,long story)
I have emailed and spoke in person to the malls customer service center, only to be told they "talked with the store" and that was as much as they could do. From there, I contacted the Better Business Bureau about the store's counterfeit inventory, only for THEM to tell me "they don't handle those types of issues. Thanks BBB.
This is really starting to tick me off, as I keep seeing unsuspecting anime fans being ripped off by poor quality, bad prices, and really, not even getting the full figure! By far the worst item I've seen is the cheerful Japan miku nendoroid sitting on their shelves :/ REALLY??

Anyway, before I explode from anger at this store, which I could easily go into great detail about, I'll just get on with my question.

Where do I go from here? Who do I need to contact to get SOMEONE to check these guys out? I would love to see them removed from the mall altogether. Please please help me out here, you have no idea how irritating this is! Any help at all is sooo appreciated!

(I apologize for any typos, using my dads iPad since my computer pretty much kicked the bucket.)

8:25 PM on 12.23.2011

Lol I've never had to take a picture faster. My camera decided to hide until this evening, giving me no decent lighting and low battery X)
But through it all, the one and only Astro Claus, is here to wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas~ ..He just got distracted right when I took the photo >.>;...yeah...