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3D printed figures - Velma

Hello again Tomopoppers. I've been away from Tomopop writing duties for a long, long time but I'm back on the c-blogs and ready to unveil a project that I've been working on for quite a while. 

Custom 3D printed figures!

Making custom figures has been on my mind ever since taking up Blender a year or two ago and this is the result of my first major character project: Velma Dinkley! I really like how she turned out. She's a very healthy 15cm tall and while 3D printing is fairly expensive, it's charged by volume of material used and efficient hollowing of the model brought the final cost below $22.

I have several other figures I'd like to get done just for myself, but my ideal goal is to get paid work collaborating with other artists and webcomic authors to make it easy for them to produce figures of their characters.

I'm also available for commission if anyone wants a custom figure!

You can buy your own Velma figure on my Shapeways store.
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