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4:41 PM on 07.15.2013

3D printed figures - Velma

Hello again Tomopoppers. I've been away from Tomopop writing duties for a long, long time but I'm back on the c-blogs and ready to unveil a project that I've been working on for quite a while. 

Custom 3D printed figures!

Making custom figures has been on my mind ever since taking up Blender a year or two ago and this is the result of my first major character project: Velma Dinkley! I really like how she turned out. She's a very healthy 15cm tall and while 3D printing is fairly expensive, it's charged by volume of material used and efficient hollowing of the model brought the final cost below $22.

I have several other figures I'd like to get done just for myself, but my ideal goal is to get paid work collaborating with other artists and webcomic authors to make it easy for them to produce figures of their characters.

I'm also available for commission if anyone wants a custom figure!

You can buy your own Velma figure on my Shapeways store.   read

12:38 PM on 01.02.2011

Kotobukiya Roll, and I am ridiculously proud of this picture.

My Koto Roll came a couple of days ago!

Almost everything about this figure is superb! She looks super-cute when complete! The previous series of Rockman figures I've collected have never included Roll, so this is big for me.

The super-cute box art.

She actually comes with interchangeable parts so you can have her dressed in her normal outfit or her Megaman 8 outfit.

She has a lot of parts!

The only slight downside to these is that they seem slightly over-complicated. This is very possibly my bias speaking as the older Bandai kits I used to make were assembled a certain way, and after having done as many as I have I could probably do it blindfolded. The Koto kits have a very different way of being put together, and it still is throwing me off a bit.

Anyway, the instructions are easy enough to follow.

All in all it's a great figure and I truly am excited for the next model, Protoman, the most important game character in the history of ever.   read

2:14 PM on 11.27.2010

Lots of custom videogame amigurumi!

Lately I've been working really hard on filling my new Etsy store with cute amigurumi! One of the first patterns that I made after I taught myself to make these was Kirby, so I wanted to put a really nice Kirby in my store.

Soon after that I devised my own Slime pattern from Dragon Quest, and decided to make several colors to represent all the different varieties in the game. These are about four inches tall.

Then I decided to go all out and make a really huge slime amigurumi. At 9" tall and 28.5" around, t's easily the biggest thing I've ever made, and it took forever!

I think my cat is a little scared!

I hope you guys enjoy them :D   read

12:06 PM on 08.21.2010

My new Melissa Seraphy from Stella Wong!

Long time Tomopop denizen Stella Wong had a figure sale recently, and I was very pleased to learn that she was selling a Melissa Seraphy nendoroid for a reasonable price! I jumped on the opportunity to buy it, and was very pleased with what arrived in the mail.

The box had a Hachune Miku sticker, kitty stickers, and a flowery ribbon. Great start!

Inside was a very cute envelope with a lovely hand drawn picture of a sexy demon lady! That is like my favorite thing! How did she know? Probably had something to do with the fact that I was buying a figure of a girl with a jack-o-lantern around her waist. And all those times I wrote about how much I love Darkstalkers on my blog here.

Oh God, those lips.

Inside was a very kind thank-you letter, with another lovely picture of MORRIGAN from DARKSTALKERS, my FAVORITE THIING. Stella rocks!

And here's the figure along with a couple of candies, also found in the box.

I have no idea what the source material Wagamama Capriccio is, but I'm glad that figure companies realized what amazing character design it had. This figure is adorable!

She looks great on my shelf!

This is a Good Smile Company item, and the quality shows. The sculpt and paint job are excellent. The figure has lots of little touches, like her hair spirals and tiny crown that makes it beyond adorable.

Let me remind everyone that Stella and I aren't long-lost bestest buddies or anything. We've never met, live on opposite US coasts, and aside from a few podcast comments and forum posts hadn't even communicated with each other. SHE DOES THIS FOR EVERYONE. In short, if Stella is ever selling anything you want, GET IT, the care that she puts into these is really touching. Thanks again Stella, you rock!   read

8:23 AM on 05.13.2010

Sakura Wars figure painting advice?

I snagged these Sakura Wars models at a store a while ago for a great price. I've never painted anime figures like this, but I've painted lots of Warhammer figures in the past, so I think I'm up to the challenge. However, I'm a little confused as to how to start. Could someone suggest a good way to get all the parts spray-painted separately? If I spray them like this, held together as they are with poster putty, then there will be too much overlap and parts won't get painted.


8:10 PM on 02.16.2010

My other figures don't even know they're already dead.

Today, a lone figure showed up on my doorstep. His chest bears seven scars, a sign of death. He is a master of a 2000 year old Chinese assassination art, the Divine Fist of the North Star. He strikes vital pressure points, disrupting his target's chi energy and violently exploding their bodies.


So I noticed that Fist of the North Star was put on Hulu a while ago, and not having seen it I decided to see what the fuss was about. It turns out to be pretty much the manliest show ever. The best part is how they establish Ken as being totally invulnerable early in the show. In one episode he is pierced through the chest with darts allow his blood to pour out of his body, and he pops them out of his flesh by flexing, leaving no trace of a wound behind. At that point I knew he was the baddest dude around.

He's getting mad!

The figure is quite nice, and is my first from the Revoltech line. It feels very sturdy, and I like the way the joints snap into place. It has a lot of points of articulation, and this is a mixed blessing. While this allows many pose options, it's easy to knock one or more parts out of whack when you're trying to pose an entirely separate part. I'm also not too keen on how the extra parts come loose and without a bag, unlike Figmas. However, I can't say I prefer one brand over the other, and this is a really, really cool figure.

I do wish that Revoltech flying stands had a point of articulation like Figma stands...

The sculpt is really nice. You can't see in the photos but if you look closely at his chest you can see parts of some of his scars. His shoulder pads do this really cool thing where they swivel up and down to allow more articulation in his arms. He comes with a calm face, an angry face, a separate upper arm without a metal shoulder pad, several alternate hands including the all important pressure-point-jabbing fingers, and a pair of nunchucks.

The paint job is nice as well. There are a few points where the browns used for shading look a little muddled, but I'm not sure if this is good or bad. He comes from a pretty grimy world after all.

Normal Revoltechs cost around the $25 range, but this was almost twice that because of rarity. They have actually released three Kenshiro's, and this is the earliest one. The later ones have either no shirt or silly goggles, and I just wanted plain old Kenshiro as he appears for most of the show.

After seeing the quality of this figure and really, really liking the show I'd gladly pick up another Revoltech to round out the collection some time in the future.

To restate my previous conclusion, this guy rules. He will have epic fights with my other figures as soon as I get some more close to his scale :D   read

10:48 AM on 02.11.2010

My first Figma arrived today!

Earlier this week user baabaa was having a sale, and I jumped at the chance to get a Figma on the cheap. Despite the terrible weather outside, the mailman came through and look what he left me today!

I got this Konata Figma for only $20, and it's so fun! This is my first pose-able figure, and now I really understand their allure! She will have epic battles with my other figures.

It's kind of a shame how hard it is to pose her with the stand peg in her back, as her hair gets in the way. Still, I anticipate having crazy fun with this thing.   read

9:48 PM on 02.07.2010

Mystery Gundam Kit GET!

I've never really taken the time to sit down with a Gundam series. I'm not well acquainted with any of the major robots, characters, or settings. However, I will occasionally pick up a model kit, because the one thing I do know is that they're terribly fun to put together.

This leaves me with today's purchase. Found at the local hobby shop for the high price of $7, it's pretty cool looking. Of course, I have no idea what it is. The box has no English on it, though on the back of the assembly instructions is a comic depicting this and other SD Gundams seeming to re-enact Three Kingdoms type stuff.

If anyone know quite what it is, kindly let me know. Otherwise, enjoy!   read

8:38 AM on 01.31.2010

Is this Cammy figure legit?

I posted this Cammy figure that I got a while ago, but I've had doubts as to its legitimacy. There are some pretty bad mold lines on the backs of the legs, and some parts where the paint is a little sloppy. Also, the skin on her legs looks a little shinier than the skin on her face and arms. I no longer have the original packaging, but I'm hoping these photos will help.

Sorry for the dust.   read

12:56 PM on 12.09.2009

Happy Holidays, now take this ugly toy off my hands.

A while ago had a toy sale. I spotted a little thumbnail image of a figure depicting my favorite game girl ever, Lilith from Darkstalkers. As she was on sale and a pretty decently sized figure, I ordered right away. Little did I know the horror that awaited me.

Dear lord no. It hurts.

So I would up with an ugly, horrible eyesore of a figure. I really want to unload this thing on someone else, but I'm giving you full disclosure. Her hair and tights are a nasty color I like to call "bootleg neon pink" instead of the usual purple. The whole figure is a bit shiny and plasticky looking, but the worst part is her face. I don't know what's up with her eyes, but they manage to destroy all the cuteness of the character by being so inherently wrong.

I also want to stress that despite the nasty look of this thing, it is an official figure! I own the Darkstalkers Graphic File art book and in the back is listed several Darkstalkers figures, with this among them.

This thing has been sitting in my closet for a long time. It's been taken out of the packaging and placed back, still in great condition. I've been meaning to get rid of it for a while, but can't honestly accept any money for this pile. Now I'm giving it away as a gift to you, free of charge. The first person who leaves a comment saying they want it gets it. Free. I'll even pay shipping if you live in the continental US.

Just take it away from me, please.   read

6:52 PM on 09.29.2009

SALE: I want to make you a plushie!

Hi guys. I've been working on improving my amigurumi-making skills for a while with the intent of making plushies to sell.

My project for this last week has been these three Kirbys, two normal and one squashed/ducking. I really like how they turned out!

I'm asking $15 for the normal ones and $12 for the squashed.

And I'd really like to take some commissions as well. Here are some more examples of my work.

This Cutman was completed a little while ago. I'm honestly not crazy about how his proportions turned out, but I'll refine the design on the next one.

Here's the Lolo that I made for an art trade with Ashley Davis.

You can see more on my site at

If you're interested in a purchase or commission, please contact me at justicedude [at] Thanks!   read

2:15 PM on 09.24.2009

Anime Weekend Atlanta haul.

Anime Weekend Atlanta was pretty awesome. I found some fantastic figures, got some great games, hugged a Lilith cosplayer, and commissioned some great art from the wonderful people at the artists alley.

As soon as I entered the dealers room I made a beeline for this figure. It was pretty reasonably priced, so I snapped it up quick.

Notice the shiny new copy of Parodius portable. I had never played the series before last weekend, and I've been busy making up for lost time since then.

Also, I found a figure that I'd been hoping to get: a petit nendroid of the teacher from Lucky Star with her boobs popping out of her shirt. That last sentence was so awesome.

A copy of MegaMari can be seen in the background. Another fine, if balls hard game. Speaking of difficulty, I also picked up Imperishable Night, my first Touhou game. Yay!

I really like the two figures pictured above, but my favorite things that I found at AWA were these Shooting Game Historica figures. They're trading figures of ships from a variety of shmups, and I really lucked out in finding these. The series is out of print, and I managed to get four boxes from each of the first two series of figures.

(It's a thumbnail)
Starting at the front left row, we have two Silver Hawks from the Darius series. The box showed both red and blue Silver Hawks, so I'm assuming that the yellow is a bonus alternate color. Behind them is the Geo Sword from Starblade, a ship I've never heard of from a game I've never played.

In the front middle you can see my Vic Viper T-301 which I'm very very very happy to have. This is the ship you pilot in Gradius V, which pretty much rules as far as Gradius goes. He's even got an option! Behind it is the R-Gray from Raystorm with a badly bent nose. A shame, but I'm not too upset; the other ships were spared any damage.

The rightmost row shows two R-9 ships from R-Type. In the front is an R-90 Ragnarok. I actually got two of these and gave one to a friend. The red R-9 behind it is a variety unknown to me. It did not appear on the package so I assume it is yet another bonus ship. It's pretty sweet looking, at that.

Does anyone else collect these? I'd be very interested in trading for more of these; I know there's an Opa-opa out there that my collection badly needs. Anyone know of any other secret figures in this line?

Tell me what you think!   read

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