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11:02 PM on 03.04.2014

Hot Toys Jill Valentine and a special guest

I don't know if you guys have played Resident Evil 5, but there's a certain battle in the game that would have gone faster if only our heroes had done the right thing. Well, here's the right thing. Contestant: Jill Valentine Contestant: President Obama??? Naturally, they fight. The time for diplomacy is over!! There, just saved the Resident Evil storyline a lot of trouble.   read

12:32 AM on 02.05.2014

At last: January loot!

I haven't done a loot post in a while, mostly because various delays caused a slow trickle. But the floodgates opened at the end of January so here's some sweet, sweet loot: Phat Company's Bayonetta figure has the king of ...   read

9:07 PM on 11.07.2013

And before I knew it, I had a plush collection

I'm not really a plush collector as I typically don't go out of my way to buy them. But a few have made it into my collection over the years, and I just now realized it is a collection. So I thought I'd share my (small) menag...   read

1:42 AM on 09.11.2013

Loot post? Loot post.

You know what we used to do around here? LOOT POSTS. God those were awesome. They would also make me super jelly because people would get all kinds of stuff that I wasn't able to. It's all part of collecting figures, so why n...   read

10:49 PM on 08.04.2012

Lighting my display cabinets!

I recently moved into a new apartment, and finally decided to get a pair of display cabinets. My figure collection has been growing steadily, but I never really expanded the display areas. So I made a trip to Ikea to get two ...   read

6:44 PM on 01.12.2012

Quick peek at Yamato's Gwendolyn

If you're an Odin Sphere fan and missed out on Alter's Gwendolyn, you were probably pretty psyched to see that Yamato would make a figure of her... until you saw the promo shots. While the rest of her looked nice, her face lo...   read

2:11 PM on 09.05.2011

Devious monkey, rainy devil: Good Smile Company's Suruga Kanbaru

I'm a big fan of Bakemonogatari, so I'm happy that the series is getting attention from figure manufacturers. I have the figmas on order, and will be collecting GSC and Alter's PVC figures. I skipped on GSC's Hitagi Senjougah...   read

4:58 PM on 09.02.2011

Bewitching Liberion: Alter's Charlotte E. Yeager

September is upon us but I still have a bunch of July and August figures to write up. Yikes. Today I opened up Alter's Charlotte E. Yeager. While I disapprove of witchcraft, I do approve of Strike Witches for its shameless p...   read

5:23 PM on 08.27.2011

Alter's Rin Tohsaka, summer ver.

Well summer's coming to a close but swimsuit figures will always be in vogue. Today I have Alter's Rin Tohsaka, one of my two favorite characters from Fate/Stay Night. Rin was revealed a while ago alongside Saber, but I only ...   read

12:15 AM on 08.20.2011

Kotobukiya's Kuroko Shirai, maid outfit ver.

My internet connection over the last week has been absolute crap, so I won't be able to cover my July loot as quickly as I'd like. Anyway, the next figure in the lineup is Kuroko Shirai, from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun/A Certai...   read

8:32 PM on 08.03.2011

Unboxing: Max Factory's Xiao Mei

Here it is, my end of July haul! I'm not gonna have time to cover all of them this week, but I picked one figure at random to unbox... let's look at Max Factory's Xiao Mei. As the box indicates, she's from Shining Hearts a...   read

10:37 AM on 07.22.2011

ZOMG Good Smile Company posts a Bakemonogatari teaser!

Normally I wouldn't bother to write these types of posts, but this one got me amped.Mikatan's blog has a bunch of pre-WonFes stuff going on. In that post they show you a little glimpse of what's to come:Shinobu!! It looks like they're going to make a PVC version of that garage kit that has been floating around. The donuts, the stapler, Nadeko's hat, and Araragi's ahoge are all there. Awesome!!   read

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