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Shin Taro's blog

12:17 PM on 03.27.2011

Custom 1/6 Volks "Autumn Miku"

Hey Tomopopers!Well I recently started making my way into resin kits and there's been a design I wanted to do for a long time for Miku that hasn't been created, a Autumn theme Miku. A counterpart to Snow Miku, Autumn is my fa...   read

3:18 PM on 02.24.2011

Tate's Comics Free Tasting March 13

Hi Guys!I know there's a few people here who are from the S. FL region and was wondering who will be attending Tate's Comics Free Japanese Snack Tasting March 13th? If you don't know, Tate's Comics is probably the biggest com...   read

11:29 PM on 11.06.2010

Take: Gentle Giant's 1/4 Sucker Punch Statues

Hey fellow Tomopopers,Well I was surfing amiami's site for any recent figures who found their way to the sale's department when I saw their pre-orders for 2 characters from the upcoming movie "Sucker Punch" due out next year....   read

4:04 PM on 09.28.2010

A huge surprise!

I received a package in the mail today. It wasn't something I ordered, but was expecting. A week ago my best friend asked me "What do you want for your birthday?" Of course I told her anything anime related. So she took it in...   read

6:17 PM on 09.09.2010

Milestone's Tear Grants

I have always been a fan of Tales of the Abyss ever since it came out for PS2. From all the Tales series, Tales of the Abyss is my most admired. The story, characters, and art from the series captivates any on-lookers seeking...   read

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