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5:41 PM on 04.09.2010

Tales of Veseria figures on sale now!

Heads up fellow Tomopopers, both AmiAmia and Hobby Search have Kotobukiya's Tales of Vesperia figures for sale!


Hobby Search

Part of Kotobukiya's "One Coin Grande" line the figures are small but very nicely detailed and the past "Tales of" figures looked great as a set together.

Now the only thing that could make me happier is if Namco get off their backsides and release more Tales games in the west...   read

11:47 PM on 08.03.2009

Goodsmile figure Sale + free prize draw! **FINAL UPDATE - $15 PRICE DROP**

**This is the final update for this sale, price now $35 for the 1/6 scale Goodsmile figures**

Apologies to those expecting my second show-and-tell style post “Holy Trinity”, but due to a recent incident involving an exploding boiler, large quantities of water, MY ROOM and not enough insurance cover, I’m going to have to sell a few of my figures to cover some of the cost of the damages.

It is unfortunate, but it’s the only way since I don’t normally plan for floods of biblical proportions when doing my monthly finance. I’d rather sell them here than on e-bay since I know they would go to good homes here so I don’t feel so bad selling them. However this is about 1/6 of my collection!
So please, please, please buy if you like something. I grovel at your feet: *grovel* *grovel* *grovel*…

All figures are either new (still in box) or have been dusted regularly and kept away from sunlight. To encourage buying I’ll also be giving away 2 figures (one of them is 1/8 scale!) to a randomly selected buyer (please see all details below).

First up, a new, never opened 1/6 scale Saber by Goodsmile. You all know the quality of Goodsmile so that speaks for itself. This has long been out of print and is hard to find. Saber has the most adorable expression on her face and this is probably the best holiday version of her. I’ll let her go for $35. Buy with another figure and I’ll give a $5 discount.

Next, a new, never opened 1/6 scale Shiki Ryougi by Goodsmile. She’s got an awesome pose and her flayed out hair looks badass. She goes for $35. Buy with another figure and I’ll give a $5 discount.

Kotobukiya figures up next and it’s Mitsuru from persona 3. As well as the sword shown, she comes with a gun and empty holster that can be stored in the base when not in use. Her pose is really dynamic and the box has some amazing artwork on it. She can also stand without the base. She’ll go for $35. Buy with another figure and I’ll give a $5 discount. ****SOLD THANK YOU****

When buying, let me know if you are interested and I’ll put your name up for this random prize draw. They are a 1/8 scale Tear Grants from Tales of the Abyss by Kotobukiya and a 2 inch tall super-saiyan Goku figure:

Ok, I’ve never done a sale here before but I think this is the most logical way things would work. The first person to comment saying “WANT” on a particular figure (e.g. WANT Mitsuru) or figures (e.g. WANT Mitsuru +Saber) will get dibs on the figure. Leave your e-mail address afterward and I’ll contact you to arrange payment and ask if you want to be entered for the prize-draw. Payment is by Paypal (in US funds).

I am based in the UK so shipping will be cheapest to the UK, then Europe and then US/rest of the world. To account for this I am selling the items at relatively cheap prices so don’t let that put you off – also packaging is free (sturdy card-board box with lots of cushioning e.g. bubble wrap, foam etc).

I cannot give exact shipping prices here since I would like to weigh the final package at home to determine the final weight to offer you the cheapest price. Broadly though, shipping will range between:
UK: £5 - £10
Europe: $10 - $15
US: $15-$25

Thanks to those who can support me during this difficult time and I hope you enjoy the figures as much as they have provided me with enjoyment. I hope to post my second part “Holy Trinity” show and tell post soon! Next theme will either be Yellow or Blue.   read

7:59 AM on 07.29.2009

The Holy Trinity: Yellow, Green and Blue - Part 1: Midori days!

I'm still a relative newbie in the tomopop community, but during my short time here I can say that this is easily the most friendly, welcoming and well-mannered internet community I have ever come across. So to give something back to the community I am going to do a 3 part series that shows figures that best describe my interests. So onto my first community post!

Ok, first things first. I don't like moe. I don't get it. Moe is the basest form of evil. While you buy your moe figurines, think of all the other non-moe figures trapped in their plastic/cardboard prisons, crying out for the new home that their moe brethren seem to so easily get!

Also, unlike other figures, moe ones will try to kill you in your sleep. As such, I own no moe figures. Except one. I only got her yesterday and was extremely lucky to find her since she was originally released in 2004 (over 5 years ago!). She comes from my all time favourite manga series, her name is Midori and here she is!

Omg she's trapped! Better get her out:

There that's better. I mean look at her! She's so cute! Yes you are, yes you are! Lemme-squeeze-your-cheeks-you-little-cutie-wootie!

For those that don't know, she's actually 1/1 scale! Why is she only 30cm tall? Well read the manga and find out! I can forgive you for not buying it as volume 3 is impossible to get so I'll post the naughty scanlation version - but please buy if you can; this author is genius!

If you need further encouragement, check out my myanimelist profile as my scores tend to be 0.5 to 1 points below the population average so when I say something is good I really mean it! Anyways on with this post:

She comes with another 2 outfits, a maid one and an "I heart Seiji" shirt. I would have liked to put them on her for this photoshoot but I couldn't work out how to take her current one off. Why do women's clothes have to be so complicated?

Remember when I said moe is evil? This is what I mean. Moe is dangerous enough to perform Lionheart. That Gunblade is sharp and made from metal! These are the things they get up to when you sleep:

Here she is on my arm in front of a manga portrait of me and my brother as bleach characters. I managed to her maid head-piece on, but not the rest of it yet...

So how does she attach to my arm? Well see below. I can assure you despite what the picture suggests, this is not a sex toy. Also, there will be no breast shots as ladies should have their modesty preserved. I can confirm though, that her nipples are disturbingly well crafted and coloured...I can't believe I just typed that...


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