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Scissors's blog

1:06 AM on 07.24.2011

Koto reveals Casual ver. Kuroneko & Kirino, and they look great or should I say Cute

Title pretty much says it all, Koto teased these about 5 Months ago, and now we are finally getting some pictures of the sculpts.KirinoShe is based of this illustrationBonus:I'm really excited about this Kirino because I've b...   read

9:30 PM on 07.14.2011

Bishoujo Black Cat $41.85 & Nagi $24.98 FREE Shipping: Mini Review

I buy a majority of my figures from Japanese websites, so I often neglect to check stores in the U.S. It reminds me of a fictional story I once heard about a man spending his whole life searching for diamonds, he searched eve...   read

11:07 PM on 06.23.2011

Colette Bennett is a big stinky doo doo head

Just so you know in tomonese stinky means great and doo doo means wonderful.It's been 7 months since I posted my intro post, and became a member of this community, a decision I will never regret. Tomopop was the first online ...   read

5:13 AM on 05.28.2011

Really Awesome Inexpensive Beach Railgun Saten & Uiharu Sega Prize Figures

Say that title three times fastI stumbled across these lovely gals today. I was immediately entranced by them and quickly added them to my cart. These two had completely flown underneath my radar. I thought the same might hav...   read

2:26 PM on 05.16.2011

74,394 Charity Miku's Sold Plus Some Garage Kits

74,394 Support Miku's were sold through the GSC Store. For every figure sold they donated ¥1,000. So the total amount donated was ¥74,394,000 or $913,260 USD. Great news, I had no idea so much was going to be raised. Best o...   read

12:58 AM on 04.29.2011

[Monthly Megapixel] Rainy Day

This story begins on a rainy day at la Casa Nendo, where Sebastian lives with his 3 sisters. Miku – Gah Tohko-Chan I wanna play with Suhbastuian, but he doesn't wanna to leave his roomTooko - He's just upset, Him and Luka b...   read

3:08 AM on 04.20.2011

New Racing Miku 2011 Figma announced & last chance to nab some Miku Nendos

Never Enough Miku: a quick Miku news round upThe Figma version of Racing Miku 2011 has been announced details yet, but this is good ...   read

10:17 PM on 04.09.2011

Nendoroid Support Miku: U.S. "Group Buy" to save on shipping, Anyone interested?

I was on and came across a comment from someone who had the idea to do a group buy in the U.S to save on shipping, it seems to be going well and other users are doing it as well   read

1:47 PM on 03.29.2011

Finally, a Kirino figure that isn't in a school girl uniform

Most of the Kirino posts on Tomopop are followed by a comment of me whining about Kirino being in her boring school uniform, so this made for a pleasant surprise. It's nice to finally see her in casual wear hopefully we get s...   read

12:46 AM on 03.05.2011

That really expenisive Aegis Statue at half the price at Ami Ami Clearance

Every so often I like to check the JP Ami Ami Clearance section to see what deals they're getting that we aren't. I stumbled across this todayOriginally priced around $200 now she's $112Still expensive, but this might sway a ...   read

10:49 PM on 12.18.2010

A Shiteyanyo garage kit, seriously?.. Warning cannot unsee

During Treasure-Festa 2010 a new Miku Garage kit was unveiled and it's non-other than..........[video][/video]......DEAR GOD WHY?   read

11:42 PM on 12.11.2010

Nendoroid Saber: Super Moveable Edition on clearance

So I came across this site've never heard anyone mention this site beforebut, after various snooping around they seem legit they're paypal v...   read

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