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1:06 AM on 07.24.2011

Koto reveals Casual ver. Kuroneko & Kirino, and they look great or should I say Cute

Title pretty much says it all, Koto teased these about 5 Months ago, and now we are finally getting some pictures of the sculpts.


She is based of this illustration


I'm really excited about this Kirino because I've been wanting a figure of her in those clothes ever since I saw her wearing them in that episode, I've even mentioned it on Tomopop a couple of times before. It's a great feeling when one of your dream figures becomes a reality. Now if I could just get some proper Soul Eater figures...


Based off of this illustration.

Kuroneko also came out looking rather stunning, and seems to be a fine addition to anyone's collection whether they be a fan of Oreimo or just cat girls in general. I know I'm not the only Tomopeep who enjoys seeing figures made of characters in their casual clothes so hopefully these scratch your itch like they did mine.

If you're looking for something a little on the cheap side in the prize figure category the Casual Wear Oreimo figures by Sega that I mentioned in a previous blog post were just released on Hobby Search for 2,500 Yen (roughly $29 USD)

Now lets all put on our paper hats blow our Kazoos and listen to Irony

[video][/video]   read

9:30 PM on 07.14.2011

Bishoujo Black Cat $41.85 & Nagi $24.98 FREE Shipping: Mini Review

I buy a majority of my figures from Japanese websites, so I often neglect to check stores in the U.S. It reminds me of a fictional story I once heard about a man spending his whole life searching for diamonds, he searched everywhere for them except his backyard which after his death was discovered to be filled with them.

I bought these on Amazon I used prime so I had them shipped to me in 2 days, If you are a college student you can get free prime for a year, there's amazon mom, and there's also a free Prime trial or you can just use free super saver shipping which is available to everyone.

I'm not going to go too in depth with these reviews if you want more detail check out Leah's review of Black Cat. I'm mainly going to talk about some pros and cons.

Black Cat $41.85 (originally $62 + Shipping on Ami Ami)

This is what Black Cat looks like at eye level, kinda awkward, but wait

BAM, I actually really like this about this figure most figures are designed to be looked head on so lower display shelves aren't always the best place to have them, but she looks fantastic when viewed from a high angle

You can't really notice in this picture, bot Koto did something different with her eyes it looks like a clear piece of plastic over a white eyeball. I'm not sure how I feel about it, I like it, but at the same time don't I do hope they do it on more figures (if they haven't already) it definitely makes the eyes stand out more than usual.

One thing to mention was my box got smushed, this was done in the packaging process though as when I opened it I saw all the packing material was put on one side. I could probably contact Customer Service, and do something about it, but since I saved so much on this I'm not too bothered, and the box is just going to to be another block in the Tetris stacking I'm doing in my closet with my other figure boxes.

Overall I really like this figure, my only issue is with the base. I actually like the base, but compared to the other figures in this line her's feels a little empty. The others had epic bases that added to the figure, Phoenix had a flame, CatWomen has a Batman gargoyle, Poison Ivy has vines with jagged teeth. Black cat get's a clear red base with a building, it isn't terrible it's just mediocre, I wish they went with the original design that had the spider-man plushie on the base. Overall still a great figure I would highly recommend, especially at the very reasonable price of $42.

Nagi from Kannagi $24.98 (4 left in stock)

Just got her today, she was actually in my amazon wishlist for a while going for $40 something, I saw her drop to $25 and I had to get her.

Her face looks different from the illustration, but the change does resemble the way she's drawn in the anime better.

She comes with 2 faces, having the figure have swappable faces doesn't actually cause any terrible seam lines. As you'll see in the last photo the seam line looks about the same as every other figure with a seam line going across the top of their hair.

If you're familiar with this material they used for her base you know that they always have some scuffs and tiny scratches on them, it's very delicate so be careful when handling it your finger nail or a sharp point from another figure may scratch it.

Her base is a little small and she slightly sticks out on when displayed on her base, I personally like it that she sticks out a little bit, but it might bother some. My only real complaint is that the sculpting for her hair and ribbons that's laying on top of her chest isn't as good as the sculpting for the rest of the figure. For $25 this is the cheapest figure I've ever purchased so I can't really complain.   read

11:07 PM on 06.23.2011

Colette Bennett is a big stinky doo doo head

Just so you know in tomonese stinky means great and doo doo means wonderful.

It's been 7 months since I posted my intro post, and became a member of this community, a decision I will never regret. Tomopop was the first online community I ever started to actively participate in, I've never really been into social networking, but Tomopop was different. People were nice here, they instantly accepted me, I was never ridiculed for being new to this hobby, and instead was greeted warmly with guidance along the way.

Half a year later and my collection size has expanded from three figures on my T.V stand to two detolfs packed with figures, and me scrambling to find places to display my incoming pre-orders.

Thank you for introducing me to toy culture, If it weren't for Tomo I would not have known about Japanese PVC, and my wallet would also be thicker ;)

I also want to thank you for inadvertently turning me onto Destructoid, I actually originally did not like that site, but after I found out you use to write there I started spending more time there, and I've grown to love that community, and have made many friends there as well as I have here.

Tomopop really is a special place for me, my day doesn't seem to be going right unless I get my daily dose of Tomo.

You've made me laugh many times when you lusted over bishonen, there was that time I was mentioned in a Tomopop post, that made my day. It was always nice to have someone around who shared the same passion for Hatsune Miku that I do. All in all you were just a great person. Your voice was very distinct, and you shared the same taste in many of the same things that I do.

I also purchased a nendoroid from you

Though this picture does look kinda spooky because of the lighting I used (hey it was dark) I assure you Sebastian is in good hands, he has 8 other nendoroid companions to keep him company, all of which are girls (lucky bachelor). I guess now he's kind of a relic of when you were a member of the tomo team, which makes him all the more special.

Goodbye Colette, I'm going to miss you so much. It's so hard to hear that you're leaving I always thought of you as a mama bear to all of us tomo cubs. It must have been an incredibly difficult decision to decide to leave, I wish you the best of luck in whatever it is you are going to pursue.

Somewhere a few states away you've made a complete stranger laugh and smile online, that truly is something special. Thank you for this wonderful website, I'll never forget you.   read

5:13 AM on 05.28.2011

Really Awesome Inexpensive Beach Railgun Saten & Uiharu Sega Prize Figures

Say that title three times fast

I stumbled across these lovely gals today. I was immediately entranced by them and quickly added them to my cart. These two had completely flown underneath my radar. I thought the same might have happened to some other tomopeeps, so I thought I should share. I'm a huge fan of seeing school girl characters wearing different outfits other then their school uniforms so these made me happy.

With a little detective work I found some pictures of their sculpts.

The size for these is going to be 170 mm which is only 10 mm taller than the Misaka & Kuroko Beach queens. Which makes me very happy because when I saw these I immediately thought about how great they would look next to my Misaka Beach Queen. For some reason Saten & Uiharu were never turned into Beach Queens so this helps remedy that.

These will cost you either $11.50 or $15.83 depending on where you buy them (Otacute is the cheaper one.) This is a steal considering how fantastic these sculpts are.

Saten is available at Otacute & HLJ Uiharu Is avaialbe at Otacute & HLJ

A quick amiami search yielded no results of these figures, and I couldn't find them on Hobby Search, in case you wanted to buy from those sellers.


2:26 PM on 05.16.2011

74,394 Charity Miku's Sold Plus Some Garage Kits

74,394 Support Miku's were sold through the GSC Store. For every figure sold they donated ¥1,000. So the total amount donated was ¥74,394,000 or $913,260 USD. Great news, I had no idea so much was going to be raised. Best of wishes to Japan in their time of need, and I hope the money gets to reach as many people as possible.

For the full story go here

I saw This Garage Kit on Moeyo yesterday and was completely stunned, at first glance I thought it was a screenshot from Dreamy Theater in Project Diva. The use of fabric really makes her pop.

Check out the full gallery here

What I really liked about this figure is that it mixes the detail of the Arcade/Dreamy theater version of Project Diva, but keeps the cuteness and simplicity of the PSP version. I'm not a big fan of dreamy theater I think Miku looks creepy in HD (look at her hands). I think this is a perfect marriage between the two.

I was on MFC and stumbled across this Miku. I don't recall ever seeing her reported on. I don't know much about her, but I like it. I'm a sucker for transparent hair, and the tiped hat reminds me of Ciel

for more pictures go here   read

12:58 AM on 04.29.2011

[Monthly Megapixel] Rainy Day

This story begins on a rainy day at la Casa Nendo, where Sebastian lives with his 3 sisters.

Miku – Gah Tohko-Chan I wanna play with Suhbastuian, but he doesn't wanna to leave his room

Tooko - He's just upset, Him and Luka broke up, and he's taking it quite hard

Miku - maybe if me and Mato go cheer him up, he'll come out and play

Tooko - Miku, I don't think that's a good idea, she's been so moody ever since she started hanging out with Yomi and listening to the Cure. She's so different now, I can't even tell that you two are identical twin sisters anymore, she won't even talk to me unless I address her by Black Rock Shooter

Miku - nahnsense Mahtoe hasn't changed at all

Miku runs to Mato and Yomi

Mato- My parents don't get me they're like a toaster, they just suffocate me until I get burnt and toasty, and then everything is black

Yomi - whoa, that's deep

Miku- Hey Mahtoe and Yomoomi I wanna go cheer up Subastin, do you guys want to h...



Miku runs off quickly, and reaches Sebastian's door. His voice can be heard (talking to his cat) from the hallway, Tooko quickly follows Miku with a book in her hand

Sebastian - *cries* Why did she leave me Senior Gato? Ever since she left me yesterday, my hearts become black. We were together for a whole three days, and she just goes and leaves me for Kaito. How can she do this to me? I thought we were ihn luuhhhvvvv *sob* *sob*

Miku - We can here you Sebast-y, come out and play I gotta a new ruba duckie, this one grows in the darrhk

Sebastian steps out his room

Sebastian - I um, I'm practicing for the school play

Tooko - Don't mind me I was just reading this book

Sebastian - If anyone asks for me tell them I'm busy......practicing for the play

Sebastian walks back into his room

Sebastian - Why Senior Gato? I even gave her my Charizard Card, wahhhh *sob* *sob*

The door bell rings, and Tooko and Miku go to check it

Manaka - *pant* *pant*

Tooko - you're all wet, did you run here? Here get inside

Miku - Manahnahnahnahnahahkah is here, did you come to play wit my rubber ducky collection?

Manaka - *pant* No miku, I um, I heard sebastian wasn't feeling to good, so I um I wanted to come and ...........cheer him up... so I got him a um present

Miku - why are you blushing, are you allergic to something? It must be Tohko's perfume. See Tohko I told you it was too strong

Manaka - no, it's not that, can I see Sebastian?

Tooko - Sure, he said he didn't want to see anyone, but I think your an exception

They walk to sebastian's door
*knock* *knock*

Sebastian - *cries* Go away, I already told you, the only person who loves me is Senor Gatos *cries*

Manaka - Sebastian it's me, I came to check up on you. You weren't at school today, I heard what happend, and I want to make you feel better

Sebastian slowly walks out his door and stands in a nervous stiff manner

Sebastian - Hi

Manaka stares at the floor

Manaka - So you really liked Luka?

Sebastian - well, I, she wasn't the only

Manaka looks up into Sebastian's eyes and speaks quickly

Manaka - Did you ever like me?

Sebastian - I did, but Luka told me that you weren't interested, and that she was better suited for me instead

Sebastian blushes and a cheerful smile breaks across Manaka's face

Manaka - Did you ever kiss?

Sebastian - no

Manaka - Would you like to?

Tooko - awwww

Miku - what are they doing? Why is Sebastian sucking on Manaka's face?

Mato (or Black Rock Shooter like she likes to be called) - gross, love is just another emotion manufactured by the hallmark corporation   read

3:08 AM on 04.20.2011

New Racing Miku 2011 Figma announced & last chance to nab some Miku Nendos

Never Enough Miku: a quick Miku news round up

The Figma version of Racing Miku 2011 has been announced

No details yet, but this is good news I remember when the nendoroid was announced a few people commented on how they would prefer a figma. Let's hope that for our wallets sake she isn't as highly priced as the nendo

Last chance to get Snow Miku only 10 left at Tokyo Hunter ¥5,500

I've checked various other proxies and Tokyo Hunter is the only one still taking pre-orders (that I've found), if you are yet to order her I would advice acting quickly.

Support Miku for ¥5,000 orders close this Thursday

Orders for Support Miku close this Thursday the 21st so act quickly if you haven't already placed your order, and remember it's ¥2,000 for shipping flat so if you want to order with a friend you can save on shipping, there is a maximum of 5 per order

In case anyone was wondering about my previous post, I decided to cancel the group buy, because many people were reporting that the GSC store would not take orders over 2. It turns out that it was a glitch and they have now fixed that error so you can now order between 1-5 per order. I was lucky enough to stumble into a group who needed to fill a spot so I managed to order her and save a bit on shipping.

Enjoy your Mikus

Bonus: Shiteyanyo has been made into T-shirt form, Why? I don't know.

You can check the usual sites to pre-order these if that's your kind of thing


derp   read

10:17 PM on 04.09.2011

Nendoroid Support Miku: U.S. "Group Buy" to save on shipping, Anyone interested?

I was on and came across a comment from someone who had the idea to do a group buy in the U.S to save on shipping, it seems to be going well and other users are doing it as well

Shipping is ¥2,000 EMS no matter what, so it might be cheaper to do a group buy and then ship them all individually afterwards.

According to their calculations by doing a group buy and then shipping them all individually it cost a total of approx. ¥950 for shipping per person instead of the flat ¥2,000

I feel more comfortable bringing this up on Tomo, because we are a small closely knit community and I feel like I can trust you guys more than just random people.

I've never shipped anything to anyone on Tomo before, but I have purchased figures from Jonathan Tubbs & Colette without issues in the past. None of you know me personally so I have no one to vouch for me, but I'll give you my word that I'll do my best to keep you posted on details and ship the items as soon as I get them. If anyone feels like they would be better equipped to place the order feel free to speak up.

There's a maximum of 5 slots per order, so I need 4 other people

The Good Smile Store requires immediate payment, this particular group is for shipping in the U.S. only. If you live outside the U.S. feel free to start your own group. Orders are open from now to the 21st of this month, so if you are interested please respond quickly.

Miku cost ¥3,000 and according to the previous groups shipping calculations we save about ¥1,000 from shipping by doing a group order. So the total would be approx. ¥ 3,950 per person (about $46 USD) versus paying ¥5,000 (about $59 USD) if you order individually. Transactions are going to be done via paypal to keep things safe.

I'm going to be shipping via USPS, because any other shipping method would defeat the purpose of getting cheap shipping.

Leave a comment if you are interested

I'll give you a shipping estimate if you PM me your zip code to   read

1:47 PM on 03.29.2011

Finally, a Kirino figure that isn't in a school girl uniform

Most of the Kirino posts on Tomopop are followed by a comment of me whining about Kirino being in her boring school uniform, so this made for a pleasant surprise. It's nice to finally see her in casual wear hopefully we get some more figures like this in the future. (Blue outfit from the first Girl's Anime Group meet up please)

These are prize figures from Sega, they are being sold together as a 2 pack at Hobby Search for $26

they are also available separately

Standalone Kirino is already sold out at Otacute & wait listed at Hobby Search, but she is still available at HobbyLink Japan for $15

Standalone Kuroneko is still available at Otacute for $11.50

I checked AmiAmi and if these figures are in their inventory I couldn't find them

Does anyone have experience with Sega Price figures? I have the Hatsune Miku Vignetteum Cute set by SEGA and the quality is pretty good. Considering these figures are so inexpensive so long as the quality is descent I think I will be happy.   read

12:46 AM on 03.05.2011

That really expenisive Aegis Statue at half the price at Ami Ami Clearance

Every so often I like to check the JP Ami Ami Clearance section to see what deals they're getting that we aren't. I stumbled across this today

Originally priced around $200 now she's $112
Still expensive, but this might sway a Persona fan or two

I remember alot of people wanting this figure but not being able to afford it so, in case you were part of that crowd you might be able to jump in at this more reasonable price point.

Sometime the link may not work, If it says something about English Template what I usually do is delete my History then it works fine, other times I wrestle with the site for about 20 minutes and nothing ends up happening, let me know if I gave you a bad link

Ami Ami Japanese Clearance

In case you haven't done it before Tomopeeps have figured out that if you enter a figure only available on the Japanese Ami Ami site into your shopping cart and then switch to the English site you'll be able to order that figure no problem

there's some other neat stuff too like this adorable Ymirs, [Though she's pricey aswell]


10:49 PM on 12.18.2010

A Shiteyanyo garage kit, seriously?.. Warning cannot unsee

During Treasure-Festa 2010 a new Miku Garage kit was unveiled and it's non-other than..........


......DEAR GOD WHY?   read

11:42 PM on 12.11.2010

Nendoroid Saber: Super Moveable Edition on clearance

So I came across this site

I've never heard anyone mention this site before

but, after various snooping around they seem legit they're paypal verified, the owner has a blog and a twitter. and they have a customer review section with pictures

I wish I had found this site sooner they had the Anime BRS PVC for $53.60 she's sold out now though. makes me angry that I payed full price

Can anyone vouch for this site They have some pretty good deals, but I'm terrified of buying fakes   read

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