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Scassata avatar 8:49 PM on 12.17.2012  (server time)
Two New Magical Customs by Me o^u^o

Hey everyone! Wanted to share my latest custom projects with you. The first one is a mini Tokidoki Unicorno custom I call Nebula. I purchased the blank at the NYCC. To my knowledge, the tiny blanks have only been available at the big cons. But I am excited about the bigger Unicorno blanks available from the Tokidoki website! Anyways, I wanted to do something really pretty and just kind of mystical/ magical like. The beauty of the universe has always been inspiring to me, so I knew it would be the perfect concept for a unicorn. Legend has it that you can spot this little creature zipping about the cosmos if you have a telescope. She also likes to catch rides on the occasional shooting star.

The second custom I am sharing today is probably my most intensive/detailed custom to date. Created on the Vinylmation 95 mold is my custom Sugar Rush Racer! I absolutely love the movie "Wreck It Ralph", and the VM95 was too perfect for a Sugar Rush canvas. I created this one in kawaii style with inspiration from the Japanese poster of the film (which is actually called Sugar Rush). Materials used here are acrylics, Sculpey clay, glitter paint, Whipple, pearl beads, and a glossy Testors finish. I even used actual frosting tips to make the Whipple more delicious in appearance. A super sweet art piece! It was really exciting seeing this come together :).

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