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Scarecroodle avatar 4:11 AM on 11.19.2012  (server time)
Because Ewoks are wussies.

Presented for the collective amusement of the Tomopopulus, here's a gallery of buddies George and Lenny from NECA's recently released revamped-ish Gremlins line

"Derrrrrrr, what about the rabbits, George?"

Forget about the rabbits, Lenny, where are your companions?! Rather unfortunately, George, Lenny, and a normal Gizmo (who I didn't fucking buy because, well, it kinda sucked and I'm getting the combat version anyway) are the front-runners for this wave. What does that mean exactly? Well, while those three are available at retailers like TRU unfortunately my main squeeze (because he's cuddly, you pervs!) Mohawk, comic relief Daffy, and thinly-veiled Rambo parody "Combat" Gizmo aren't available just quite yet. Or maybe it's a problem exclusive to TRU who currently don't have the other three in the system. Bleagh.

At any rate, here's the incredibly bland packaging:

Like ughsville, right? I mean, can it be any more... HELLO!

No, but seriously, fucking uninspired. You can't see it but the inner portion has an image of a Gremlin's shadow which is completely infuckingvisible from the front of the package. The back of the box features the same white backdrop as well as the shadow, which is obscured by the character selection and pictoral explanation of the eye-roller system. Yeah, that's right, they can roll their eyes.

"Derrrrrrrrrr, it wasn't me, George!"

(fyi, the names George and Lenny were supposedly an homage to the characters from John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. There, I just injected a little culture into your lives and reminded you of nap time during second period English =p)

In case you're wondering why I make fun of the Ewoks (who helped take a crap on the original trilogy), although Ewoks were larger and had spears and stuff they were still wimpy ass teddy bears. They never smoked, drank, gambled... errr, well, technically the mogwais did that more when they were "all gwowed up". And speaking of that, they're (kind of) to scale with their post-pubescent previously released counterparts:

For those unfamiliar with the Gremlins franchise, the cute childish mogwai undergo a horrific transformation into ravenous, destructive monsters --- you know, much like when human children undergo puberty =p Except with a bit more bloodshed because they lack strong parental supervision.

The sort of kicker here is that the previous Gremlins stuff retails for $10 (dreamboat Mohawk there is about 8" tall, fyi) while the new, significantly shorter figures go for $12 (both are TRU prices). Although you might not be able to complain about the scaling issues, there is a feeling of paying more for less. The only big saving grace here are those eye rollers. Oh yeah, plus articulate ears!

The ears are one a kind of ball & socket joint. Ditto for the shoulders, forearms (where the fur tufts change on the arms), and hands. The legs have a similar joint but you won't get much movement there due to the body sculpt. Also, the joint itself has a tendency to expose depending on the angle (by which I just mean it's visible). The heads have a generous ball joint and are connected to the head by a rod which accommodates posing. The eye rollers are controlled by a ball on the back and are seemingly supposed to sync although they can kinda get off track from one another at times. Oh yeah, plus the ones on George are nigh useless given his epic squint.

I *think* their body type is basically the same and Lenny got an extra piece to bulk out his height but I can't be sure. I should also mention that bodies are sculped in such a way that the arms can sit fairly flat against the side of their bodies (but it makes for weird-looking armpits!)

Would I recommend these? Hell yeah. $12 is really a pittance for something like this. Sure, I'll bitch about the price in comparison to what the stuff used to be and generally want things cheaper but, at the end of the day, this is really the sort of stuff that I've wanted ever since I was a little kid watching the Gremlins movies for the first time. The only major aggravation is some potential QC issues (because it's NECA!) regarding paint and Mohawk not coming out right away. Supposedly we'll even be getting gremlin versions of George and Lenny in the near future!

Oh, plus supposedly we'll even be getting gremlin versions of George and Lenny in the near future! (saw photos for it, looks cool). This calls for a mogwai hi-five!

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