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8:59 PM on 11.07.2012

I've noticed a few strange things in the past month regarding my account. On occasion here on Tomopop my avatar pic changes on its own to some character from Blazblue, AND my name changes from SSJTidus to something like SoLeSurVivor. When I click it though it just shows me my actual profile with my original username intact.

And second, I just noticed today (Because there was a notification down near the disqus box) but apparently I posted something on Destructoid and someone replied to it. Things is though, I've never visited Destructoid before nor do I post there. Ever since I've changed my password and everything but I'm trying to figure out what the deal here is. Could it be some sort of glitch or issue with Disqus or is someone basically using my account behind my back? O.o

Comments not appearing? Anti-virus apps like Avast or some browser extensions can cause this.
Easy fix: Add   [*]   to your software's white list. Tada! Happy comments time again.

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