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8:59 PM on 11.07.2012

Did I just get hacked?

I've noticed a few strange things in the past month regarding my account. On occasion here on Tomopop my avatar pic changes on its own to some character from Blazblue, AND my name changes from SSJTidus to something like SoLeSurVivor. When I click it though it just shows me my actual profile with my original username intact.

And second, I just noticed today (Because there was a notification down near the disqus box) but apparently I posted something on Destructoid and someone replied to it. Things is though, I've never visited Destructoid before nor do I post there. Ever since I've changed my password and everything but I'm trying to figure out what the deal here is. Could it be some sort of glitch or issue with Disqus or is someone basically using my account behind my back? O.o   read

7:30 AM on 10.11.2012

It's Morphin' Time

Saw this on so I thought I'd share it here.

My hype just shot through the roof and I want it badly.   read

10:49 PM on 10.06.2012

My Stash

I've been meaning to show my collection on here for a while but never really found the time till today. So, here they are!

Just a shot of all the boxes I own. Yes, I keep the original boxes since it helps to keep all the extra parts.

My beloved Hokuto No Ken collection. I'm trying to get all of the 27 releases but the fact that most of them cost 3-4 times more than their original release prices is a pain in the ass. Got 11 of them so far.


7:00 PM on 09.07.2012

Koto? KOTO?! >:l

Back in June I pre-ordered the ArtFX Hiei from the main Kotobukiya store site, The figure is or was set to be released in August but here we are in the second week of September and I haven't received any notification regarding the shipment or a delay despite them having charged my credit card about two-three weeks ago. The thing I don't get is though that many of the American and Japanese 3rd party-retailers have the figure in-stock but the Kotous people, being the first party vendors here, haven't even bothered to update their site with the figure's status. It still says it's only pre-order and it will be available in August.

My question is, has anyone done business with that site before? And if so, have you encountered something similar to this? Maybe I'm being a little impatient here but usually when I'm charged for a pre-order I expect to receive some news regarding an estimate for the figure's shipment or whathaveyou. I've also sent them an email asking them what's going on with my order but there's been no response so far and it's been a little annoying to say the least.

I know for sure I'm never doing business with them ever again and just sticking to more reliable sites like Anime-Island, BBTS, or HLJ.   read

10:15 AM on 08.28.2012

Play-Arts sale

I need to clear a little space in my room to make more, err... room for other things, so I'm deciding to sell off some of those bulky Play-Arts figures I have stored for months now. Before going any further I will say a few things.

- First, I can only ship to addresses within the United States. Sorry to those interested who live elsewhere. Shipping charges are constant for all items, 10$.

- Second, I cannot use paypal as a form of accepting money because they're evil and have screwed me over big time in the past. I do know of an equally safer alternative though, and that is in the form of digital Amazon Gift Cards. If you're not familiar with it then not to worry, I'll explain it in more detail should you be interested in making a purchase.

- The figures I'm selling have been opened before but I still have the original boxes along with all accessories that came with them. I do take good care of my belongings and these figures are in excellent condition.

- Forgive the quality of the pictures. My camera is utter crap and my photography skills are nothing to brag about.

Now, moving on to the figures... There are 3 of them that I'd like to sell. Let's start off with...

Final Fantasy X's Tidus.

Bought him because FFX happens to be my favorite Final Fantasy along with Tidus being my favorite FF protagonist. The figure is just so lackluster though and I was disappointed with him. The biggest flaw perhaps is the fact that you can't make him hold his sword, at-least not without breaking red flag at the end of the hilt.

Now one more thing, one of his alternate left hands, the closed fist, has a chain that is removed from one end. It's no big deal because it's hardly noticeable when attached to the figure but still.

I'll sell him for around 12$. With shipping and handling that equals about 22$.

Next up is the Kingdom Hearts Cloud.

Looks good, yeah? Well there is one issue with him which I didn't notice because I opened him months after purchasing him from some Asian shop at my mall. His left arm's (The one with the claw hand) elbow joint is stiff, almost as if it's been glued shut. Gave me reason to believe I was duped into buying a broken figure but that was a year ago. I dunno if anyone would be still interested but if you are then I'll sell him for 18$. With shipping charges that's 28$.

And now for the final item, PAK Ichigo.

He's just too big for my tastes, and takes up lots of space. Oddly enough, he came with two extra pairs of right and left closed fists when I bought him from Toyarena. Unlike the first two though, there's nothing wrong with him as far as I can tell. He's going for a lot on places like Amazon so for him I'll leave it up to you to make me an offer for him.

If you have any inquiries or questions then ask me here or send me a note about it. There are also a couple more pictures for each figure in the gallery, so check it out.

Thanks for looking!   read

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