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SSJTidus's blog

8:59 PM on 11.07.2012

Did I just get hacked?

I've noticed a few strange things in the past month regarding my account. On occasion here on Tomopop my avatar pic changes on its own to some character from Blazblue, AND my name changes from SSJTidus to something like SoLeS...   read

7:30 AM on 10.11.2012

It's Morphin' Time

Saw this on so I thought I'd share it here. My hype just shot through the roof and I want it badly.   read

10:49 PM on 10.06.2012

My Stash

I've been meaning to show my collection on here for a while but never really found the time till today. So, here they are! Just a shot of all the boxes I own. Yes, I keep the original boxes since it helps to keep all the e...   read

7:00 PM on 09.07.2012

Koto? KOTO?! >:l

Back in June I pre-ordered the ArtFX Hiei from the main Kotobukiya store site, The figure is or was set to be released in August but here we are in the second week of September and I haven't received any notificat...   read

10:15 AM on 08.28.2012

Play-Arts sale

I need to clear a little space in my room to make more, err... room for other things, so I'm deciding to sell off some of those bulky Play-Arts figures I have stored for months now. Before going any further I will say a few t...   read

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