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Psycho Soldier avatar 7:00 PM on 07.22.2010  (server time)
Toys Of Yesterday: Ooglies

When Leah posted her story of the Furby I just had to bring this thing out. It's called an Ooglie and many of you might not know what it is. I found mine in the year 1999 when browsing the toy section of Walmart and the 10 that were there were on sale for $9.99. These things were made by Playmates Toys and these were supposed to ride the fame of the Furby sadly they didn't. I mean I looked on Youtube and found not a single commercial for these things. The main function of Ooglie was to make stupid nosies and laugh uncontrollably, all you did was press the button on it's head, pulled on it's feet and tail. Well one thing this had over Furby was a on/off button, got tired of it just turn it off and be on your merry way. I still can't believe I have this thing, and it's being sitting in my toy bin for at least 5 years and just for today I wanted to show you guys this thing.

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