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10:33 PM on 04.14.2012

Monthly Megapixel: More Then Meets The Eye

Yoko M: Hey guys! I found a new friend.
Yoko: Though we don't know his name.

Tidus: Maybe he's a machina?
Sanji: That is the weirdest devil fruit power I've ever seen
Ami: Looks like a robot?

Yoko M: Maybe, he really doesn't talk.
Bumblebee: Beeep Beep Beepbeep. (I wish Arcee or Optimus was here.)

Bumblebee: Whirrrr, beepbeepbeep, beep. (Oh do you guys have a computer?)

Bumblebee: BEEP! (That's me!)
Tidus: So his name is Bumblebee and a Transformer.
Ami: So he is a robot!
Yoko: He can turn into a car?!
Yoko M: Well at least we know his name
Sanji: Thank goodness Luffy isn't here.

Bumblebee: Beeep Whirr beeeep (This is my car form)
Sanji: Yep, it is a very good thing Luffy isn't here.
Ami: That's amazing!
Tidus: That's something you don't see everyday.
Yoko: Reminds me of a gunman.
Yoko M: This is awesome!

Bumblebee: Be Beep Whirr Whirrr (Nice to meet you all!)
Yoko: Nice to meet you to Bumblebee!
Yoko M: This is going to be fun
Tidus: Nice meeting you as well.
Ami: Never been friends with a robot before
Sanji: Nice to meet you to.   read

10:51 PM on 11.14.2011

IpleHouse Special Edition Female Zera

Right after I put up my last Iplehouse related blog they decide to put this beauty up for sale. Zera is part of the Special Edition line and keeps to the cowboy theme, this time with the Sheriff. I really hope her sculpt is added to the regular line, she is so beautiful.

As always a basic blank doll starts at $590.00. If you want everything you see in the pictures it will roughly come out to $1160. So Tomopeeps anyone interested in this lovely Sheriff?   read

9:15 PM on 11.04.2011

Iplehouse Brings The Goods

Iplehouse is bringing out the big guns this month, which is nice since the Holidays are fast approaching. First up is there Christmas Event which runs Nov 1 to Dec. 25. From what I have read it's basically spend X amount of money get Y amount of money discounted off. Getting money off on any doll purchases is always nice. Now onto the dolls

First up are seven, yes seven, Christmas edition dolls and each of those dolls have a choice of boy or girl. These seven are Aki, Bordy, Coco, Ringo, Serca, Nami and finally Elin

As always a blank nude doll starts at $219.00 but if you want everything you see it will cost you around $550.

The next doll on this list is from the Elemental Guardian line, Taregan the forest warrior. Oh my word is he gorgeous. Starting price is $766.00 for a basic blank doll and if you want the whole package it's a whopping $1235.

Following the cowboy theme of the Special Edition dolls is Shane, another gorgeous doll. A basic blank doll starts at $620.00, the entire set will cost $1161.00.   read

5:41 PM on 10.13.2011

Tekken Bishoujo Asuka.....NO

Kotobukiya let's have a talk. You are really incurring my wrath with this Tekken Bishoujo line, you are taking something I absolutely love and ripping it to shreds in front of me. Why did you have to do this to Asuka Kazama, why did you have to overly sexualize her costume but keep Jaina fairly covered up.

Here is the original costume that they decided to destroy. A full covering top, a bare belly and some short shorts. Nothing needed to be altered at all but of course they give her a extreme chest and take off the top of her bodysuit. Again this is completely out of character for her, she is not a sexual character at all. Her character is one that has a strong sense of justice and is a noisy school girl.

Here would have been a great outfit for her Bishoujo debate. People seem like the school girl look and she is a school girl. It's colorful and would translate great to a PVC figure plus a cute and playful pose would only enhance that cuteness.

Now if they wanted to go for high end sex appeal this outfit would have been a great choice. I really don't know how this outfit actual works or how it actual will stay on in a fight. The pose would have worked to in a bishoujo figure as well.

I really have no hope at all with this line if they are going to keep turning the characters I love in to overly sexual caricatures of themselves. I am now legit afraid to see how they will over sexualize Ling Xiaoyu, which is one of the most innocent characters in Tekken. A playful and cute school girl who originally entered the tournament to get money to build her own amusement park. I will be shocked if Koto ever made a Tekken Bishoujo I would actually be glad to own.   read

10:05 PM on 10.04.2011

Newest Soom Idealian is Female

Soom just keeps the beauty coming with their Idealian line. So far the line has been only male but with the newest entry Albany a female enters the fray. I must say she is quite lovely and only wish I could get one.

As always a basic blank doll starts at $745, that means no clothes, no wig and no face up. If you want everything you it will cost around $1261, so any tomopeeps interested in her?   read

7:31 PM on 09.20.2011

New Iplehouse Limited Doll

Along with the the Elemental Guardian line Iplehouse also release limited edition dolls and the last few have been with a cowboy theme first up was Avrid second was Dexter , who is still up for order and now is Bibane

I must say she is very lovely, I really love the saloon girl look they gave her. A basic blank doll starts at $600.00 that means no face up, basic skin type and no clothes or props. If you want everything that you see in the picture it will roughly come out to a total of $1130. The great thing about Iplehouse is you can choose want you want with your doll. For example you can get the doll with face up and the outfit or the doll with the special real skin tone, the outfit, and a wig face up combo. Any doll lovers thinking of picking up this Beauty?   read

11:16 PM on 09.13.2011

Monthly Musing: It's Going Be A All Nighter


4:45 PM on 09.11.2011

Iplehouse Adds Another To Elemental Guardian Line

Iplehouse adds another doll to their Elemental Guardian line of dolls. The newest one is Barahan, who appears to be a monk and related to snow and mountains. The basic blank doll starts at $620 if you want any of the extras it could end up costing around $1000 for Barahan.   read

1:43 PM on 08.14.2011

One Piece Bootleg Hell

While browsing the dashboard on my Tumblr one of the many One Piece blogs I follow had a link to a site with tons of One Piece merch, and the site offered free worldwide shipping. So I go and check it out and it's filled with One Piece bootlegs.

Got your eye on that Wedding Boa POP DX piece, well for only $32.59 it's yours!

How about Luffy three musketeer version for only $49.99

Finally for only 20.59 you can get Luffy and Ace Brotherhood POP Figures

I don't have any words to describe the bootleggery that is going on on this site. They have everything from bags, to key chains, jewelry and phone charms. Scroll through and have a good laugh.   read

5:11 PM on 07.25.2011

Bishoujo Line Your Getting On My Bad Side

Now let my first state that as of now I don't hate the line entirely but with recent releases and promo art the Bishoujo line is starting to get under my skin. When Kotobukiya started the Marvel Bishoujo line I thought it was pretty awesome, the designs were nice and the characters that they were choosing were excellent choices. Then they moved onto DC and continued producing some really great statues of some of my favorite characters. So far so good, it was nice seeing a different take on comic book characters stylized in a "anime" type look. Then it happened they released Lucy the Ghostbusters Bishoujo. I raged a bit since I absolutely love Ghostbuster and seeing it turned into that was something I didn't like at all. The ripped pants, the pushed up boobs, the pink thong, this is not my Ghostbusters, this was to me a LOLOLOLOLOlOLOL SEXY GHOSTBUSTERS. Something I wished never happened. I already voiced my extreme dislike of this figure so no need to go on. Then this little thing popped up on the front page and all my rage was back.

A Bishoujo figure of the girls from Tekken and they made Christie into a skank. For those of you who don't know I am obsessed with Tekken, well it goes past obsession to be honest. Tekken is forever my favorite fighting franchise and to finally have some statues I can display in my room should be awesome but NO. I can't do that because they have been turned into this.

This is the costume her statue is based off of. As you can see NO ASSLESS PANTS and she has a very reasonable sized chest. Also I would have liked this pose better then the one she has and a covered up backsized. I honestly don't see way her costume had to be altered at all it is great as is.

Then the rage increased with this

Here it is, Alisa turned into even more of a skank but the reason this made my rage go over the edge is because this is so out of character for her.

Here she is the SWEET AND ADORABLE Alisa. That is her character a sweet and adorable robot girl, not whatever the hell they turned her into. Her costume was already cute adorable and highly colorfully, so why was it need to be altered into a no skirt, push up boobs, show off more skin thing. Both girls costume were already nice and did not need to be altered in anyway at all.

I know what you all are going to say: "but there interpretations" okay but the DC and Marvel Bishoujo's are also that but all the released girls have kept their original costumes intact and not altered in anyway at all. So why now does this Tekken line of girls have to be altered in such skanky ways. If this is going to continue I really don't want more girls released at all. I would hate to see characters like Zafina, Ling Xiaoyu and Jun Kazama get turned into these skank versions. The girls of Tekken aren't even know for being extremely sexy at all, except for Anna since her character is portrayed that way. I just don't like characters I have an attachment to get treated this way.

Though Kotobukiya has redeemed themselves from the above things with this.

Seriously announce a release date and take all my money.   read

11:15 AM on 06.23.2011

Thanks for Everything Colette

It is sad to see you leave but may your future be bright and you continue doing the things you love. Also thank you for creating Tomopop and opening my eyes to a world full of amazing toys, statues and people. Tomopop is a wonderful place and I am glad to be part of this toy loving community!   read

2:03 PM on 06.09.2011

Monthly Megapixel: Late Night Prowl

For this month's musing I decided to do a late night photo shoot with Anna. I turned off my lights and only used the light from my computer screen and the camera's flash. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


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