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Yep! <3
My boyfriend and I have decided to give a little something back to the community! We've finally decided to host a giveaway, it's not much but I hope you guys will like it and even consider entering!

We've decided, since most people use twitter now, to host a giveaway of the 3 Princess Crown GCC Mini's via retweeting. All you'd really have to do is follow us, retweet a specific tweet and you're entered!
It may not be a huge prize but it's a start! We actually want to make this a semi-regular thing as well so depending on the popularity of this, we'll hold another retweet contest for our extra set of Odin Sphere GCC Mini's!

I'm hoping some of you guys might enter and that some one wins our little gifts! <3

If you're at all interested, our website has all the finer details, you can reach us here:
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me on here or on the website, or even via twitter. I pretty much control our website twitter account and will be happy to help/straighten any qualms out between complaining about how my P4 playthrough is going, hurrhurr. :)

Sorry if this has come off as a bit of a misc post, in comparison to my other blogs. But hey! Might as well let you guys know as Tomopop and its staff have been very kind to me since I first started posting here.

I hope you guys are all okay! <3
To lighten the mood a little, does any one have any preorders due in soon?
I've got the Stray Sheep edition of Catherine due any day now and my Persona 4 REMIX GCC Minis as well. Then next month, I've got the glorious 1/6 Aigis figure from a UK based store. Martins wallet is crying.

1:01 PM on 01.28.2012

It's been a very long time since I've last made a blog post on here but I promise that I still lurk here, daily! When I was last here, I was slowly getting into the Persona series and beginning my collection of related merchandise. Well, now, I have so much Persona merchandise that I'm running out of space!

A great friend of mine gave me the Orchid Seed Metis, she is so damn gorgeous to look at and is stunning beside my Koto Mitsuru! She is huge though! Really really tall, possibly as tall as my Yamato Velvet figure! I have never had so much stuff on preorder before, it's crazy and a very slippery slope right? I mean...I have ALTER Aigis, D-Arts Thanatos and Phat Company's Teddie on preorder, as well as the P4 REMIX box and Catherine Stray Sheep edition coming soon as well! We also only just picked up Koto Melty and Sorbet the other day and my Soejima artbook arrived today but I just can't stop ordering amazing merchandise! I have to say that GCC Mini's are so addictive and adorable, I adore collecting them, I have all mine hanging on a shelf and they look so awesome displayed. I would attach pics but I'm a bit lazy today. <3

Whilst I am here, I thought I might as well add this in. I'm hoping to repay my friend by tracking her down the Koromaru which came with the Figma Metis. If anyone can help me by pointing me to a potential figma split or even be willing to trade parts of my Dead Master figma for Koromaru, I'd be so thankful. I've already made a post on MFC forums but thought I'd also put the word out here because I am determined to give something back to my wonderful friend. She's been so kind to me and I want to give her something wonderful in return. :)

How have all you guys been? Got any new figures which you can't take your eyes off?
I hope you're all well and that your wallet isn't hurting too much! And if it is hurting, I know that feeling well and feel for you. <3

EDIT: Images!

My Izanagi figure! :3

Martin's Melty and Sorbet. The little "" watermark is just Martin being protective as he's had people steal his pictures before and not credit him. Yay for us having our own little site!

Since this pic, I accidentally broke her hand. I superglued it back and stupidly used some nail polish remover to get rid of the excess. Now her hand is a little discoloured but I don't care, she is so damn gorgeous and it's not like I'll be displaying her from behind again. This was purely to show off how beautiful she is from all angles. :P

From pics I've seen of her, none really do her much justice but I feel that these start to capture just how pretty she is. :3

Mitsuru! She was my christmas gift from my boyfriend. As you can imagine, I was and still am very very happy.

My bookcase shelf which has been taken over by more Persona stuff. The Jack Frost was made by my great friend Clara, who I'm trying to get the Koromaru for. I'm planning on moving Jack to the top of my bookcase when my Alter Aigis arrives. I also have the Soejima artbook to display in this space as well. The Thanatos poster is the poster which came with the P3P collectors edition and I lamenated that and all the art cards. The Thanatos poster was pretty beat up from the previous owner obviously not being all too careful, if the box it came in was anything to go by. I've never seen something so beat up but I don't really care any more, Thanatos is my favourite so! <3

Oh and there is also this! My hunt for the P3 MC/Minato GCC Mini is no more! Clara managed to find one for me and I'm so thankful that I'm giving her around 5 minis from my REMIX box when it arrives next month. :)

So so many pics, not sure if any will stretch the page as I'm using such a small screened netbook. I hope they're all okay! :3

11:26 AM on 06.03.2011

Hi everyone.
Sorry I haven't been posting as much as recently as I used to, some personal health issuees of mine are rearing their ugly head again and I haven't really been in the state to add any additions to my little blog here. I hope everyone has been okay and haven't spent too much money! :P

I noticed it is June already, it certainly feels like it.
Where I live, we are having beautiful weather and today I decided, whilst it was still sunny, to do my first ever outside photo-shoot.
The two figures I've used today are my Gwendolyn and my Mercedes. :)
There are some shots of Gwendolyn I absolutely adore and I hope you enjoy looking at them. O:

I took the photos outside in the shades of my Mums huge leafy tree. I really like it the effect it has given in these shots, I intend to do some more photo-shoots later on when I feel a lot better. Anyone who knows me, knows I suffer from severe depression and it is currently crippling me to the point where I want to do nothing.

Less talk about me and time to move onto some pretty photos~

I still find myself struggling to photograph my Mercedes, I don't know why. But, the pictures I've included here are ones I'm proud of. I took almost 200 photos in total but in the end, I was so hot that I had to come inside and cool down. I'm not used to being outside, let alone in the strong sunshine, lol. :)

Hope you liked them and hope you're all keeping well!
And, before anyone asks, Yes, I intend on getting the mini Odin Sphere/Princess Crown Keychain/Charms. <333

Hi there, Tomopeeps!
I'm just wondering, does anyone else here collect Premium Boxset editions of certain video games?

I used to collect every limited edition boxset I could find, even if it didn't include a figure.
I eventually sold all but two of my limited edition boxsets. The only two I have left now are Luminous Arc 2 which I found in a local game store for under £10 and Atelier Iris 2.

The reason I'm asking is because I am trying to hunt down my "holy grail", I guess.
I am a huge Mana Khemia fan. I am trying to hunt down this boxset MFC
It comes with a glorious looking Jess figure. No matter how many times I find it, it seems to be at a ridiculously unreasonable price. (Over £100!).

I know they will be expensive, my Dad paid almost £60 for my Atelier Iris 2 boxset which was a very limited run in this country. I'm just wondering if anyone could help me figure out a decent place to start searching for Mana Khemia's boxset. :3

I thought I'd include the few photos I have of my Atelier Iris 2 bonus figures~
Need to take more photos of it some time. O:

Picture 1
Picture 2

Not the best quality but ehh~ :D

I hope some one can help!

[[ So, as you may have known, I was originally going for something entirely different with this months entry. I wanted to construct my own Pooka cafe and go from there but with a few spanners thrown into the works, I've had to put this together. I hope you enjoy it! I never knew how tiring it was to look after 3 little kids who want me to play on the Wii or on the Kinect with them. I just lost time and thought I'd throw this together for this months entry! Good luck to everyone who enters! Unfortunately, not too much about rainy days as we've had perfect weather but it is a somewhat interesting story which could've taken place on any miserable morning when I've had to look after my little nephews. I couldn't get any interesting outside pictures but eh, I hope you like it anyways! ]]

It was a cold, miserable April morning.
The master of the "Dee-Ess" device wasn't around, she was busy looking after her two nephews and niece. They were such a handful that the very device that she had been addicted to had been left alone... It's time, I thought. I should go look at it and see what it is that has had her so occupied for all this time!

I wonder how to turn this device on! I think the master of this device usually slides up a weird little button on the side... I think I'll try that first! Afterall, what is the worst that can happen?!

Ah! I think I've got it! "Pokemon White Version"... What is this? I guess I had best check it out! Lets press this "A" button and see where it gets me. I hope it'll load corrently. It'll be embarrassing if all those times I watched her and I took absolutely nothing in!

... How many hours has she spent on this game?! This is ludicrous! No wonder we've been feeling neglected, all her spare time is spent on this... This Pokemon White game! Why is this game so special in comparison to us toys?! Why does she feel that this Pokemon game is a better way to spend her day?! I must find these answers out! I guess I will have to boot this device up even further to find out.
Lets see... Boot up the game, press the "A" button, I guess I best do that.

Aha! To access the menu in game, press the "Y" button. Right... I've done that, now I have a lot of options to choose from. Pokemon? Oh! Lets have a look at her Pokemen, I'm sure that they might have a few answers!

Hello, Miss Cheshire. Can you help me? I'm trying to find out why the lady is so addicted to this very game. Oh, I guess you can't hear me that's why you're not responding to me. That's a shame, I guess you can't help me in my little search. I wonder if Dead Master can interpret for me, as Miss Cheshire cannot understand me. Hey, Dead Master, would you please come here for a moment?

Dead Master has always been so helpful to me, sometimes, it is a little bit creepy but I'll explain that on another day. Dead Master attempted to interpret my questions to Miss Cheshire but she too got no response. "It's no good" Dead Master said to me, sounding a little glum. I wasn't quite sure what to do but that is when I remembered that she who owns the device would sometimes visit a persons computer and see a lot more of her Pokemen. Perhaps I should try that, I might get a few answers!

Aha! This icy Pokemon should be able to help me. Hello? Mr. Regice? Can you hear me?
I was taken aback, the screen started to flash and I had never seen anything like it before in all my time. Nothing has ever happened like this before when she was on the system. Have I done something wrong?! Ahh! I think... I think it is coming out of the-

Mr.Regice?! You heard me?!


And, that was the last time Professor Layton was cheeky enough to use my DS without my permission!

10:22 AM on 04.04.2011

Hello everyone!!
Been a very long time since I made a post on here, sorry about that. I've been stolen away by Pokemon White and Phantom Brave. But, I'll be here over the next month for definite. My Pooka Prince wants me to enter this months megapixel competition, so I best start getting back into photography.
But, this blog isn't so much about my photography, for once! O:

I was wondering, does anyone have any idea where I could pick up 1/12th Sweets such as little cakes, etc? I'm going to be trying to recreate a scene from Odin Sphere, so I need to get my hands on some miniature props. I'm going to try a local store later on this week when I'm feeling a bit better (I had a wisdom tooth removed today and I feel so groggy, it's ridiculous!). If that fails, can any one link me to online stores? I might end up using ebay for local sellers, if they have things I love, but anything helps!

Also, can any who has 1/12th furniture tell me if they support things like Revoltechs without issues? D: I'm planning on picking up a few little chairs and perhaps a table, despite having Professor Laytons accessories. Any help would be muchly appreciated! :)

I'll hopefully be posting my Monthly Megapixel entry in the next week, providing I feel better. ._.;;!
I cannot wait to see everyone elses entries! (:

I missed this place so much~!
For now, I'll be getting back in bed and will reply to any comments when I am awake enough to. :3