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7:15 PM on 04.27.2011

Monthly Megapixel: Rainy Day Antics

Our story starts on a rainy weekend morning. Elle is enjoying her favourite rainy day activity.

However, Saber has other plans in mind for Elle. “Time to wake up! Let’s play a game or something!”

Elle is not impressed….

“Ah well!” Thinks Saber, “I’ll just go watch some movies on my own!”
But… What to start with?

Saber decides to start with one of her favourites: Wall-E!

It seems like Saber isn’t the only toy up and about looking for fun! EVE and Wall-E have come to get their groove on!

Saber thinks she hears a noise, but when she looks…

Nobody is there… The rest of the movie goes by uneventfully and Saber starts her second movie! Last year’s big hit: Summer Wars!

Looks like King Kazma and Love Machine are at it again!

Saber could have sworn she heard a noise this time! But again…

Nothing’s there! Soon again Saber is absorbed into her movie. I wonder what her next pick will be?

Looks like Saber is trying to decipher one of our favourite movie franchises! ^^;
(Though it looks like some of our toys are excited about seeing Fast and Furious!)

Will Saber ever figure out what’s going on?

She vows to figure it out during the next movie! I wonder what she’s going to watch next? I feel like we’ve seen so many and Elle is still sleeping!!!

I wonder what movie this could be?

It sure looks familiar…

It looks like Tachikoma is mocking Saber’s distracted nature!

Saber must be getting frustrated! Unfortunately nothing happens during the rest of the film and soon the credits are rolling…

Just as Saber is wondering what to watch next! BAM!

“What the?!”

Looks like Elle’s finally woken up! And she doesn’t look pleased! “You’ve been watching movies without me?!” Saber seems confused, “But you wanted to sleep!!!”

Tickle attack! Elle’s version of negotiation!!! “I wanna pick the next movie!”

I wonder what she’s gonna pick?!

Looks like Elle wanted to watch Toy Story!

Look who it is! ^_^ But wait!

Who is that?!

Uh oh!

Looks like rainy days in our house aren’t nearly as uneventful as they seem!   read

12:23 PM on 04.03.2011

Tutorial: Changing Dollfie Dream's Eyes

Hi all! This is a tutorial we put up on our site yesterday and was written by Sam! I hope you all find it helpful, if you need any more information or photos please let me know and we can put something up on flickr for you!

Changing your Dollfie’s eyes can make a huge difference in how she looks. There are many tutorials floating around on the web to reference which is how we learned the basics of how to do this ourselves. The tutorial we followed the most closely was one of the tutorials posted on the Volks blog for Super Dollfies. We had to modify the procedure for the Dollfie Dreams though because the inside of their head is so smooth.

So we are gonna do a quick/simple tutorial on how we change out the eyes on our dollfies (just Elle, not Saber). Materials are hyperlinked as you read through so you can see exactly what we used.

Here is Elle with her stock apricot eyes. (The default for DD Yukino)

We liked those eyes but they are a little plain, so we changed them up! Here is how we did it:

First thing to do is get the head off the doll, then remove the head cap from the rear of the head. This is and will be tricky to do especially when trying not to touch the doll’s face. When removing the head be sure to grasp the neck and hold on to the armature. Remember: try not to touch the faceup!

When you get the head cap off you will see something like this if it has the default eyes from Volks.

You will see that they use a low temperature hot glue so that it is pliable and sticky all the time. What I did next was very carefully (with my pinky finger) pushed the eye through the hole in front of her face, being careful not to damage the faceup. After that it looked like this:

After the eyes are out you can start on the glue, Volks blog suggests using thinner for the stubborn glue (only a little) but I really didn’t want to damage the faceup, so I took my time and loosened the glue from the inside of the head very slowly. It takes time but it isn’t very difficult with the right tool.

One side done:

Both sides done:

When putting the eyes back in you will have to take your time and keep checking to make sure they are in the orientation you want. I find that it is important to work the putty in your fingers for a minute or two to make it easy to work with and make it stickier. I start with a long skinny piece and wrap it around the base of the eye, then put it in the head and line it up, push the putty down and secure the eye. Then I add some putty all around the eyes to make sure they stay put. I some times use the scalpel tool to help get the putty into all the little tight areas. Extra putty under the eyes can really help though it can be tricky to get it in just right.

Putting in another pair of Volks eyes:

Putting in some custom eyes:

Give them a bit of a push and wiggle to make sure they are in there good, double check the orientation and you are good to pop the head cap back on. Just like that your dollfie has new eyes, here are some more pictures so you can see just what a difference they make.

Using Volks Animetic Eyes Type I in Bright Green

Using Volks Animetic Eyes Type B in Bright Green

Using aftermarket custom Indigo/Purple Eyes

11:58 PM on 04.01.2011

HLJ has relisted Nendoroid Ritsu from K-On! as in stock! FOR REAL!

Hey all!

There's actually a back story but I know none of you will be interested in how this happened..


Hopefully now many of you will be able to complete your K-On! sets!


9:48 PM on 03.31.2011

AmiAmi re-opens preorders for Yoku Dekimasita Danboard!

If you were like me and were asleep when this limited version of Danboard went up for order a little while back you are in luck!!!

AmiAmi has re-opened preorders for this little beauty and she is set to come out mid-May with a low price of 1640jpy! If you haven't ordered any Danboard love for yourself yet, do yourself a favour and cough up the $20-$25 - you won't be disappointed!   read

12:26 PM on 03.30.2011

Hobby Search has restocked Azunyan's teacup!

For those of you that missed out, you can now finally have this adorable teacup and saucer set for 2381jpy! I already ordered mine a while back, it's adorable! This item is excellently paired with the Azusa Nendoroid as can be seen in my own collection set up!

Should I order a second? I'm sorely tempted! Anyone jumping to order this?

(The saucer took up too much space to add to the display!)   read

12:29 PM on 03.28.2011

New images emerge of Shining Hearts DDs!!

Volks has updated their DD blog (contents in Japanese) with three new photos of Aerie/Airy and Nellis/Neris!

These are looking a bit different to me than the original scans and I still feel that Aerie's eyes are just a touch too big - I'd like to see more white! Nellis' eyes are looking very stunning, I can't wait to see more photos of these two as Dolpa 25 approaches!

What do you guys think of these new shots?   read

10:04 AM on 03.23.2011

DD Shining Hearts Characters officially revealed!

Some of you already knew the rumours about this DD run.

After some waiting it's been revealed that both Nellis/Neris and Airy will be released as DD and boy do they look cute! From the details revealed both will be 60cm (which means they will be regular Dollfie Dream bodies and not Dollfie Dream Sister bodies) and Airy will retail for about 54,600jpy while Neris will retail for 56,700jpy

Anyone thinking of picking one of these two up? I do like Neris but that cat face on Airy is so cute!!!   read

11:16 PM on 03.17.2011

Saber Lily's Journey (Part 2)

Hey all!! It's the sequel to Bob's post which I put up here! Again this is just a repost of the original from my site, normally I'd leave a day between posting and reposting, but I just couldn't wait to share this with everyone!

It only took two days for DD Saber Lily to make her way from basically one side of the continent to the other but it felt like forever while I waited for her arrival. It’s been a while since I have been so impatient for a package to arrive! Though despite my eagerness to open up the Dollfie of my dreams (pun totally intended) I waited an extra day with her sitting there in the box! Part of why I waited was because by the time I was home and settled after running tons of errands it was 11:15pm and I had work the next morning. The other part of why I waited was I wanted much better light so that I could take a bunch of photos!

That being said, I did start to lose the light towards the end of our shoot, so you’ll have to pardon some of the photos since I had to resort to the built in flash on my SLR – I still think overall the photos turned out well, and I’ll interject comments here and there. Of course I couldn’t leave my other Dollfie out of this momentous event! Plus she has a name! Though I still have a habit of calling her Yukino a lot, I decided to name her Elle! What do you guys think?

For this shoot I decided it would be nicest to clear off our coffee table completely – and I’m really glad I did because there were so many parts packed into her box!! I used a light coloured bedsheet as a backdrop, and MoMo decided to have some fun on it before we got everything unpacked. So I’ll start with a picture of her!

What a cutie!! I couldn’t resist! I’m sorry everyone! Please forgive me! Quick! An epic loot shot!

It’s Elle with a large box! On the left we have Saber’s sword Excalibur with Avalon scabbard and on the right we have the sword Saber Lily comes with: Caliburn! Saber Lily’s box is really pretty but also subtle, the artwork on it is fantastic – if you get a chance go look at the larger images on flickr to get a better look.

The swords are quite large (they’re shown later out of the box don’t worry!) but they aren’t quite as gigantic as the sword that Alter’s Shin Sonic Fate comes with! I only know this because Bob showed me on Skype over the weekend! ^_^

I couldn’t resist adding this in with MoMo staring at Saber. Though I did decide to cover her to make her SFW.

Such a gorgeous face!!!!

Saber is free from her plastic prison!!! Decided to throw on a wig I purchased specifically for her from Leeke World while they had their free shipping promo. Of course I couldn’t leave her naked so she’s wrapped up in one of my silk scarves. I forgot how big the M-bust was when I took her out of the packaging! I had gotten used to Elle’s S-bust so it was a bit of a shock!

The magic of the hidden joint is hard at work for these shots! (´・ω・`)

Piles of stuff. 0_0

Instruction manual! Filled with strange runes from the moon people!

Absolutely love the detail on her panties!!! So cute!

The sexy undergarments! Amazing what a difference the wigs make on her too!

The stockings are really nice, I love the material they’re made of – they slide on so easily!

There’s little bits of wire in her skirt that allow you to pose it like her promo shots show. It also helps to keep the outer skirt more rigid. There’s a LOT of fabric going on here – plus the petticoat underneath all that fabric is actually easiest to put on if you remove her top half from her lower half. SLIGHTLY HORRIFIC DISMEMBERMENT.

The materials are impressive – Volks certainly didn’t skimp on her outfit!

That wig though is beyond fragile! We had to be very careful and even then it was tricky and hard to avoid damaging it!

My two Dollfies together! So very different in their look! Sam wanted to make Elle look like she had street cred.. I’m not sure if it worked given her giant doe eyes and curly pink hair.

Two green eyed beauties. I wonder how the purple eyes I picked up will look on Elle?

Ah Caliburn!

After a LOT of work we got her into all her armour. It’s fairly straight forward it’s just time consuming. As you can see her feet get removed and so do her hands. it’s a little horrific but the results are FANTASTIC. My light was starting to go by this point but I will definitely get some nice detail shots of her armour – especially the leg pieces – when I get a chance in better lighting.

Looks like Excalibur may be a little heavy for Elle….

The chest piece is really nice – and the weight of it is surprising for being plastic. Paint is also really well done on all the pieces.

Those eyes are something else.

I thoroughly enjoy that they moulded hinges onto the arm pieces of her armour. It’s a very nice touch!

Elle will show us Excalibur and Caliburn! ^_^

I had to go by other means in order to get a hold of this sword – which I’ve had for quite some time! I was able to get this via proxy from one of the Dollpa 24 after parties.

Both swords are beautifully detailed, just on their own as display pieces they’d be quite something!

Her green eyes are very fitting for St. Patrick’s Day!

Saber Lily’s ‘spot’ in our bedroom – she gets to chill with my amazing zebra (which many of you may recognise from IKEA) I’m really glad I have a saddle stand for her though – she’s so heavy with all that armour it’s tricky to get her balanced. I certainly wouldn’t want to leave her free standing for any extended period of time!

And of course, with Saber on my one and only stand, Elle has to perch on one of our shelves – but at least she has octopus company!

I hope you all enjoyed the photos! I still find it hard to believe that this Dollfie actually belongs to me despite spending my hard-earned money on her. It feels like it was just yesterday Bob was showing me leaked images of her, and now here she is sitting in my apartment.   read

10:07 PM on 03.14.2011

Saber Lily's Journey (Part 1)

Hey all! I thought I would share this post from my website with you all. This was written by my very good friend thebobness who is also a contributor to

I included a little extra for all the Tomopeeps as well :)

It all started last year when Laura and I saw teaser pics of Saber Lily. Laura freaked out and was like "I HAVE TO HAVE ONE". It was probably a few weeks later that Volks announced they were having a lottery for Saber Lily and so I decided to help my lovely friend up her chances of winning one. Theresa, one of Laura's other friends also entered the lottery on Dec 12, 2010 and so we had 3 chances to win her. In the event that we won more than one Saber, I had the decision of either selling her or keeping her but I didn't need to make that decision until they announced the results. On Dec 24, the day of judgment we did not hear anything from Volks and we thought we might have to go an alternative route to obtain Saber - until I came home for lunch and received an email from Volks. My heart was racing as I scrolled down to read the email. I finally got to the middle of the email and this is what it said:

"Thank you for waiting. We are happy to let you know that you will be
able to purchase the following items!

DD "Fate/unlimited codes" Saber Lily

We expect to process payments for these items on Wednesday,
December 29th, so please be aware of that."

I was like "OMG I won a spot to purchase Saber!" I forwarded the email right away to Laura and she was screaming at the top of her lungs as she read the email! She told me that I could keep Saber for myself but I said we entered in the lottery for her, not for me. She was so excited she couldn't contain herself. In the coming days Laura was talking to Sam about Saber and me, and they both decided they wanted to buy me a DD Yukino as a thanks for letting them have Saber. I humbly declined the offer and told them I didn't have room for one, but I did ask them maybe to help me with the expenses when I go to Japan later in the year.

Three months later, I received DD Saber Lily on Friday from Volks. I love how fast ground service is when you live near the location of where it's being sent from. It took a mere two days! The only problem I have is that UPS sometimes delivers VERY LATE to my area. On Friday morning I check the tracking and it told me that it was on the truck for delivery. I had two predictions of when it would come and they were around 12 P.M. and around 5 P.M., boy was I was wrong. It didn't come until after 7 P.M. which means I waited a good 12 hours from when it got in the truck to when it arrived at my house. Do you guys ever get deliveries this late?

So this ends part 1 of Saber's journey to my house. The next destination is CANADA.

Now for the photos!

I love the little illustrations they put on the warning labels, they are so cute!

Her Sword comes in a separate box for protection!

Naked and Sacred.

Her skirts!

Instructions along with a pair of hands in gloves.

Remember don't tug on the ponytail too hard!

Her armor pieces come with switchable feet since they didn't design boots that she can fit in.

Here's a bonus image of her gloved hands for all your Tomopeeps to enjoy!

2:22 PM on 03.10.2011

Our Collection as of Feb 2011 (image heavy)

Edit: Sorry! I noticed a typo and it drove me crazy so I had to fix it! Also, this post has been regurgitated onto my website with a bonus picture or two I missed from here and some handy links. (Sorry for the shameless plug...)

I know it's been a while since I posted anything, but today I decided I would try to give everyone a treat with pictures from our personal collection in our apartment.

Before we get to the images, I want to apologise that a couple of these are blurry, I wasn't using a flash and by the time I took a look over everything the light had gone so I couldn't really take new shots without using a flash which woulda washed them out... At smaller sizes the blurriness isn't too bad but at full size they're quite awful.

Most of our collection is in our living room with a bit in our bedroom. I'll interject comments where I can. I really hope everyone enjoys the shots! :)

First off: a shot of the view people get as they come into our apartment! (Usually we keep the blinds as they're shown to keep the sun off our pretty ladies.)

Now for the goodies of our living space up close and personal!

(for those wondering, the large green dragon in the above shot is Fin Fang Foom from Thor. He is the second largest Hero Clix that was made - and he came in a couple different colours as well!)

(we not only have figures and toys, we also have 1/10 scale RC cars! The car in front of our BluRays is a limited Tamiya chassis done up as an Abarth Fiat 500. Its top speed is 34km/h or 21mph!!!)

(yes, that photograph is of us with a professional sumo wrestler doing the "Captain Morgan" and it was quite excellent)

(We use clear acrylic spice racks to help display our nendos, they work very very well! For those in the US you can find them at The Container Store, and for those in Canada you can find them at Solutions!)

(For Pooka and others - this shot shows that I'm using 2 di:stage with four figma! I hope that helps you guys with sizing etc)

(Revoltech Alien queen is HUGE - sorry for the blurry!!!)

(fun fact: the clear cases under Aegis and Metis are from the apple store! One was for a shuffle and the other had an adaptor in it!)

(Megahouse Kaworu! He is small for his scale but he's well done!)

(Sorry for the blurry!)


(I love Wall-E so very much)

(Sorry for the blurry!)

(Creepy Woody loves his creeper Tsuruya-san)

(Our boudoir!)

(shot 1)

(shot 2)

(My DD, which has no name still - any suggestions???)

And a treat for y'all! Our crazy yet affectionate water-loving cat: MoMo

I hope you guys enjoyed the photos, I tried to get in as many detailed shots as I could so everyone could take a closer look!

You're a trooper if you made it all the way to this point, so everyone who does gets a gold star!   read

9:41 PM on 03.02.2011

MoMo meets Dollfie Dream

Hey guys,

After a long week and a half of treating my DD for staining she's finally whole again (and like new once more) so I thought I'd celebrate by taking a few shots of her! (Sorry for the quality, they were all taken with an iPhone 4) What I didn't realise is that my younger cat MoMo would be so interested in her.

So here are a few cute photos for you to enjoy. I promise it is nowhere near as photo-heavy as my last post. hehehe

Some more info on my DD for those that are curious:

She's the default Yukino DD with an s-bust to replace her m-bust as well as different eyes and a different wig. Her eyes are from Volks and her wig is from Leeke World.

If anyone is curious about anything else about her just leave a comment and I'll try to answer.

Also, she's still nameless. :(

I'm open to suggestions! :D   read

10:30 AM on 12.17.2010

Kotobukiya + AmiAmi + Discounts = Awesome

I don't know if anyone's noticed but it looks like Kotobukiya is re-releasing a TON of their figures and AmiAmi is offering most of them for hefty discounts ranging from 45% to 55%!!!

The preorders are selling out fast so if anyone's hoping to pick up any of these for crazy prices you should act fast!

Also Koto is re-releasing their Play Arts Sculpture Arts lines at crazy pricing! But be warned that many of these pieces are not only very large but also very heavy, so shipping will easily be starting at about $80-$100 for a single item. But with some of the discounts it still works out to an overall savings :)

And most importantly: many of these items are scheduled for early January releases! I feel like Koto has been stockpiling these in their warehouses since they're releasing SO many figures all at once.

Thank you Kotobukiya!!!   read

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