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I love Toy Photography! I like taking pictures of toys because I know each has it's own story!

I'm not a hardcore toy collector and I don't have that much toys; but I already like what I have and make the best shots out of my mini collection. =) I also like to give life to my toys by creating stories for them. I want my viewers to see and feel the story behind those shots.

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8:08 AM on 06.23.2013

Minions are becoming so mainstream lately, I'll share my mini photoshoot with them after I got these toys. The movie is gonna be shown in July 3 here in the Philippines. McDonald's are selling these buggers in every Happy Meal and there's 9 of them to collect. My crazy colleagues bought it for me, saying the minions represent them so I need to take good care of them LOL. I gave the third minion away, (the cyclops look a like) coz I don't like his face. LOL. So I'm left here with Tim and Tom!

Here's Tom Googly Eyes Grabber. Well, yeah 'coz he can grab things with his hands here and his eyes moves too whenever you stretch his arms.

This one is Tim Giggling. He giggles whenever you shake him hahahaha!

They looked so happy with the banana they found.

Ooops...the banana actually belonged to Domo! 

I have the rest of the pictures on my blog here and I hope you also like my fanpage on Facebook too! Thanks Tomopop! :)
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