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Minions Everywhere!

Minions are becoming so mainstream lately, I'll share my mini photoshoot with them after I got these toys. The movie is gonna be shown in July 3 here in the Philippines. McDonald's are selling these buggers in every Happy Meal and there's 9...


My Dream Photoshoot with Momohime

Hello Tomopop! It's been a while! I'm sharing my best shots from my latest photoshoot with Momohime. In my opinion, she's the most beautiful 1/8 scale figure I've ever seen. Thanks to my buddies at Otakai I was able to capture her stunning ...


Rainproof Taiga

Heavy rains and flood won't stop me from taking Taiga out for a photoshoot. LOL. Here she is, I made a paper umbrella just like my last post-- http://www.tomopop.com/blogs/Pinkcheeks/rainy-blues--26389.phtml and a paper raincoat to match he...


Rainy Blues!

I'm now starting to hate the rain...It's been raining for weeks now here in our country...All I see are puddles and flood everywhere! But I found that the rain somehow creates a different atmosphere from my usual cheery photos of my nendoro...


Monthly Megapixel: A Burger For Taiga's Dino

*oh shoot, I realized I didn't make it to the contest, but anyway I'd like to share this with you ^_^* Taiga found this homeless dinosaur on the streets so she decided to adopt him! She took her new pet to a fastfood and bought him some...


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I love Toy Photography! I like taking pictures of toys because I know each has it's own story!

I'm not a hardcore toy collector and I don't have that much toys; but I already like what I have and make the best shots out of my mini collection. =) I also like to give life to my toys by creating stories for them. I want my viewers to see and feel the story behind those shots.

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