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8:08 AM on 06.23.2013

Minions Everywhere!

Minions are becoming so mainstream lately, I'll share my mini photoshoot with them after I got these toys. The movie is gonna be shown in July 3 here in the Philippines. McDonald's are selling these buggers in every Happy Meal and there's 9 of them to collect. My crazy colleagues bought it for me, saying the minions represent them so I need to take good care of them LOL. I gave the third minion away, (the cyclops look a like) coz I don't like his face. LOL. So I'm left here with Tim and Tom!

Here's Tom Googly Eyes Grabber. Well, yeah 'coz he can grab things with his hands here and his eyes moves too whenever you stretch his arms.

This one is Tim Giggling. He giggles whenever you shake him hahahaha!

They looked so happy with the banana they found.

Ooops...the banana actually belonged to Domo! 

I have the rest of the pictures on my blog here and I hope you also like my fanpage on Facebook too! Thanks Tomopop! :)

6:01 AM on 05.14.2013

My Dream Photoshoot with Momohime

Hello Tomopop! It's been a while! I'm sharing my best shots from my latest photoshoot with Momohime. In my opinion, she's the most beautiful 1/8 scale figure I've ever seen. Thanks to my buddies at Otakai I was able to capture her stunning beauty! 

Check out her pics below, I did it on location at an open field beside our house. It's such a perfect setting for her -- the sunset and yellow grass complements the figures colors so well. Some say my shots looks like a scene from the game itself, though I haven't played the game yet, I still appreciate how they recognized its similarities. 

For more pictures, you may check out my blog post HERE


2:24 PM on 08.12.2012

Rainproof Taiga

Heavy rains and flood won't stop me from taking Taiga out for a photoshoot. LOL.
Here she is, I made a paper umbrella just like my last post-- and a paper raincoat to match her umbrella. I was rushing to catch the heavy rain as a background for this photo so I didn't attach the paper hood for this raincoat LOL.

She seems so happy even if there's a neck-deep flood behind her right? :D

1:47 PM on 08.04.2012

Rainy Blues!

I'm now starting to hate the rain...It's been raining for weeks now here in our country...All I see are puddles and flood everywhere! But I found that the rain somehow creates a different atmosphere from my usual cheery photos of my nendoroids.

I'd like to share some of Taiga's photos that rainy afternoon. I made a tiny paper parasol just for her LOL.

Obviously, the Palmtop Tiger hates the rain so he found shelter in Taiga's umbrella.

I'd like to post and add more of them here soon! I just need to wait until it's really really rainy...I'm planning to capture a nice, drizzle effect. ;)

You may check out my figure blogs at my profile :)

Thanks!   read

4:38 PM on 06.26.2012

Monthly Megapixel: A Burger For Taiga's Dino

*oh shoot, I realized I didn't make it to the contest, but anyway I'd like to share this with you ^_^*

Taiga found this homeless dinosaur on the streets so she decided to adopt him!

She took her new pet to a fastfood and bought him some burger!

He was quite hesitant at first, sniffing the burger... (he's a herbivore LOL)

Taiga said: "It's ok, there's lettuce in this burger" XD

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