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Howdy folks. I collect a very erratic array of figures, to the point where I don't even really know all the shit I have off the top of my head. Doesn't stop me from taking pictures of them though. Most of my pics go up on my Tumblr, or my DeviantArt, along with all sorts of other random stuff.



Also, you should totally check out Puppet Nightmares because it is an awesome game.

The January edition of my haul videos, also with video evidence of the Church of Madoka contest prizes!

Probably won't be a video next month since I only have one figure coming (unless Amiami's preowned section decides to jump me again).

Like last month (and probably next month), giant box = video instead of pics. Again, please let me know what you thought, I'm always aiming to improve. :)

Update: Now that everything is unboxed and organized, I have actual photos!

Ultimate Madoka was part of the same order, but had to be shipped separately due to its enormous size.

Hi res pics in my MFC album: http://myfigurecollection.net/profile/Orannis/pictures/&aid=9206
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7:02 PM on 12.28.2012

So this is my first time doing a haul video, simply because photographing and then cropping/editing all those photos for a haul this large is not something I feel like doing tonight.

Please let me know what you think so I can improve if I do this again.

12:01 AM on 11.07.2012

Had a pretty big haul this month, including my first Amiami Preowned items.

First up however is my Rightstuf order. On a related note, if you ever need a laugh, call Rightstuf's number after hours. They have some guy doing a rather hilarious Alucard impression as the recorded message.

ANYWAYS. They really do have great deals if what you want is on sale. As you can see here, I picked up the complete Gurren Lagann, Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan, and C, the first half of Steins;Gate and Bobobo, all three volumes of Madoka Magica, and the full first season of Digimon. :D
Also, since Steins;Gate and C were preorders, they came with the Steins;Gate pin, and the Midas bank card.

Now on to my Amiami stuff. First up is the box of Queen's Blade Rebellion minis. I did get the full set of 6, but I don't like the Siggy, so I'll be selling it off sealed with my spare Annelotte. I got a spare Mirim too, but she's on my desk at work. :3

Next is the Beach Queens Rika. The glasses somewhat disappointed me as there was no set slot to put them in; you just need to kind of wedge them in there. That said, she does look great once you've gotten them properly aligned.

Now on to probably the one I was most disappointed with, Erio Touwa. I love the head sculpt and the translucent hair, but there are some very visible seams on the shirt that really shouldn't have been there, the waist joint for the cast-off skirt is more awkward than it is beneficial, and the way she sits on the UFO just looks somewhat odd. She's nice, but not as nice as I was anticipating.

And now we get into the preowned stuff. All three of the preowned items I got were B/B rank, and I was pleasantly surprised.
First up is... well I'm actually not really sure who she is. I think she's called Fii-tan or something, I don't think she's from a show or anything. But she was about 800 yen, and super cute, so I decided to get her. I could find nothing wrong with her at all, though the dog thing that comes with her seems a bit sun-faded. I think it's really cool how you can display the torso and head you aren't using as a bust, rather than it sitting in the box (yes, the heads are interchangeable as well as the torsos, giving essentially four different variants in one figure).

Next is one that I've had my eye out for for a while, and that's the nendoroid Melissa Seraphy. Apart from some scratches on a piece of the base, she was in perfect condition. I also found the limited nendo melissa (with the crown and cape) which will be coming in my November order, so I hope I'll have the same luck (it is B/B as well).

Finally, something I had given up on completely, Hiyori Pixie. The box has fairly significant creasing, and one of the pegs on the inside of her left pantaloon doesn't fit as snugly as I'd like, but other than that she's perfect. There are a few light scratches on the non-painted parts of the figure, but they're only visible if you look really close in strong light.

Overall, very happy with how the preowned items turned out. I would definitely buy other B/B rank items in future. I'm still hesitant to get anything with a C rank though.

And that's the lot. I do have a stand for my Portal gun on the way here, but I have no idea when it will actually show up. =_=
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All sorts of things hide in the trees in the dark... Especially around Halloween.


I also got a pretty good shot with it lit up, but the shadowy one just turned out so well that it was the obvious choice between the two.

Here's the lit photo for comparison. The beastie is the American McGee's Alice series Jabberwocky.

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10:59 PM on 10.05.2012

My September Amiami order arrives! There's really no feeling quite like seeing the telltale FRAGILE-labeled box appear before you.

Now let's see... Lots of goodies this month... Though next month is going to be huge...

First up, smexy Mami Tomoe dakimakura! She'll be staying in the bag until I get a body pillow for her. The one I sleep on has an Ika Musume knockoff one on it (that said, the quality is excellent. I'm amazed it's held up so well, and is so comfortable too. Not bad for $35) since I tend to drool a lot in my sleep, and if it's really dry I get nosebleeds. =_= I don't mind risking an inexpensive knockoff for that, but for the price of an actual daki, I won't be using it on my main pillow.

Next we have BQ Sena. She's.... well, disappointing. I know she had big boobs in the show, but on the BQ it looks like she implanted watermelons or something. It just looks kinda bleh.
She comes with an alternate hair piece depending on if you want her hair straight down, or have her in mid hair flip.

This is... well, I actually don't know. She's from Symphogear, or at least that's what the box says. DON'T CARE.

I really just got her for the awesome rapeface. :3

Next is, at long last, GSC's Kyoko Sakura. She is gorgeous, hands down. The movement of the hair and her dress are just beautifully done. Also, if you'd rather not use the spear, she has an alternate arm holding a taiyaki. (the corresponding alternate arm is just a closed hand)

Now, at LONGER last, Alter's Kneesocks! She really is a beautiful piece, though I'm a bit disappointed that the hair isn't as translucent as the promo pics led me to believe. The other thing that disappointed me is the glasses; they're wire, and are about half the thickness as the ones in the promo pics. You know these things are fragile because they give you FOUR PAIRS. Two already folded, two unfolded. If you have hamhands, you may as well just do a table-flip now. My hands aren't exactly big, and I still spent a good ten minutes or so getting the damn things in. I really wish they had just made the glasses part of the figure itself than making them a separate part.

Now, I think it's well known that I was really running out of shelf space.... so I bought a new one! Now however I'm out of space for shelves... Anyways, adding a new shelf meant I was finally able to bring out the figures trapped in their plastic prisons. :3

Kyoko and Mami currently have a shelf to themselves. I really love how the two of them look together.

Kneesocks is joining the QB girls. Also a vampire. And a little squid thing.

Sena currently has a shelf to herself, mainly because... well, I couldn't find anywhere where she didn't look bad. Seriously, those boobs are disturbing from the majority of angles.

Finally, I'm just really proud of this shelf box. This is like, Master Tier figure organization.

Now, time to wait for my October order. :3
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