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OmniJerBear's blog

7:40 PM on 04.22.2012

Monthly Megapixel: Miku's Karaoke Night

<p> STill haven't figured out the embed code So there's the link to the video But to give you a preview, a picture for you to see </p>   read

5:29 PM on 04.02.2012

BRSB figma; A Review

Not at all wanting to take away from the Tomopop review done by staff member, Pedro Cortes, seen here I thought perhaps I could instead offer a ...   read

7:43 PM on 10.27.2011

Sideshow Spooktacular Entry

Body parts strewn in a pattern?   read

1:21 AM on 09.22.2011

Monthly Megapixel: School Besties


1:02 PM on 09.11.2011

Figure Review: It's a bird, It's a plane...Panties?! The Review of SDCC Kotobukiya Evil Supergirl

Another day, another review. And what it's not a figma? Yea I buy other things besides figma and Nendoroid (which is another reason I'll be broke 0.0) That's right, it's none other than the Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Supergirl...   read

2:03 PM on 09.05.2011

Figma Review: Yomi Takanashi may not be just another school girl

Looks like it's time for a review on Yomi Takanashi and why it's a neat figma despite it's short comings of being another school girl and being part of the barrage of Black Rock Shooter figmas (which I personally love BRS a...   read

2:54 PM on 09.02.2011

[UPDATED] Figma Review: From the Far Side of the Moon comes White Rock Shooter; a Review

Today I review something I have been waiting for a few months now; the limited edition White Rock Shooter figma that is included in the White Premium Box of Black Rock Shooter the game pictured above. (say that three times ...   read

11:55 PM on 08.30.2011

Nendoroid Petit Vocaloids sing while my wallet cries...

...yes you read that right, the Nendoroid Petit Vocaloid set is yet again being released. And yes I missed the previous times it was released, but this time I am at a dilemma as to if I want to actually buy them (that last...   read

7:10 PM on 08.21.2011

[UPDATED] This Nendoroid may not have alot of friends, but Nendoroid Mikazuki Yozora is up for pre-order

That's okay though, she has a couch and a portable gaming device, that's all a Nendoroid needs. Right? Well I guess an imaginary friend works too. That's right, Yozora Mikazuki from the manga and soon to be anime series...   read

1:35 PM on 08.21.2011

Everyone's favorite bat wielding lover, Tooru of A Channel, wants to go the beach in February

Sooooooo tomofolks, looks like there are more girls going to the beach outside of summer. The latest is one of my favorite characters, the ever quiet, but vigilant, Tooru of A Channel. If you haven't seen A Channel, let m...   read

2:38 AM on 08.03.2011

It's the palm-top tiger, Aisaka Taiga; rawr! No really, Nendoroid Aisaka Taiga went up for pre-order yesterday

Yes, that's right, not Nendoroid Petit, but a full on fleshed out Nendoroid. Aisaka Taiga, the palm-top tiger, went up yesterday August 2 much to the delight of Toradora! fans desiring a Nendoroid since the release of the ...   read

1:17 PM on 07.31.2011

Figma Review: The Gynoid Dorothy Wayneright from The Big-O

Wow been a while since I posted on here, well without further adieu, the review ^.^: Big-O, an anime about a giant robot who saves a city unaware of its dangers it needs to be protected by. But this isn't a figma of the g...   read

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