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7:40 PM on 04.22.2012

Monthly Megapixel: Miku's Karaoke Night

<p> STill haven't figured out the embed code So there's the link to the video But to give you a preview, a picture for you to see </p>   read

5:29 PM on 04.02.2012

BRSB figma; A Review

Not at all wanting to take away from the Tomopop review done by staff member, Pedro Cortes, seen here I thought perhaps I could instead offer a different perspective on the figma since as it is said, variety is the spice of life (for high quality pictures see link {unable to input pictures on this new system}]:

"He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god." - Aristotle

A perfect description of what BRSB, the latest in huke design for his Black Rock Shooter pantheon. BRSB, or Black Rock Shooter Beast, was made that more tangible by the wonderful Masaki Asai of Max Factory and was paired with the all encompassing collective artbook only title simply as BLK.

The artbook is a perfect display of both huke's BRS designs, designs from Stein's;Gate, as well as some original designs that have scene as much exposure until the release of this artbook. However, what the real review is about is the BRSB figma.

It was a pleasant surprise to see this subtle black box with very little details, with only the emblem and the letters BRSB in a contrasting white. However I will say that it would have any collector worried, as promotional photos have been known in the past to not exactly portray the figure in the best of light, that there was a possibility that the figure is going to be disappointment as soon as it is opened.

That doubt that settled quickly dissipated upon opening, the detail can be seen already as she is taken out, not even out of the plastic, from the intricacies of her outfit to the very lettering on the back of the BRSBlade and the emblem, an amazing amount of care was put into this figure.

Unfortunately she is lacking in variety of faces and a hand rack, however this is due to the unfortunate size of her hands, she still has an some great accessories. For those who had seen my unboxing video, the blade is quite sharp, be cautious as it can cause injury, honestly so does all of her spikes on her armor, her hair, and pretty much anything else on her. With the blade she also has her gun, the 7 shot, which has an astounding amount of detail for such a small accessory.

Despite only having two expressions, BRSB has such attention to her face, that even with only those two expressions, an array of different poses and captured moments can be had. With her eyes closed one can convey sadness, regret, reflection, even disgust. While her standard face can express longing, confidence, poise, and even wonder. These are things that can be rarely done, let alone well, but BRSB does it with flying colors.

All in all, despite the hefty price attached due to shipping weight due to being included with the BLK artbook, it is the single most favorite thing I've received during the month of January, and so far, of the year. Huke, Good Smile Company, and Max Factory once again set the bar for awe and wonder to tall heights, and we as fans reap the benefits.

I advise if you are able to even find this item at this point and are able to afford it, please purchase it. Also to add, it is one of the few figmas that is stable to stand in any position without the figma stand, which is still included, due to the greaves (which, on such a petite body reminds me of the Grieves song "Smile to the Blade", reminding us that sometimes even those who are small have to don our tools of war) though honestly they look more akin to suneate, samurai shin guards, since they don't cover the back of the leg, are large enough to hold the weight.

I leave you with a graceful photo, an intentional panty shot that also happens to demonstrate how well balanced the figure is without a stand.

It also includes clear blue plastic parts that can be deployed to kind of present a "Battle Mode" which can be seen much better in action, as well as the rest of the figure, from our good friends at Moonshine Animations in this video review

Well until next time fellow toy caretakers, and keeping loving your toys because you'll never know when they'll return the favor ^,^   read

7:43 PM on 10.27.2011

Sideshow Spooktacular Entry

Body parts strewn in a pattern?


1:21 AM on 09.22.2011

Monthly Megapixel: School Besties


1:02 PM on 09.11.2011

Figure Review: It's a bird, It's a plane...Panties?! The Review of SDCC Kotobukiya Evil Supergirl

Another day, another review. And what it's not a figma? Yea I buy other things besides figma and Nendoroid (which is another reason I'll be broke 0.0)

That's right, it's none other than the Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Supergirl. Does it stand up to all it's hype, or is she a big Kryptonian flop?

The box art is pretty awesome in itself, which is one of the many reasons I didn't open it right away, because the box was pretty awesome.

Wait, that's not Supergirl, oh no, she's been changed by Black Kryptonite and is SDCC Limited Edition Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Evil Supergirl!

I would like to say, a much better improvement, from the colors of the black and silver with the subtle red on the underside of the cape, to the closed fist rather than the open palm. This is what makes a quality figure.

I loved how the packaging even had a window just for her face so you can admire the beauty of the face (the dark makeup choice and golden eyes [yes they even went and gave her the gold eyes!] really make the face standout in a good way. Instead of as a conjunctivitis victim.

Of course, nothing is perfect (unless you spend upwards to $200+ for it, but then it's too much money) she does have her flaws. The two flaws I was bothered by were first, the loose strand of hair in the back. I mean I understand what they were going for, but it ended up looking more tacked on almost then a loose strand of hair.

The second thing that was a bit of a bother, which was only if you looked up close to it, was not the seam for the two parts of her head since that can be played of as a part, but the weird smaller seam line that came off of it. Again it was very minor, but it bothered me upon close inspection, but this is why she's on the higher shelf.

I loved the base, though it's not a storm cloud to go with her evil, it is a bit darker than the normal base, showing she does have a little more sass. I also like how they screwed the cloud to a clear base for that added float effect without losing stability.

Even Streaky looks like a mischief little cat in this, it's great.

To conclude, my final impressions on Evil Supergirl? She's is amazing in person and Koto did exactly what they always do with these limited editions, took what was already a pretty good figure and made it extraordinary with enhancements and special flare.

So what say you? Will Evil Supergirl take your breath away or will she just vanish in your arms out of existence?

P.S. for those who are wondering, yes, I did take an obligatory panty shot


2:03 PM on 09.05.2011

Figma Review: Yomi Takanashi may not be just another school girl

Looks like it's time for a review on Yomi Takanashi and why it's a neat figma despite it's short comings of being another school girl and being part of the barrage of Black Rock Shooter figmas (which I personally love BRS a bunch ^.^)

reproduction of this link

Yomi Takanashi was released in July (I know, way late) and though she was not well received by some due to being another schoolgirl figma, I was rather excited to welcome her into my home.

However, I don't have Mato Kuroi figma, so she wasn't happy at first. (Lol btw if anyone can help in acquiring this I would be forever grateful)

Well going forward, she really has some great exclusive items. The first being her volleyball and special pegged hand for it. If anyone remembers how difficult it was for a ball to be held in a hand (looking at you Cheerleader Haruhi figma) this is a fantastic accessory. Plus now any figma can enjoy a game of volleyball ^.^

Yay, looks like Yomi is happy to be able to play volleyball with everyone. Well the second thing I wanted to point out of the accessories, is the pegs that they added for the school slippers accessory.

Its the first time that they added that, and as soon as I saw them I had to wonder, why didn't they do that before with the K-On! girls or Kirino? Well GSC is a learning company, and that's why I love them so much though, so not upset that it took a while for them to think of this.

Also included are the standard 4 pairs of additional hands. She also gets two more expressions, the very happy smiling face and, one of the reason why I adore this figma, the jaded pissed off look. I mean the look is just priceless. As for the smiling face, yea, pretty generic compared to other smiling faces. Oh and word of warning, the faces of Dead Master and Yomi are not interchangable (hence the head swap I did, among other reasons) unfortunately the tab slot for Yomi is too short compared to Dead Master.

To round out the accessories, she has an included schoolbag that is different than all the other schoolbags so far. And of course where would she be without her cellphone, which btw even has the cellphone charm given to her by Mato. You can't really see it unless you looks closely, but it's a nice touch. She looks so happy, I wonder who she got a call from....

Oh, it was Mato wasn't it? She said why isn't she here? Well because I haven't been able to find where she is available. She says that's not an excuse? I know that, but I'm just pointing out I'm trying my best here. You want me to talk to her? Yomi don't guilt trip me into this, I don't care how pissed....

Umm, yea if anyone knows where I can find Mato, please let me know -.-

Yomi is a great figma to add to a BRS collection, and she is a great figma, despite being another schoolgirl, to add to a figma collection if you need another jaded cast member for any photo shoot since that look rivals even Haruhi's pissed off look.

What are your thoughts? Are you convinced now that she may be for you? Or is this still just another generic schoolgirl figma doomed to be yawned off?   read

2:54 PM on 09.02.2011

[UPDATED] Figma Review: From the Far Side of the Moon comes White Rock Shooter; a Review

Today I review something I have been waiting for a few months now; the limited edition White Rock Shooter figma that is included in the White Premium Box of Black Rock Shooter the game pictured above. (say that three times fast)

While for some, upon first looking at the photos of White Rock Shooter, they had decided it was not there cup of tea, I was excited for it. Yes, while she does have a lot going on, it is almost as if each piece of the chaos is essential to it's core beauty. I would like to say that the promotional pictures did not do this beautiful figma justice.

Well let's start off by the accessories it comes with, the rather large huge accessories.

Yea it was a little difficult, but I got it all. Starting off with the basics, she has six standard hands in the hand tray,  but separately packaged, she has two hands to hold her massive scythe; which makes Dead Master jealous. Not only does it have amazing futuristic details, but it is sturdy and clear plastic (sorry I have a admiration with clear plastic). That alone is a great accessory that can be used with other figma.

However that wasn't enough of course to make this limited, no, Max Factory also gave her mecha musume battle armor. For those who didn't think that it it really was armor, trust when I say, the thing almost makes any form that two bladed wing dealies could make. However, word of warning, you need to pay attention on how they move (courtesy of friend, Nate Mottle, for showing me this. Which I'm am actually relieved it wasn't me that found this out)

Note from fellow Tomopopper, Counterpunch:

[i] Her alternating joint/no-joint make-up in the bone wings is problematic. The plastic is similar to Shinki plastic and is not very elastic, meaning that even a tumble from a fully extended Figma stand may break a segment.

Buyer beware, she is really fragile.

One of the bone wings on mine got snagged on my shirt as I was lifting her and it snapped clean at the non-moving part of the joint. Hardly any force was applied at all.[/i]

And to complete the battle armor, a secondary battle hood is added to complete the transformation.

What I thought was surprising for a limited edition was that it game with two additional faces, a sassy tongue sticking out and a "beast mode" (Mari reference) face. However, this is what overjoyed me even more, it is not how the face is painted, the tongue and the fangs on the faces are sculpted!

Then of course to complete the ensemble she comes with a second fringe with the red flame included to contrast her rival, Black Rock Shooter.

Speaking of which...

Seeing as Black Rock Shooter is tied up now, I'll continue the review with articulation.

I'd have to say, that WRS by far has the most amount of articulation in a figma to date, and not only because of the mecha musume attachments as described earlier. No, just in the little figure itself, there is an insane amount of articulation, it has the standard points of articulation as we've come to expect from a figma, but this one can actually swivel her upper arm where it connects to the sleeve and her legs pivot at the upper thigh where her leg meets her shorts in addition to the standard points of articulation.

The paint job is phenomenal, with the gradient white hair, her whites blending with the light gray. Also, she actually isn't all white, some of her clothes are actually a glossy silver that almost resembles white. That subtlety is what helps make this a remarkable figma. Does this mean BRS is doomed to be crushed by WRS? We'll I would say yes if it weren't for a special guest that steals her Mecha Musume armor while she isn't paying attention.</p>

Yomi Takanashi? Really? (Yes, I will be reviewing her soon, and yes I will explain why it's actually worth getting besides being part of the BRS collection)

Wait a second, Yomi Takanashi, isn't she also...

Dead Master. Looks like you should have not been so cocky WRS, otherwise you might not have been tied up with looking pretty. looks as if she'll have to retreat for now...</p>

So there you have it, White Rock Shooter is an impressive figma, and  actually is well worth the premium you pay for the Premium White Box (haven't played the game yet, will do so ASAP though and let you know my thoughts) and that's not even taking into account that it also comes with a ten track OST and artbook, which actually tipped my excitement factor into pre-ordering BLK, huke's upcoming full on artbook.

So whether your a BRS fan, or your really sick and tired of it, I would say that this may actually renew your vigor in BRS. I mean the accessories were well thought out and go great with other figma, plus she is a fresh new look on the BRS figmas.


11:55 PM on 08.30.2011

Nendoroid Petit Vocaloids sing while my wallet cries...

...yes you read that right, the Nendoroid Petit Vocaloid set is yet again being released. And yes I missed the previous times it was released, but this time I am at a dilemma as to if I want to actually buy them (that last sentence was my wallet talking)

I mean besides being the only way to get a figure of Akita Neru, Yowane Haku, Meiko Sakine, and Saihaite Miku, it is actually a pretty good set.

I mean how can you say no to these faces?

So if you haven't had the chance to pick them up when they released previously, or you just want another set, pre-order them now before they finish there performance

Hobby Search | AmiAmi servers temporarily down as of this posting | HobbyLinkJapan Actually didn't have it   read

7:10 PM on 08.21.2011

[UPDATED] This Nendoroid may not have alot of friends, but Nendoroid Mikazuki Yozora is up for pre-order

That's okay though, she has a couch and a portable gaming device, that's all a Nendoroid needs. Right?

Well I guess an imaginary friend works too.

That's right, Yozora Mikazuki from the manga and soon to be anime series, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai or translated, I Don't Have Many Friends?, is up for pre-order and expected for a January release (with the delays from Good Smile Company, don't be surprised if this changes [love GSC, but they have been having alot of delays])

I don't know how popular this series is since I've honestly never heard of it, but it is going to be based on the anime version that is currently being adapted from the manga. Which I guess could explain why there is a difference in art styles. However, I still think, since the anime is not yet even released, they should have stuck with the manga style, but I can see the change.

Well, what do you guys think? I don't know too much about the series to pre-order it now, and the character design isn't that much of an eye catcher, but if it gets discounted, maybe just for the portable gaming device and couch accessories since it would be great for the other nendoroids ^.^

So will you be friends with this Nendoroid, or will she still not have many friends after all?

More information and pictures can be found here

And it can be pre-ordered here ^.^ :

Hobby Seartch|AmiAmi|Hobby Link Japan   read

1:35 PM on 08.21.2011

Everyone's favorite bat wielding lover, Tooru of A Channel, wants to go the beach in February

Sooooooo tomofolks, looks like there are more girls going to the beach outside of summer. The latest is one of my favorite characters, the ever quiet, but vigilant, Tooru of A Channel. If you haven't seen A Channel, let me put this way, it's a slice of life show where one (awesome) character wields a bat to protect her most beloved friend (lol read: lover).

I really like this statue (I've pr-ordered it) I mean I can't wait for the release of the original character design one (which can be seen here, but I actually really like this one and I don't normally like the swimsuit sculpts.

I also love how they not only included the bat but made it out of metal.

Here are the preorder links:

hobby search| Hobby Link Japan| AmiAmi

So what do you guys think? You think you can handle the bat? Or are you going to just let this one strike out?

(pictures courtesy of Hobby Search)   read

2:38 AM on 08.03.2011

It's the palm-top tiger, Aisaka Taiga; rawr! No really, Nendoroid Aisaka Taiga went up for pre-order yesterday

Yes, that's right, not Nendoroid Petit, but a full on fleshed out Nendoroid.

Aisaka Taiga, the palm-top tiger, went up yesterday August 2 much to the delight of Toradora! fans desiring a Nendoroid since the release of the Nendoroid Petit.

She doesn't come with much "accessories" but from the descritpion it looks as if she will have alot of arm/hand options to recreate a lot of the scenes in the series.

The accesories she does come with though are two of the most important, of course I'm only saying that after seeing three episodes or so, meaning not the best judge of that. She comes with her "avatar" of sorts, the palm-top tiger, and the bokken she tried to use against Ryuji when he accidentally came in possession of a certain something

Overall, yes while she is another school girl character that has become a nendo, she does seem to at least have some interesting accessories. I won't be picking her up, don't know too much of the character and series, but I can see what would interest someone that hasn't seen the series, and that being the cat is pretty adorable; but this is something I can look past.

So fellow citizens of the Tomopopulus, are you Toradora! fans sold, or is the palm-top tiger not strong enough to convince you?   read

1:17 PM on 07.31.2011

Figma Review: The Gynoid Dorothy Wayneright from The Big-O

Wow been a while since I posted on here, well without further adieu, the review ^.^:

Big-O, an anime about a giant robot who saves a city unaware of its dangers it needs to be protected by.

But this isn't a figma of the giant robot, but rather of the much smaller gynoid, Dorothy Wayneright, a gynoid created by a dying father to preserve the image of his wonderful daughter forever

Let me first start this review by saying I am surprised and excited that they are bringing out Big O toys because while it was thoroughly enjoyed and was a great anime for it's time (for anytime honestly) the characters weren't particularly detailed. I mean they had personality, even Dorothy in her no-personality kind of way.

The figma is a near replication in 3D as one comes to expect from figma and Good Smile Company/Max Factory quality. I mean the detail in the face (or perhaps the lack thereof) perfectly captures Dorothy's signature deadpan stare, A face that makes her a perfect figma, but if in nendoroid form would be utterly terrible (and creepy)

As previous mentioned, this figma is scarce when it comes to options, but honestly Dorothy doesn't need alot of options. She has her handy broom, an additional face, the cat from that one episode (can't remember at the moment), and the best thing is that is comes with the expanded state memory drive, which is great when I need her to be in standby mode. So though limited it captures Dorothy so well.</p>
<p><img height="500" width="299" src="[/img]
The articulation is great also, except for the lower half. This is probably the reason they opted to use cloth for the upcoming Suruga figma and Index figma, she is very very limited with articulation of the legs due to her soft pvc skirt. I mean the skirt looks awesome, and it definitely is better for her character design, but I just wish she could do more than what she is doing in the picture above.

Overall, despite the gripes, I am very happy they had made Dorothy Wayneright a a figma, she was by far one of my favorite characters when watching Big-O with Big-O being on my top anime list. The character, even with the sparse accessories and it's restrictive lower half, can recreate a lot of scenes and is a wonderful contrast to all those expressive figures.</p>   read

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