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12:37 PM on 06.02.2013

Review: Yuno Figma #173 By Max Factory

Yesterday a new box of joy came in the mail and best of all, it's from one of my favorite series. You know who it is. It's Yuno from Hidamari Sketch.

Max Factory
Late May 2013
2,420 Yen

Here's Yuno, sporting her school uniform and as a bonus you get Ume-sensei, the author of Hidamari Sketch. 

Yuno comes in her full joyful self. She comes with 2 faces: smiling and extra happy. No negative emotions here. While I would have liked for there to be some more expressions or accessories, the Ume-sensei mini-figure is nice

The head moves smoothly and the colors are just really nice and basic. Very much how she is colored on Shaft's adaptation. It's worth noting that it's impossible for her to stand without her base. Those tiny legs just don't allow it.

So it's it worth your ~$25 USD plus shipping? Depends really on how much you like the series and Yuno. She doesn't come with anything that you would really use for other Figmas for posing and picture taking. In this case you get Yuno and Ume-sensei and that's it. The figure is well made just like any other figma, but I just don't think it has the versatility that other Figmas have.

So in this case, if you like Yuno and Hidamari Sketch: Think about it.
If you don't care for the series: Skip it.

Now for some Figma Fun


2:00 AM on 05.28.2013

Got a new camera, time to post figs

Last week I got a Canon T3i. Been playing around with it. Getting used to taking pictures of various stuff around the house.
Ah, let's face it, I took tons of pictures of my figures. Here's the best ones.

Right now I don't own any external lighting, making it hard to get the lighting how I wanted it for the Mado-Homu and the Ika pictures.

Enjoy.   read

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