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Hi! My name is Yanier but everybody calls me Niero. I'm your humble webmaster at Tomopop. If this site isn't working or if something sucks, its completely my fault so you now know who to bitch at. Seriously though, it gives me a lot of joy to run this site because I know it means a lot to certain people, so see that "Feedback" link at the top of the page? Put me to work!

I've been a toy collector all my life, primarily action figure and robots. HUGE Transformers fan. The crown jewel of my toy collection is a damn-good condition original Transformers Jetfire that I bought from my best friend for $20 in 1988. I plan to give it back to him when we're 70. Yes, I know its a Gundam transplant - I don't care! The proportions are just so cool, and I got to bitch about how the metal build quality was second to none before they started remastering them properly. In other toy history news I also stood in line for 3 hours for a Luke Chueh once, and try to send our team to toy events worldwide.

When I'm not making awesome for Tomo I also run Destructoid, Japanator, and Flixist. I'm a San Francisco nerd, transplanted from Miami, raised in Hialeah, born in Guines. I'm currently focused on mobility so I can travel the world before I settle down. Assuming I can settle down. Either way, where my laptop goes Tomopop goes so I'm always on the clock!

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Hi all,

Just a quick note: I'm working on improving the community blogging and profile pages this week, so hit me up with your suggestions! Currently we support BBcode images and formatting, so you can make the sidebar of your blog profile look like anything you'd like. You also have your own private wall for comments as a tab, which we'll be adding some moderation features for you shortly.

Photos are automatically scaled to 275px, so no need to worry about size. Just put your favorite toys, mugshots, or collections in there and it should look great!

Please let me know what other features you'd like.