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Disney California Adventure's Oswald merchandise

On a recent trip to Disney's California Adventure, I decided to catalog all the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit merchandise available at the park (as of January 2013, that is).

The main hub for Oswald merch is Oswald's Gas Station, located to the left of the entrance gate on Buena Vista Street. Some of the same products can be found at Elias & Co., the adjacent store that is DCA's answer to Disneyland's Emporium.

I pointed out the Oswald plush in a previous blog post, having purchased my own when the DCA expansion was previewed to a select number of annual pass holders. I seem to remember the plush costing around US$30. I spotted some on eBay for close to US$90; don't fall for that. If you absolutely must have a certain park-exclusive item, odds are you can special order it by contacting Parks Merchandising Services.
The Oswald ears are a really popular item. A large amount of people (mainly adults) were wearing them. They quickly sold out when they were first released but, since the holiday time, they have received more stock and seem to have managed to meet demand.

The first shirt has been around for a while but the second is pretty new. The newer one has Oswald's bio on one of the sleeves.

Some of the fancier goods were were the denim jacket with a big Oswald's Gas Station logo on it and and Oswald bowling shirt. They both seemed to be very good quality. I should mention I did not look at the price tag for either of them.

The Oswald's Gas Station motif is also used on glasses, some really spiffy looking wooden magnets, and metal wall signs.

I freaking love that little rabbit dude so I am pleased as punch to see him get more merchandise exposure. If you have a chance, be sure to visit Disney's California Adventure Park and see Oswald's Gas Station for yourself (along with the rest of the resort).
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