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I started collecting anime/game figurines in 2006. I think of the pieces in my collection as works of art, and I'm very discriminating as to the quality of the pieces I include. So as not to tempt myself and build up a collection larger than I'd like, I only buy figures that I see while browsing in physical shops, though I still admire images of releases that I see online.

7:15 PM on 10.21.2012

Maker: Kotobukiya
Scale: 1/7
Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion

I wasn't so keen on the original design of this piece; black was too drab, maybe. This red version of the Goth Loli Rei was found by me entirely by chance, as I had never known that the figure had an alternate color scheme. It's very charming, even with the obvious pantyshot at certain angles, and the crimson goes with Rei's eyes very well. It's not hard to imagine the quiet Miss Ayanami enjoying a high-society tea decked out in this Victorian wear.

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