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Knight Finch avatar 11:10 AM on 06.01.2013  (server time)
The Grand Tales of Leftwing Valkyrie on Kickstarter!

Knight Finch Videogames

Leftwing an adventure Rpg, full of humor, story, and mischief. Find the great book of Ivond! And fulfill your fate as a Savior!

Our kickstarter!

What is Leftwing?

So, you wish to gain the knowledge of what was what we call leftwing? I shall broaden your minds of what the gods have told me themselves! The great leftwing were once mere humans. The gods called upon the land of the living in order to find only the strongest to become a companion. But in this case, a goddess asked of her husband Talhan to bring her a woman of strong will.... 
Talhan had found after many days of search what his wife was searching for... But to his surprise, she was nothing more then a mere sickly young girl. He watched her final hour as she laid in bed watching sparrows bathe.
He heard as her lips whispered her last.
 "Birds bear wings to escape untimely death, why can't I escape my fate?"
Passing away into the land of the dead, talhan  granted his wife her only request and got his hands dirty with the lords of the underworld to bring her the child that would if deemed worthy, become a goddess herself.  His wife and him gave her a chance to live a life where she no longer had to worry about sickness and the dark idea of being alone. To her eyes she awoken a valkyrie!

We are proud to announce the birth of our project! Project leftwing is a action adventure role playing game. The photographs below show the battle system at the moment, but we are still working it out.  It is going to be a blast, Fun and Unfogetfull for its hero's and villains adventures into their heart and soul to step into a new view of their lives.  So far iv been working on the sketches on my free time and programing the game at the same time. We have the game precisely  28% percent done. That is also due to me working completely solo for the most part. I have been working on building projects witch has inspired me to try to do some pre-rendering and rendered environments, but that may have to wait till another project .

 A great story, funny and charming npc's to talk to on your travels. Towns full of life and excitement, hero's and companions to gather as you progress into the story! Who doesn't like dungeons? Well we have plenty of those! Who doesn't like babes? What is a story without a smart woman on your team! If you wish to see more on our project, check out our web page at www.knightfinch.webs


During the rise of the gods, humanity hid from their rage. They saw flaw in the human race, as they left them to fend for themselves. Some gods cared and sheltered what was left of the humans, telling them of  great tales to tell their young and old... But one particular story was legendary... Ohan, a man wishing for change in his life.. wishing that he could go on a adventure finds his fate as he opens a book one day to find a lost treasure to humanity and gods alike!  Destiny awaits, you must find the great body of Alria, the great leftwing Valkyrie!

Why we create!
Us,and our project...Work, work, work!

Both with the passion of story telling, we plan to put these ideas into permanent action.  I have been recently working in carpentry, house painting, historical restoration, and plastering to try to get our project rolling. So far we have been able to begin the first stages of the game, but we are severly outsourced and don't have the right materials, in order to make the game come more together. We have suffered financially in our persute.

After months of figuring out complications, we were able to make the few first steps into our project. Buying a cool laptop, witch was the only cheep one we could find but was too much to begin with. And a tower so we could work on the computer while making the game.  But we could not upgrade computer due too not enough money, so we had to make the project on a single laptop.  

We have a small yet convenient work space, surrounded by inspiration and by the things we love in order to keep us in the bright eyed view of working on the project. So far we have spent already over our budget for the game so we being cheap on ourselves in order to prosper on the game.  We have two laptops and two towers in order to finish this project.

Our stations

Yes, were like big kids!  We surround ourselves with the love for games and the love to create! It keeps us in high hopes!  We also have a wall of games dating from the good days of games like "Ultima" all the way to the games of today to remind ourselves that every game is worth a chance!  Here we have a photo of rory in his corner being watched by lightning in the corner, how cute.....But work is work! We are here to make this project possible...

Rory working on program ruby for the project, check out our cool far out work station! :)

Just like others who enjoy the wonders of video games and the grand enjoyment of fantastic story telling. We hope we can create the simple enjoyments we all have as kids and adults alike to play a game that makes us into a hero. Games are ment to take us to a far away land, or just around the world. At the end all that matters is that you and many others become the hero to our grand adventure! Remember, you inspire us to do better!
This is our team

Welcome! This is the head programmer speaking from Knight Finch, sitting next to Rory to talk about our project! The love for video games, we all have this inner kid within us all. We are here to try to raise funds to be able to make the product shine for our consumers! With out hearts submerged  in the new and old, we want to make this the best that we can! Our hero's are you!

We wish this project to come to life, with your help you can help us make it come true. Thank you so much for taking your time reading our project!

Why do we need help?

Knight Finch wishes to make the best projects they can provide. We put a lot at stake for jewel cases, special editions, printers, to give the best we can, better understanding of scripts so we can provide the best of product to you all! We want to make our first project the best we could ever make!

Help support us on kickstarter by donating a dollar or more! The rewards are worth it trust me!

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