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KarateKidMcFly avatar 10:25 AM on 10.24.2012  (server time)
My Disappointment with the Voltron Black Lion...

Any of you collecting the Matty Collector Voltron Club Lion Force figures will know how long we've waited to get the Black Lion, torso and head of the mighty Voltron. Well, the time is upon us, but I have to say, I'm left with only disappointment. I've seen several reviews out there, as I'm sure you have, but I'll be honest, I've got some issues with the figure that I've yet to see anyone else mention, and it perplexes me!

Well, let's start from the top. First, a picture of it still in box.

Well, it's just kind of loose in there. When I picked up the box, it kind of tossed and turned all over in there. Maybe a lot of my issues were caused by it getting damaged in shipping? Also, once I got it out, the box was full of fur. What are they doing over at Mattel???

But the problems continue once it's out of the box. There are a ton of advertised features I just could not get working! For example...

I just couldn't get the key to open the back latch! Instead, whenever I got the key at the back, the head would turn around to face the key. Maybe it's a feature recreating something from the newer Voltron Force series? I never watched it, so I can't say for sure, but considering how this was supposed to be a classics line, it seems strange.

Despite not being able to get the back latch to open, I tried anyway to get the included Keith figure to ride the Black Lion. No luck there either...

He straddles the back well enough, but again, that turning feature is triggered. And Keith's leg tends to get caught in the Black Lion's mouth, and it takes some pulling to get out! Speaking of the Black Lion's mouth, the teeth are more sharp than the previous Lions. I guess it looks cooler that way, but it's kinda dangerous, if you ask me. I tried getting the mouth open to see Voltron's face inside, but the jaw mechanism clamped down on my thumb. It drew blood!

Speaking of the face of Voltron, this is probably the most disappointing thing about the figure. The other Lions just don't click into place right! I mean, check it out...

I've got to hold the Green Lion in place there, because the peg just won't fit in right. And when I try to fit the Black Lions foot into the Blue or Yellow Lions, the Black Lion falls over and runs away! Such a strange feature to put in this figure. Tried to get a picture, but it's just too fast to capture on photo without another pair of hands.

Now, besides all this negativity, there is a silver lining. I discovered that the Black Lion does have an unannounced action feature not displayed on the box, in the instructions, and oddly enough, one I haven't seen in any other reviews.

It took a poop!

On my bed!

It's little things like that, added realism that makes me stick with Mattel, even through the bad.

I'll end my review here, as a fair warning to people, making sure you don't get your hopes too high. I must be off, though. The Black Lion is bugging me to feed it...

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