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Latest figure haul

Hey. More figures came in. Cause that's what we do here, right? Buy figures. Well, I'm sure we buy other things but do you really want to see what groceries I bought for the week? ... do you?

Anyhoo, just want to show off what came in. That is all.

- Fate/Zero Beach Queens Saber by Wave Corporation
- Fate/hollow ataraxia Beach Beach Queens Saber Alter by Wave Corporation
- Nendoroid Super Sonico by Good Smile Company
- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword figma Link by Max Factory
- Senran Kagura Hibari by Phat! Company

First time buying Beach Queens figures. Very happy with them. Nice quality and great size to squeeze into mini display cases. Believe my next one is Makoto from The iDOLM@STER.

Was concerned about Hibari based on photos I see making the rounds but seeing her in front of my own eyes, I'm pleased. Can't stop looking at those legs.

figma Link is nice to have since I grew up with Zelda since the NES but makes me now wish I didn't skip out of figma Samus. Love how poseable he is and like that you can choose to have him either as being left handed or right handed. Snazzy.

Not much to say about Nendoroid Super Sonico. It's a Nendoroid. Just happy with her since it's Sonico in my favorite outfit.
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Of course there is the figure collecting that started with the Final Fantasy VII and VII figures but didn't blossom until my best friend purchased me the first Aegis from Persona 3 by Alter. Later I found Tomopop (through Retroforce GO?), became a part of the community. Then I made an off hand comment about a position here in a comment and was offered a position on the team. I cannot be more thankful for such an opportunity.

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