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Just your average Joe who works a full time job and tries to squeeze in gaming, and the occasional television show, or professional wrestling program.

Grew up during the 80's so did see a lot of awesomeness like cartoons such as Transformers and Captain N the Game Master to video games such as the 8-bit and 16-bit era of gaming. Transformers plays a big part in my life because of the cartoon and I'll always hold my classic games closer to my heart than modern games. You could say I'm an old man with these kind of actions.

Of course there is the figure collecting that started with the Final Fantasy VII and VII figures but didn't blossom until my best friend purchased me the first Aegis from Persona 3 by Alter. Later I found Tomopop (through Retroforce GO?), became a part of the community. Then I made an off hand comment about a position here in a comment and was offered a position on the team. I cannot be more thankful for such an opportunity.

Though I no longer write for the site, I still check in on the folks here and to see how much it is growing.

Jonathan Tubbs
6:21 PM on 12.05.2012

Hey. More figures came in. Cause that's what we do here, right? Buy figures. Well, I'm sure we buy other things but do you really want to see what groceries I bought for the week? ... do you?

Anyhoo, just want to show off what came in. That is all.

- Fate/Zero Beach Queens Saber by Wave Corporation
- Fate/hollow ataraxia Beach Beach Queens Saber Alter by Wave Corporation
- Nendoroid Super Sonico by Good Smile Company
- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword figma Link by Max Factory
- Senran Kagura Hibari by Phat! Company

First time buying Beach Queens figures. Very happy with them. Nice quality and great size to squeeze into mini display cases. Believe my next one is Makoto from The iDOLM@STER.

Was concerned about Hibari based on photos I see making the rounds but seeing her in front of my own eyes, I'm pleased. Can't stop looking at those legs.

figma Link is nice to have since I grew up with Zelda since the NES but makes me now wish I didn't skip out of figma Samus. Love how poseable he is and like that you can choose to have him either as being left handed or right handed. Snazzy.

Not much to say about Nendoroid Super Sonico. It's a Nendoroid. Just happy with her since it's Sonico in my favorite outfit.

Money! I NEEDS IT! Because, yeah... It keeps disappearing. I thought it just stays there but apparently not!

I have a few figma figures for sale, all come with their accessories, faces, what not, and boxes.

Shipping for these figures will be by Priority Mail ONLY, US or International, for the exact cost to ship it. So that could cost around $5+ and definitely above that if you want the parcel insured.

Payment is by PayPal only. Please have funds available before requesting something.

If you see something you want, just send me an e-mail to jonathan [at] US folks include a ZIP code and International folks include your country. It's first come first serve.

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Kyon (figma 004) - SOLD
Haruhi (figma 034 - PENDING

Yui (figma 057) - SOLD

Aya (078) - SOLD

So, yeah, several of you have noticed that I kind of sneaked back onto the Tomopop staff. And I also noticed you folks have been absolutely amazing in welcoming me back in the comments. I really do appreciate it. ;_;

For those who have asked, I'm doing much, MUCH better in the health department since doing this thing you people call relaxation. Since focusing on this relaxation, I've picked up drawing again and have been catching up on the backlog of lots and LOTS of games I've been wanting to play. No more restless nights and no more going to bed with discomfort. It feels great.

I did have some tests done but all results came back negative. Even took a stress test but no problems found. Once I have money again I'll still be looking into it as I don't need something creeping up on me as I get older especially. I want to have one less thing to worry about when I start my midlife crisis. XD

Though I am back, no more workaholic ways for me. I'll just be focused on bringing you news posts with that awkward, stiff style that you crazy kids seem to love. Currently just testing the waters so hopefully it won't be too much for my pathetic body and I can stay to play with all my friends.

Again, everyone, thank you very much. ^_^

Medical bills hit my account pretty hard so only thing an adult can do. Sell personal stuff to make ends meet. Huzzah~! Can I go back to being a kid again? Anyhoo, info and figures listed below. Hope there's something in the list that you desire or catches your fancy.

Please send an e-mail to daviasv [at] with which figure you are interested in.Be very clear in stating which figure(s) you are interested in. It's first come, first serve. Please have funds available before making a request to purchase.

I will ship only by the United States Postal Service. I'm taking a hit on costs of shipping so now is a good time to take advantage of me. ^_~

Trading figures (small figures) ship by First Class Mail for $1.50 and $0.50 more for each additional trading figure. Add $0.80 for insurance.

PVC figures ship by Priority Mail for $5.00 and $2.00 more for each additional figure. Add $1.50 for insurance.

[strong]International buyers[/strong] ship ONLY by USPS Priority Mail International. Rates vary by country.

Payment is ONLY by PayPal. No exceptions. Please have funds available at time of request. I will contact you with payment details after you have made your request.

I do not bargain prices. What is listed above and below for costs is what it is. No exceptions.

And now what I'm selling:


Tales of Vesperia One Coin Grande
Karol - $4.00 **SOLD**
Patty - $3.00 (Opened) **SOLD**
Duke - $5.00 (Opened)

Tales of the Abyss One Coin Grande (No Box)
Natalia - $3.00

Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Sephiroth - $8.00
Firon - $5.00
Together - $10.00

Rockman - $5.00
X - $5.00


Gundam Seed Destiny
Lunamaria Hawke RAH DX 3 - $20.00

I'll just say it up front. Nagato Yuki from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi does not interest me at all as a character. The only reason she wins me over is because of her hair style and the glasses. That's it. Strangely, I have never purchased a figure of her. No trading figures, poseables, or standard scale PVC figures. It was not until she made her appearance in the movie The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi that I decided that I must own a figure of her. With the addition of that snazzy coat and scarf, my internal point system for her shot up.

Unfortunately choices have been slim with the movie version of Yuki with her coat. There was the exclusive release by Kyoto Animation that didn't interest me for the pose and opened coat. Banpresto's version had a face I didn't like and it's Ichiban Kuji so it can go screw it self. I decided to settle on something small and went with Good Smile Company's Nendoroid release. At least I could mix up the pose whenever I wanted.

Then Sega Prize would reveal their Premium Figure version of Yuki and it seemed pretty decent and the pose, though generic, worked for me. It would also be cheap because it's a prize figure. Little did I know what kind of surprise I would be in for.

The Disapperance of Suzumiya Haruhi
Premium Figure Nagato Yuki
by Sega Prize
Retail: ¥1,240

When I received the shipping box from the post office, I thought Hobby Link Japan was going to a bit of an extreme of protecting a prize figure with the size of the box they chose to ship it in. Boy was I surprised when I opened that shipping box to reveal the size of the product package for Yuki. Just coming under 10.5 inches, I started to wonder exactly how big this figure is.

The box itself is a simple design featuring the complete figure of Yuki on the front on top of a winter style background.

On one of the side panels, you get a close up of Yuki's face with her name spelled incorrectly as "Ngato Yuki". above her. I now want to put cat ears on her and refer to her as "N. Gato Yuki" with the N meaning "Nyan~".

Finally opening the package, I saw why everything is so big on this figure. When I think prize figure, I think small. Something like 4 to 5 inches tall. Not this figure. Yuki stands at just a hair over 8 inches tall which would explain why this is a Premium Figure.

Just because it's big doesn't mean it's the greatest thing ever. With its low price, quality did have to be take a back seat. I do love the way the hair was styled on Yuki but look up close at it you can see that detail is lacking with some of the edges being rough and the hair looking like blobs in most areas.

The same can be said about her thick glasses and scarf. For me, it's no real issue. These figures sit in a display case that I look at in the distance and from that distance, they are fine with me. The only thing that irks me about the face is that she's smiling. Something that I'm not use to with Yuki. I haven't seen the movie yet so I'll have to see if that smile will make sense after I watch it.

Clothing. I love looking at different kinds of clothing. I know I would look awful in all types of clothes that are not plain so that is one of the reasons I'm into figure collecting and dolls. What wouldn't look good on me I can transfer over to those. ...well, granted that most of the stuff are for females and... ... I... better get back to my review.

As stated earlier, the coat and scarf finally sold me on a Yuki figure. There isn't much to look at since it's just a basic coat but Sega did their best to at least give it some definition. The folds are nicely done but again, you have rough edges. To be expected with the price point. And that price point quality stands out the most in the mold of the scarf. But I am not complaining. You can at least tell it is suppose to be a scarf. Could be far worse.

Surprisingly, the hands came out great for the mold. There is some paint bleeding going on but still. The shape looks wonderful along with the added depth to draw out the fingers.

Yuki is posed with her school bag in her hands. It looks good with the seams and base nubs of the bag being accounted for in the mold. The zipper is painted silver with a line down the middle to give it that zipper look.

Little can be said about the shoes. The seams are included in the mold and the soles painted a different color. Makes me think of some kind of chocolate cake shaped like a shoe. The socks also include a crease to add something to what could have been something plain.

Overall, for such a low price, it's a satisfying figure at a scale that was very unexpected. If you don't own a Yuki figure and are looking for a starting place, I would highly recommend this one. Well, unless you want your starting place to be her in a swimsuit, gym uniform, kimono, or something else. BUT! If you're looking for her in her winter coat and scarf, again, recommend Sega Prize's version a place to begin.

Sega Prize has impressed me with my first prize figure from them and I look forward to the next one I have coming at the end of the year. If that satisfies me as well, I may have to add Sega Prize to my list of favorite manufacturers. Well, budget manufacturers.

Interested in seeing more photos of Yuki? Check out my Flickr account for the complete gallery as well as other figures I've taken photos of for myself and for Tomopop.

Well, folks, not easy for me to say this since I enjoy doing what I can for Tomopop. Due to health reasons, I am having to step away from my position here at Tomopop. So, that is proof that the Tubbsitron 9000 is in fact a human being. If I was a robot, then I could easily get whatever is wrong with me replaced with a new part. And might as well throw in some sexy add-ons while I'm at it... Refurbished, of course. I'm cheap like that.

Currently, I do not know if this is a permanent departure or if just temporary. It's all up to what I learn, what the doctors say, and what I can do about it. There's nothing too serious wrong (from what has been gathered so far from testing) which has me hoping it's just a temporary departure. I have had a blast working with the folks here at Tomopop behind the scenes and in front of you, the community. Whether it is from writing posts or recording Tomocast (and definitely pre-recording), it's been a very enjoyable experience and to leave it is a very difficult thing to do. I was really hoping that my tenure here would reach at least five years and not under two.

Community, thank you very much for reading my posts, commenting on them, and being just down right awesome. It blew my mind when you folks would ask about my whereabouts when I would disappear here and there in the past and I thank you for that. It means a lot to me. I hope my style of writing was enjoyable and the kind of figure news I brought you gave plenty of variety.

Fellow Editors, thank you for putting up with me and my hard ass attitude as well as dealing with my lame humor and personality. It's been awesome being able to do Tomocast with the likes of Rio, Stella, and our host, Pedro. And everyone, thank you so much for your hard work and making Tomopop what it is today. I really want to thank Brian and Kristina for their very supportive words which makes me want to be able to come back so much.

There is still much I want to do including finally going to Otakon to meet you folks and fellow staff members. I've only said it twice now and cancelled twice. Next year! Maybe~! My thoughts have always been about the growth of Tomopop and what we can do and I want to be able to return to continue helping with that.

Of course you can't get rid of me that easily. I'll be posting in the comments, making cBlog posts, as well as hitting up our brand new forums from time to time. I know a lot of exciting things are coming and we have some wonderful people joining us so I definitely will be sticking around at Tomopop as a part of the community to see what is coming and read what our new writers have to say.

So, again, thank you everyone at Tomopop, staff and community, for everything and I'll see you folks online in some form. Hopefully, I'll be able to return upgraded as the Tubbsitron 10000 Turbo to bring you more posts and my stiff personality to the Tomocast.

Tubbsitron 9000, powering down., I mean. ... Not a robot!