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tomopop  Contributor

5:14 PM on 07.24.2011

Blame Cherrycat: My 6-page rant on my hatred of Batman Begins (not toy related)

In my recent post on the atrocious Batman (Modern) Utility Belt (an item so terrible that I interrupted my vacation just to write about), I brought up my hatred for the film Batman Begins. I also mentioned a 7-page email that...   read

9:32 PM on 01.17.2011

Looking for some info, Comic fans: Wolverine & Jubilee

I haven't read Marvel continuity in, oh, maybe 15 years. When I stopped reading, Wolverine had his adamantium skeleton removed and had regressed to a beastial form. So, when I got my weekly email from my favorite comics shop ...   read

2:51 PM on 02.11.2010

Tomopop: Your ideas and views are wanted and appreciated

Following suit from my mentor, Hamza "The Shark" Aziz (the better-looking-than-me Community Manager over at big sister site Destructoid), I am coming to you directly for input on making our community better. With ...   read

1:30 PM on 12.16.2009

I need a hook-up: MotU: Classics Skeletor figure

Okay, so I just slept through the sale of the rerelease of the Skeletor figure from Coincidentally, because I got almost no sleep last night before work photographing the He-man figure for an upcoming re...   read

11:06 AM on 10.22.2009

The Wild Things photo shoot showed up on Digg (new, unused photos inside)

Hey everybody! Sometime over the weekend we got Dugg: If you saw the Where the Wild Things Are photo shoot that we did last Friday and enjoyed it, would you mind throwing us some support by blessing ...   read

8:04 AM on 08.31.2009

Forming feet and legs

The first figure that I can recall ever owning was a solid rubber Hulk Hogan figure from LJN. (Yes, I was a wrestling fan. No, I will not apologize.)The first "non-lame" figures that I remember having were from a long forgott...   read

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