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IshokuOsero avatar 2:53 PM on 10.11.2012  (server time)
Bootleg Awareness! Racing Miku 2010 Fake VS Legit

I believe it's very important to know how to spot bootlegs, and one of the best ways is to see a side by side comparison of them against the real thing! Anyone good at spotting bootlegs knows some of the ways fake figure dealers will get you, among them are the following:

- Shiny skin or features not on the real figure.
- Looking in directions other than the correct one.
- Discolourations on the figure itself in odd spots - patches of colour where it's not supposed to be.
- Hair or other features painted in a colour that has nothing to do with the colour it should be (pink hair when it's supposed to be blue, brown dress that should be black, etc ).
- Misprinting on the box, lack of holographic and/or factory stickers on the box.
- Bad sculpt work, lots of fringe from the mold that wasn't sanded off.

Of course there are plenty more where that came from, but amongst everything is definitely that edgy feeling you get when you see a figure and you think it MIGHT be fake, but you're not sure. If of course you have any inkling that it could be a fake, don't buy it! Our instincts are correct more often than we give them credit for!

Without further ado, here are some pictures of the difference between a real and a fake GSC Racing Miku 2010. TONS of other photos can be seen on my blog post at:

As an aside, if any of you have fake figures that you don't know what to do with, contact me at , or through my Facebook page at . If you have any figures that I have the legit ones to, I'll take them off your hands and pay for the shipping! I'm looking into doing more Bootleg Awareness postings, but I don't want to be helping the bootleggers! I just want to help fellow collectors! Thank you~ <3

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