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Hi... This is my third post i guess... Pre-order at I Sell NonSense. http://www.isellnonsense.blogspot.com and nendoroid petite: hatsune miku selection at http://isellnonsense.blogspot.sg/2013/03/nendoroid-petite-hatsune-miku-selection.html Please note that pre-order is only until 2nd April 2013. As we are doing mass order so it will be cheaper to buy this way. No extra shipping fees for certain countries. Every pre-order must be in set but not individual, not one or two nendoroid petite. One set is for $122.90 SGD, 9443yen, including shipping fee for most countries.

This cute little miku is out for sale by goodsmile company, original. The cute and small Nendoroid Petite action figure series is getting a brand new set of Vocaloid figures named the 'Hatsune Miku Selection'!

The six official characters are all included in brand new poses, and a number of fanmade characters are also included such as the winner of Piapro's Gem Outfit competition, 'Mikurisutaru', as well as a number of characters from popular songs on NicoNico Douga such as 'Daughter of Evil', 'Servant of Evil', 'Deep Sea Girl' , 'Akahitoha' and 'Romeo and Cinderella'. There are a total of 12 different characters to collect.

If interested or you have any other enquires please go to our blog and email at isellnonsense@gmail.com to place your order. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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