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2:47 PM on 08.02.2010

Hello, to anyone who cares.

I'm, uh, HoodedMiracle, obviously. I'm not a big toy collector (mostly videogames and anime box sets) but I attended the toy collecting panel at Otakon and seeing all the energy there convinced me to look at it a bit harder. All I have are some Trigun figures, but I like 'em, so I guess that's acceptable. I've been hoping for a Prinny statue, or something, but I doubt it because Etna is in the same series. I think the first time I've been to this website was for some PVC statue with two neko maids sorta making out. Trying to find it to no luck. It was in a review of a gift someone got for their birthday.

Anyway, thank Collete for me being here. Or, rue her, depending on how well this goes.

So, uh, yeah, nice to meet me?

Edit: Aaaaand I'm trying to figure out how to get an avatar. Derp.   read

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