HammerShark's blog

4:25 AM on 12.19.2009

The Monthly Megapixel: Night Before Christmas

Twas the n1gh+ B4 X-mas when all through the chop shop
Not a robot was whirring, not even a sentinel cop.

In an instant whooshing hydraulics sounded, but tiptoes of who?
I knew in a moment it must B the mecha grinches 2!

W/o a doubt they came on high!
One jetted and another moonwalked by!

After the dust settled they blew up the place.
Leaving the way they came, but @ a mocking pace!

And so there is no stopping their might.
For twz X-mas day they kicked Green Lantern light!

And so for all who can run... Run and hide!
For beware... beware their break dance.... "The X-mas R1DE!

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