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Fleurtations avatar 10:37 AM on 11.25.2012  (server time)
Jellycat's 2013 Designs Arrive Early

For all of you that have no idea who, or what, jellycat is all about, you are in for a treat, for those of you that have already come across Jellycat before this is a chance for a sneak preview of the latest Jellycat designs for 2013.
As a very brief history, Jellycat started back in 1999 as a soft toy design company based in London, UK. They very quickly developed into a worldwide brand and branched out to the USA in 2005, where they now have substantial offices in Minneapolis, MN. An ever increasing network of distributors has developed around the world supplying gift shops, design shops, children's boutiques, home interior/decor, book shops, toy shops, museums and heritage sites. Jellycat's designs are heavily influenced by the fast changing world of fashion and as a result of this, they introduce hundreds of new, innovative and original designs each year.
They constantly strive to use the most interesting and distinctive materials, designing hip and humorous soft toys, which always strive to be soft and sumptuous and extremely tactile.
There is an absolute business priority and that is total safety in the manufacturing and choice of materials, all of their products comply and exceed the EN71 European Testing standard and the ASTM American Testing standard. So you can see from this that Jellycat really do mean business.
Here are a few photographs to wet the appetite.
The new designs can be found at
They are available for worldwide delivery and it is vertually guaranteed that once you have tried a jellycat soft toy you will definitely never go back to anything else.
Updates on the latest jellycat news and hopefully more sneak previews of the latest design developements will be posted as and when they happen.

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