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Just your average amateur figure collector, gamer, and anime connoisseur. My figure collection grows slowly due to being a poor college student, but it's growing nonetheless. I also cosplay as an additional hobby. I'm a huge fan of Evangelion, Touhou Project, Godzilla films, and DC comics.

Oh yeah, I also play BlazBlue. I main Iron Tager and Platinum.


But seriously, Bandai really let their power level show this time around at Tamashii Nations. I have too many photos to post as images here, so instead have a link for an imgur gallery.

For those who don't want to look through it until hearing something neat, here's a basic list of new reveals:

-Figuarts, Figuarts Zero, and Chibi-Arts Sailor Moon

-Completed Kamen Rider Ryuki cast in Figuarts form: Scissors, Femme, Ryuga, Imperer, Odin, Alternative Zero, and Verde. All contract monsters have also been made into figures

-Completed Kamen Rider 555 cast in Figuarts form: Delta, Psyga, Orga, Horse Orphenoch, and Wolf Orphenoch

-Showa Riders Figuarts: X, Stronger Charge Up ver, Riderman, Denpa Ningen Tackle, Appolo Geist, and Shocker grunt

-Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style Figuarts

-Zodiarts figuarts and Figuarts Zero


-Figuarts Fireball and Wild Tiger (Crapsuit ver) from Tiger & Bunny

-Figuarts Marushīna from Akibaranger

-Garo Figuarts

-SIC Kamen Rider OOO combos: Gatakiriba, Sagouzo, Latoratah, Shauta, and Putotyra

-Super Robot Chogokin DaiBouken and GekiTohja

-More classic Megaman D-Arts

-D-Arts classic Pokemon starters: Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur


-S.H.Monsterarts Biollante and Destroyah

-Angels from Rebuild of Evangelion added to MonsterArts line, including Sachiel, Shamshel, Zeruel, and the two unnamed angels from the 2.0. Look at the size of that new 7th angel!

Hope you all enjoy!

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