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Oh yeah, I also play BlazBlue. I main Iron Tager and Platinum.

It's been a while, folks. I come bearing good news though.
Earlier today in Japan, Medicos Entertainment gave some big news regarding their ever-popular Super Action Statue line. It looks like in the last quarter of this year we can expect plenty of restocks of old JoJo's SAS's, mostly from Part III: Stardust Crusaders (most likely due to the inevitable anime adaptation coming soon).

The current restock lineup includes:

Jotaro Kujo Second (blue jacket)
Noriaki Kakyoin
Hierophant Green
The World
Magician's Red
Jean-Pierre Polnareff
Guido Mista and Sex Pistols

On top of these guys, we also have the restocks of young Joseph, Caesar, and Cars coming out in June and July currently listed on Amiami. For JoJo's fans this is incredible news since most of these figures (aside from Polnareff) usually go for about $130-150 due to scalpers scarcity. I know I'll be picking up the majority of these guys when they go up for pre-order. Personally I would have preferred a restock of Star Platinum as opposed to Polnareff who isn't as rare as the others, but I predict we'll probably see him restocked at a later date along with Awakened DIO and possibly Abdul and Silver Chariot as well. Here's a visual guide to go along with the news.

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