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Esperkin's blog

12:17 PM on 04.24.2013

BASED MEDICOS. Swarm of Super Action Statue Restocks to Come this Year

It's been a while, folks. I come bearing good news though. Earlier today in Japan, Medicos Entertainment gave some big news regarding their ever-popular Super Action Statue line. It looks like in the last quarter of this year...   read

10:22 PM on 02.08.2013

Ultimate Madoka On Sale for 1/2 Off for a Limited Time

That's right, guys and gals. You're not misreading that. If the price of anime's latest omnipotent being was driving you into despair before, be at rest, because now on Hobby Search and you can get Ultimate Madok...   read

11:48 PM on 10.28.2012

Watch Esperkin Barf Out a Tamashii Nations Gallery!

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARF But seriously, Bandai really let their power level show this time around at Tamashii Nations. I have too many photos to post as images here, so instead have a link for an imgur gallery.   read

2:25 PM on 08.13.2012

More Touhous for Re-Release

Good day to you all! Despite keeping up with Japanese matches in Persona 4 Arena and watching Shark Week (yes, both at the same time), I've made sure to still keep track of recent happenings in the figure world. Now I'm here ...   read

1:58 AM on 04.29.2012

Talk About a SPD Emergancy! More Figuarts Selling Out

Hello again everyone! It shouldn't be a surprise by now that many of Bandai's S.H.Figuarts tend to sell out online rather quickly, especially when concerned with super heroes. Well, this time is no exception it seems. Last ni...   read

1:07 PM on 04.11.2012

FOR SALE: Revoltech Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann

You saw the title. You clicked because you were interested. Here's the deal! As the title says, I'm selling a Revoltech Yamaguchi Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann. I received two back in February due to an order error, and don't wa...   read

4:59 PM on 04.04.2012

Review: S.H.MonsterArts Space Godzilla

As many of you can already tell, I'm a huge Godzilla fan. The first movie I ever owned as a kid was the original Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla which doomed me into the series forever. Therefore, it's my personal mission to own e...   read

8:10 AM on 04.03.2012

Meanwhile at Bandai: New Super Heroes Sold Out; Rodan up for Pre-Order

So I checked my Facebook like I always do in my morning net routine, and saw what I knew just couldn't be a good sign: an update on the Tamashii Nations USA page unveiling the new Tiger & Bunny Figuarts figure: Lunatic. Havin...   read

12:49 AM on 03.26.2012

So Those Sonic Free Riders Toys

Yeah. Good stuff right there. Sorry, just something fun I thought I'd share with you folks.   read

7:19 PM on 03.23.2012

Rodan Swoops on in to the MonsterArts Lineup

With Space Godzilla officially released (and on his way to my place), it's time for Bandai to reveal the next kaiju card up their sleeve. Despite getting teased at Tamashii Nation and being teased more through hints on Tamash...   read

1:15 PM on 02.20.2012

Can't Wait for figma Insane Black Rock Shooter? WAIT FOREVER.

Something I noticed while browsing Amiami today. Thought those who don't know already might want to know now. So amongst the WonFes coverage, we got to catch a glimpse at the upcoming figma Insane Black Rock Shooter. People ...   read

6:49 PM on 02.12.2012

Something About Projectile Currency Towards My Monitor

Well, the WonFes craze is still strong, but I was recently shown a little gem that I haven't caught on here yet, and feel like sharing. It's been a while since the last Touhou nendoroid (Cirno), so finally GSC unveiled the...   read

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