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12:17 PM on 04.24.2013

BASED MEDICOS. Swarm of Super Action Statue Restocks to Come this Year

It's been a while, folks. I come bearing good news though.
Earlier today in Japan, Medicos Entertainment gave some big news regarding their ever-popular Super Action Statue line. It looks like in the last quarter of this year we can expect plenty of restocks of old JoJo's SAS's, mostly from Part III: Stardust Crusaders (most likely due to the inevitable anime adaptation coming soon).

The current restock lineup includes:

Jotaro Kujo Second (blue jacket)
Noriaki Kakyoin
Hierophant Green
The World
Magician's Red
Jean-Pierre Polnareff
Guido Mista and Sex Pistols

On top of these guys, we also have the restocks of young Joseph, Caesar, and Cars coming out in June and July currently listed on Amiami. For JoJo's fans this is incredible news since most of these figures (aside from Polnareff) usually go for about $130-150 due to scalpers scarcity. I know I'll be picking up the majority of these guys when they go up for pre-order. Personally I would have preferred a restock of Star Platinum as opposed to Polnareff who isn't as rare as the others, but I predict we'll probably see him restocked at a later date along with Awakened DIO and possibly Abdul and Silver Chariot as well. Here's a visual guide to go along with the news.   read

10:22 PM on 02.08.2013

Ultimate Madoka On Sale for 1/2 Off for a Limited Time

That's right, guys and gals. You're not misreading that. If the price of anime's latest omnipotent being was driving you into despair before, be at rest, because now on Hobby Search and you can get Ultimate Madoka for 50% off! That makes her not much more than your average scale figure now. Be wary though that the Ultimate Box as it's called now won't get any smaller, so shipping will still be pricey. Nonetheless, it's still a fabulous deal for people who missed out on Godoka before. I for one am a bit steamed that I paid full price for mine (well, Amiami discounted price anyway), and now here it is for much cheaper a little over a month later. Oh well. It does make one wonder if maybe she didn't sell as well as GSC had predicted and if they ended up manufacturing too many. Not to mention their massive marketing they did for her.   read

11:48 PM on 10.28.2012

Watch Esperkin Barf Out a Tamashii Nations Gallery!


But seriously, Bandai really let their power level show this time around at Tamashii Nations. I have too many photos to post as images here, so instead have a link for an imgur gallery.

For those who don't want to look through it until hearing something neat, here's a basic list of new reveals:

-Figuarts, Figuarts Zero, and Chibi-Arts Sailor Moon

-Completed Kamen Rider Ryuki cast in Figuarts form: Scissors, Femme, Ryuga, Imperer, Odin, Alternative Zero, and Verde. All contract monsters have also been made into figures

-Completed Kamen Rider 555 cast in Figuarts form: Delta, Psyga, Orga, Horse Orphenoch, and Wolf Orphenoch

-Showa Riders Figuarts: X, Stronger Charge Up ver, Riderman, Denpa Ningen Tackle, Appolo Geist, and Shocker grunt

-Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style Figuarts

-Zodiarts figuarts and Figuarts Zero


-Figuarts Fireball and Wild Tiger (Crapsuit ver) from Tiger & Bunny

-Figuarts Marushīna from Akibaranger

-Garo Figuarts

-SIC Kamen Rider OOO combos: Gatakiriba, Sagouzo, Latoratah, Shauta, and Putotyra

-Super Robot Chogokin DaiBouken and GekiTohja

-More classic Megaman D-Arts

-D-Arts classic Pokemon starters: Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur


-S.H.Monsterarts Biollante and Destroyah

-Angels from Rebuild of Evangelion added to MonsterArts line, including Sachiel, Shamshel, Zeruel, and the two unnamed angels from the 2.0. Look at the size of that new 7th angel!

Hope you all enjoy!

2:25 PM on 08.13.2012

More Touhous for Re-Release

Good day to you all!

Despite keeping up with Japanese matches in Persona 4 Arena and watching Shark Week (yes, both at the same time), I've made sure to still keep track of recent happenings in the figure world. Now I'm here to report that two more Touhou figures are currently up for re-release.

Nendoroid Youmu Konpaku

Originally released in April of last year, Youmu finally gets a re-release! I for one am less than enthralled though. She looks very nice of course and the translucent plastic on Myon (her ghost half) looks good, but her optional faces are nearly the exact same as the ones that came with the Sakuya nendo. Still, if you're a fan of Youmu and missed her release, this is your chance. I for one am hoping Yuyuko gets a re-release soon to go with her.

Phat Company's Yukari Yakumo

Now a re-release that gets my attention more is of this scale figure of boundary youkai Yukari. Originally a garage kit before Phat Company got a hold of it, this popular figure gets another release. I'm a fan of the boundary sort of base (since it's not the true base but it's what Yukari herself rests on), and it's always great to see a scale Touhou figure that isn't Griffon for a change.

Youmu is available on Goodsmile online shop for 3,000 yen (fair price for a nendoroid) and flat rate 2,000 yen shipping. As always, shipping remains the same for group orders. Pre-orders end on August 22, and Youmu will be released in December, just in time for the holidays. Yukari can be ordered on Amiami and is due by late November.

1:58 AM on 04.29.2012

Talk About a SPD Emergancy! More Figuarts Selling Out

Hello again everyone! It shouldn't be a surprise by now that many of Bandai's S.H.Figuarts tend to sell out online rather quickly, especially when concerned with super heroes. Well, this time is no exception it seems. Last night we were granted with a quartet of new Sentai Figuarts which are already going fast. Let's take a look at the quickly disappearing lineup.

Deka Red from Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger aka Power Rangers SPD

From the generally under-appreciated SPD series comes it's red ranger. For those who are unfamiliar, Dekaranger/SPD is another police Sentai group, much like Lightspeed Rescue or Time Force. What makes SPD unique is that their leader is a dog alien who also morphs, somehow fitting his big snout in a regular-size helmet. Anyway, Deka Red comes with his SPD morpher, three different blasters (the SPD signature weapon), and a pair of handcuffs. Having been re-watching Power Rangers while watching Linkara's History of Power Rangers series, I almost forgot how enjoyable SPD was. To me, SPD was the final series before the "Disney-era" of Power Rangers began to seriously decline.

Deka Red is due to come out at the end of June. He is currently sold out on both Amiami and Hobby Search, but hopefully he'll be up for order on Big Bad Toy Store soon.

Akiba Red, Blue, and Yellow from Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger

From the Sentai and otaku culture parody series Akiba Ranger comes the whole team of Akiba Red, Akiba Blue, and Akiba Yellow. Each one comes with a blaster, and Akiba Red also comes with some sort of clamp weapon. I haven't checked out Akiba Ranger yet since I'm still catching up on Kamen Rider before I move over to Sentai, but I hear it's extremely amusing, full of references for Sentai fans and satire of the otaku culture.

The Akiba Rangers are set to come out with Deka Red at the end of June. They are sold out on Amiami as well, but luckily they are still available on Hobby Search, so act fast if you want them!

1:07 PM on 04.11.2012

FOR SALE: Revoltech Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann

You saw the title. You clicked because you were interested. Here's the deal! As the title says, I'm selling a Revoltech Yamaguchi Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann. I received two back in February due to an order error, and don't want the second one. It is unopened and even still in the box it was shipped in.

I'll be selling it for $30. I will cover the shipping cost. I'll have to move it to another box, but the figure will remain unopened. This figure was re-released, but is now out of stock again in most places. Revoltech may not have the beeeeest track record for figures, but this figure is possibly my favorite of all the Revoltechs I own. Great figure for a mecha that doesn't have much in the way of figures.

If interested, pop me an email at!

4:59 PM on 04.04.2012

Review: S.H.MonsterArts Space Godzilla

As many of you can already tell, I'm a huge Godzilla fan. The first movie I ever owned as a kid was the original Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla which doomed me into the series forever. Therefore, it's my personal mission to own every figure in the S.H.MonsterArts line. But enough of my fandom, you're here for a figure review, right? Then let's get this show on the road! (・∀・)ノ

Figure name: S.H.MonsterArts Spacegodzilla

Source: Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla

Manufacturer: Bandai

Retail price: 6,500 yen

Honoring in style!

Since this figure shipped to my college mail room instead of my house, I had to get a picture of it with my Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla poster in my dorm. That said, I'm doing this review at school, so pardon the even less satisfactory review conditions than usual.

Purple suits you quite well, Spacey!

As you can see, Space G's box is modeled the same as other MonsterArts releases, bearing the monster's mugshot on the front in a specific color shade, purple this time. Space Godzilla has always had one of the more intimidating mugs of Godzilla villains. King Ghidorah and Destoroyah's boxes are going to look awesome. I feel this box design wouldn't work as well with Showa-era monsters since they may look a bit goofy up close. At least these Heisei-era monsters still look intimidating.

Walls walls walls of text!

The back of the box is also like previous releases, bearing various pose photos and an in-depth biography of the monster in question. I assume this is all about Space Godzilla itself and also the movie as a whole. Sadly since I can't read Japanese, it's on to the sides for something cool!

Check out those abs!

On the side you can see a little gray scale version of the figure (I couldn't tell on Godzilla's box that it was a figure, but you can see the joints better here) with a close up of Space Godzilla's...chest in the background. An interesting choice I must say.

So is his name one word or two? I'm so confused...( ´_ゝ`)

A few nice little mentions here. First of all, the name text actually has a holographic crystal design to it, matching Space G's crystal theme. Also, the Japanese version of his name is the same as how it looks on the original movie poster. A nice touch I must say.

I guess crystal is no match for plastic, eh?

Opening te box, we can see Space G and the accessories included. He comes with a beam effect, a stand to hold it up, and a base. Now let's finally see the figure itself!

I know it was cramped in there. No need to yell at me now...

The first thing I noticed when unboxing Space G is that he's really heavy...again! Godzilla was heavy as well, but Space G might be even heavier by just a bit. Given the bulk of these figures though, it's understandable.

Here's a close-up of the front. The other thing I noticed about Space G is that he's very sharp, definitely more so than Godzilla. Space G has a lot of pointy edges all around him that make handling him painful if done carelessly, especially with the head. Speaking of which, the head has great amounts of detail on it, even on the eyes and mouth. Also, the gold crown horn is made of clear plastic, so it has a nice shine to it which is a nice touch.

Now for a side view, so you can see once again how long the tail is. I'd say it's about as long as Godzilla's, maybe a bit longer with that spiky end. Now I'm sure you're all wondering how well it poses. I said back in my previous review that Godzilla may not be as articulate as you may hope and moves more like a guy in a Godzilla suit. Well luckily it seems Bandai realized this and improved it a bit for Space G. He's still not nearly as articulate as a Figuarts, but his posability is nice given its bulk, and the joints feel much less stiff than Godzilla's. Also, Space G's legs are tad a bit more spread out which I feel help makes him appear more dynamic.

Looks like they're made of chalk. ( ´ー`)

And here we have a close-up of the crystal spines. I've always felt the spine design was so the suit makers didn't have to be so detailed with it. Saving budgets and such. The spines aren't all white like the vinyl Space Godzilla figure, but have a pearl-colored paint job and have some shine to them. Very nice.

Just imagine the jewelry you could make out of his spines! oAo

Close-ups of the tail spines. Notice how you can see some purple fading into the spines to show how they're part of Space G's flesh.You can also see it on the fingers and toes. Bandai is seriously going all out with the details on these figures.

Cover your mouth when you do that, young man!

Here we have Space G's beam effect part. They call it "Corona Beam", but maybe Space G should switch to Corona Beam Light, eh? Eh? At least let me finish this review before you kill me for that joke. When I first saw the effect in the preview photos for this figure, it looked like snot or projectile vomit to me. After seeing it in person...I still think that. Ah well. The paint on it has a slightly metallic look to it, and the design looks very active, much better than Godzilla's weird heat beam/water gun projectile part.

Looks like it would fit into a Warhammer or Warhammer 40K playing field, don't you think?

And here's the base. Once again, I like this base much more than Godzilla's. Here you can tell exactly what is, ground with some crystals sprouted out. It fits the character very well. Worth noting is that the base is also rather sharp on the edges! This figure is just all-around dangerous to handle! With all these bases, this figure line really begs for dioramas like Bandai has been doing at places such as Comic-Con. Maybe once I get the budget for it, I'll make a huge diorama for them all...

And here you have the effect and base combined! It was actually pretty hard to find the hole for the stand in the beam effect. Eventually I found it though. Without seeing the stand hole, you actually wouldn't be able to tell which side is up or down when putting it in Space G's mouth. It's a bit harder to keep in his mouth without the stand too.

I feel so unprepared for this review! I have so little to display him with!

Finally we have another picture of Space G being posed with his movie poster. This time I decided to include the other Godzilla stuff in my dorm: some movies (ironically not GvSG) and my Final Wars Godzilla trading figure.

So in conclusion, S.H.MonsterArts Space Godzilla is a great figure overall. Many of the problems with the first entries in the MonsterArts line were improved, and the quality and attention to detail is only going up. The figure line is truly shaping into something great for kaiju fans, now having easily the best figure of this monster ever made. I definitely recommend Space Godzilla to any Godzilla or monster fan. However, with the steep price deserving mention, I would be a bit hesitant to recommend it to those who aren't Godzilla fans. However, for the fans, you'll easily see where the money went.

Black or White?: White! ( ´ ∀`)

Thank you very much for reading! See you guys next time! Tschüs ciao auf Wiedersehen! (・∀・)ノ゛

8:10 AM on 04.03.2012

Meanwhile at Bandai: New Super Heroes Sold Out; Rodan up for Pre-Order

So I checked my Facebook like I always do in my morning net routine, and saw what I knew just couldn't be a good sign: an update on the Tamashii Nations USA page unveiling the new Tiger & Bunny Figuarts figure: Lunatic. Having a bad feeling in my gut, I quickly went to Amiami, and lo and behold, he's already sold out. Welp, might as well check what else went up for pre-order from Bandai, right? Well, here's what you've already missed and what you can still get.

S.H.MonsterArts Fire Rodan (In stock)

Rodan has gone up for pre-order as of today, and he's an interesting figure. He's coniderably cheaper than previous releases (due to being thinner and smaller), but comes with a lot of bonuses. He'll include two stands and heat beam effect (finally a flying stand!), an additional red heat beam for Godzilla (from when Godzilla absorbs Rodan's energy in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II, and an optional head for Mechagodzilla (from when Rodan pecks one of its eyes out). An interesting thing to note is the design on the bases. One has Rodan and his name on it while the other is a joke logo for the main character of the film, Kazuma Aoki, who is a "pteranodon enthusiast". Rodan will set you back 2,570 on Amiami and will be released in late July. Hopefully next Bandai will stop the wait and release King Ghidorah.

Nendoroid chibi-arts Barnaby Brooks Jr. (Sold out)

Yup, as usual, the Tiger & Bunny figures sell out fast. Aside from his standard expression[/url], Barnaby comes with a winking smirk and an embarrassed face. He also comes with fried rice, his bunny plush, and optional hand. Barnaby would have cost you 2,420 yen on Amiami and will come out in July as well. Alright Bandai, it's go time. If you guys release a chibi-arts Keith Goodman, I WILL have it.

S.I.C. Kiwami Damashii - Kamen Rider Kuuga Mighty Form (In stock)

Starting to get lazy with the pictures and links. Tired of Kamen Rider figuarts always being sold out? Well Bandai's got you covered sort of. Although smaller and of what I assume is slightly lesser quality than their Figuarts releases, it's still an honest Bandai Kamen Rider figure. Kuuga will come with a stand and effects to pull off his Rider Kick. He'll only cost you a smaller 1,100 yen and is once again due in July.

S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Stronger (Sold out)

Part of the "Glorious Seven" of original Kamen Riders, Stronger finally gets his own Figuarts release. Honestly though, this one looks a bit off to me. His eyes look like they're made of foam, and the lightning effect looks a lot like the one used for the Super Robot Chogokin Great Mazinger. This probably isn't the most tragic loss since Stronger is a very old rider whose episodes are harder to find anyway, so this figure is definitely more for the hardcore Rider fans. Stronger costs 2,200 yen on Amiami and is part of the July release crew.

ULTRA-ACT First Generation Ultraman Renewed Edition (In stock)

Ultraman is another niche fandom, but for those into it or even for those who remember the original Ultraman, Bandai's got you covered. Taking a page from Kaiyodo and releasing a new version of an old figure, Bandai's new original Ultra is looking pretty nice. He'll come with a running effect and a Judo Chop Beam (I forget what it's actually called). He won't come with this snazzy mantle since it's sold separately, suckers! Ultraman will cost 2,350 yen and, you guessed it, comes out in July.

S.HFiguarts Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form (Sold out)

Now some like myself might be a bit more sad at the loss of this Rider. Den-O comes with the DenGasher sword and an additional finishing move effect. The effect is really nice actually, and I like Den-O, so I'm a bit bummed that he's sold out. Oh well, as long as I don't miss when they release Kiva as a Figuarts. Den-O would have cost you 2,570 yen and is once again part of the July crew.

S.H.Figuarts Lunatic (Sold out)

And here's the culprit himself! Everyone's favorite creepy face anti-hero is already sold out just like the other in his series! Lunatic comes with minimal but still enough accessories: his trusty crossbow, a plasma bolt to load onto the crossbow, and optional eye flares. Black Rock Shooter, eat your heart out. His mantle can also be removed if you feel so inclined. Lunatic would have costed you about 4,500 yen and is sold out on both Amiami and Hobby Search. If you were a lucky winner and got him, you'll get him in July, you jerk.

Whew, what a mouthful. Well there you have it. Lots from Bandai today, but not much in stock. I was only covering the jointed figures, but as an honorable mention, Figuarts ZERO Portgas D. Ace and Arlong are out now too. Guess what? SOLD OUT.

12:49 AM on 03.26.2012

So Those Sonic Free Riders Toys

Yeah. Good stuff right there.

Sorry, just something fun I thought I'd share with you folks.

7:19 PM on 03.23.2012

Rodan Swoops on in to the MonsterArts Lineup

With Space Godzilla officially released (and on his way to my place), it's time for Bandai to reveal the next kaiju card up their sleeve. Despite getting teased at Tamashii Nation and being teased more through hints on Tamashii Nations' Facebook page, finally we get an official announcement of the next in the MonsterArts line: Fire Rodan! It's like regular Rodan but flaming! Not the homosexual kind you goofs. Fire Rodan made an appearance in Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla II. After getting KO'd and presumably killed by the big G, Rodan is revived by some ESP singing (it's kind of a long story), and suddenly gains new fire powers and a heat beam like he's some shonen manga character.

Anyway, Rodan is seem to be set to come out in late July to early August. He will cost you 3,675 yen if you're importing. Like other MonsterArts, he'll get a Western release, but no price yet. No news on pre-orders either if he's not another web exclusive like Little Godzilla was. Here's the two photos we have so far.

We'll probably get a heat beam accessory like prior releases. Hopefully we'll get a stand for him, so he can keep a flight pose. Even if Mecha-G and Moguera don't come with flight stands, you at least need to give Rodan one!


1:15 PM on 02.20.2012

Can't Wait for figma Insane Black Rock Shooter? WAIT FOREVER.

Something I noticed while browsing Amiami today. Thought those who don't know already might want to know now.

So amongst the WonFes coverage, we got to catch a glimpse at the upcoming figma Insane Black Rock Shooter. People really seemed to like her design and just how good the figure itself looks. Needless to say, there's probably a fair amount of people who are pretty excited for pre-orders to come up for this figma. Well for your convenience, figma IBRS is already up for pre-order. She even comes with a DVD/BD set!

Wait, what?

Yup, figma IBRS is an exclusive with the TV Animation BRS DVD/BD set which means if you want her then you better shell out $200+ for the set. Man, that's just a shame. I was really stoked for it myself. Unfortunately I don't want to shell out all the extra money for DVD's/BD's that aren't even subbed in my language, let alone play in my region.

Let's get one last look at the old girl and bid farewell. Photo from Mikatan's blog.

[Already sold out on Amiami]

6:49 PM on 02.12.2012

Something About Projectile Currency Towards My Monitor

Well, the WonFes craze is still strong, but I was recently shown a little gem that I haven't caught on here yet, and feel like sharing.

It's been a while since the last Touhou nendoroid (Cirno), so finally GSC unveiled the next in their lineup, much to my pleasure. It's none other than Alice Margatroid, the seven-colored puppeteer who is also Marisa's neighbor and tsundere love interest in the fandom. My guess is that she'll come with one Shanghai Doll and one Hourai Doll, a grimoire, and maybe one other accessory.

Hmmm, while I'm digging through this source though, lemme share some other goodies.

Figures (possibly a set?) of young Menma, Anaru, and Tsuruko from Ano Hana fame. I'm not too sure about Tsuruko's head. Maybe it's the angle.

Kyouko figure with what appears to be a button on the front! I swear, if it lights up...

Prize figures of both Hanekawa and Shinobu from Bakemonogatari

What I'm assuming is a S.H.FigurArts of Tiger & Bunny's Wild Tiger in his humorously-titled "Crapsuit".

Figma Insane Black Rock Shooter! Boy, ever since they started making BRS figmas, I've been waiting for this one. Her huge weapon even has its own stand!

My source has plenty more things such as more teases of upcoming nendos and plenty of things the Tomo crew has already covered, but you might see something new as well!


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