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Search for the Elusive Online Gift Card!

What ever happened to online gift cards?! As you all know... the holidays are coming, and that means... MORE ANIME FIGURES!!! All of my family members are being lazy, and they just want to know which websites I want stuff from... code speak...


Advice for a Figure Shopper?

I've been wondering lately about how expensvie some figures are and how I was sure that a figure wouldn't be more expensive than I thought...So Tomopeeps! I would like some advice! Where can you find a good deal on figures, and also, since ...


_ *sneaks onto website*

hi there... I'm new. ^_^ I've never really tried this blogging thing... so here I go!let me introduce myself! I'm Emily - the Penguin - and I've actually been following the Tomopop and Japanator blogs for quite a while now... so I thought t...


About Emily the Penguinone of us since 3:21 PM on 08.09.2010

whew, I'm sucha noob.... please forgive my noobiness! I really want to get more into figures, I've been collecting little pokemon figures and such since I was little and now I really want to get serious. As for serious figure owning... I own a bootleg L (wish I knew about boots before purchase ;o;) and a Yui nendoroid... with a broken guitah! I haven't had much luck, so let's hope things are looking up for me with figures!