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  • Patchy Patrick the Plushie

      1:33 PM on 12.14.2008

    It's Domo Kun's gay cousin!

    A little while back while in the North Carolina mountains I stumbled upon a little toy store that sold Ugly Doll plushies. Upon showing my mother the twenty dollar stuffed doll she proclaimed "I could make one of those for less than five dollars!" And so, many months later I broke out my old t-shirts, and with the help of my seamstress mother today I bring you Patchy Patrick the perfoliating presumptuous pragmatic proxy protruding polychromed plushy.

    Patrick chillin' with my other toys.

    Is that his mommy?

    Papercraft: Last Weeks Addiction

      9:49 PM on 08.21.2008

    My meager toy collection was recently introduced to many paper craft friends, a majority from Cubeecraft. My hands are just glad that I stopped making them.

    Now the challenge is re-balancing my collection while not blocking any figures.

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