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7:34 AM on 04.13.2012

Check me out Sempai! (Wave's Rise Kujikawa Review)

Rise Idol Stage Shot by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Sometime towards the end of last year, Wave announced a re-release of Persona 4's Rise Kujikawa figure. Long out of production, this figure was commanding a hefty premium on the secondary market (if you could find her to begin with). After a one month delay (to keep her many fans in suspense no doubt), Rise arrived to Amiami for a very reasonable 5,500Y.

Rise 1 by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Rise is a 1/8th scale figure and is wearing her Yasogami High school uniform from the game. Her uniform is very faithful to her in-game appearance. The pose chosen for this particular figure is not really iconic for Rise but it definitely conveys her playful and lighthearted personality.

Rise 2 by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Her outfit is accurate down to the purposefully obvious white stitching that Yasogami High uniforms have. This figure picks up a lot of nice details in the clothing. Note the stocking lines behind her knees.

Rise 3 by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

This side shot shows a hint of the one point of articulation on this figure. Her head is posable. You can strike whatever coquettish look you like with our favorite pop idol.

Rise 4 by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

From this side I'd like to point out that her bust is given actual human proportions. The fabric sculpt does not cheat to accentuate her nor is there any unrealistic clothing shape. That may be a pet peeve of mine, but I hate when a figure's bust is treated as though the clothing has been vacuum sealed under the bust line.

Rise Upper Details by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Looking at Rise's upper half we can see the wonderful care that was taken with the clothing and the lack of obvious seams. If you get super picky about it, the paint on her neck scarf isn't perfect, but that's about the only real problem I can find. Now this figure is a few years old and in some ways current hair sculpting has surpassed our idol. There's nothing wrong with it and I certainly prefer Rise's styling over the current rash of translucent hair, but it should still be pointed out.

Rise Close Up by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Rise has one accessory: her glasses. If this figure has one failing, it's those glasses. They just don't fit well on her head. They are slightly too small and you really have to kind of wedge them on to her. They are not large enough to reach back to her ears either. It's a minor gripe but again, it should be pointed out. Also, it should be pointed out that Rise looks super-foxy in glasses. ^_-

Rise Lower Details by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Her lower half is well tended to. The skirt replicates the small checker design of her school's skirt and mine was free from flaws. I think that speaks to quality especially with the pattern being so small.

Rise Shoes and Base by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

For the ladies, check out the detail on those shoes. ^_^ The base is nice and simple, nothing special. It should be pointed out that she is permanently affixed to the base via a screw.

Rise Upskirt by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

For the guys, check out the pantsu! -_-" I really like that the stockings are not a high gloss finish here. That is something that current figure makers should go back to.

Rise Box by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Lastly, a picture of her boxed. I don't think boxed pictures ever make a figure look great so I dump these shots at the end. The box is nice though. It replicates her uniform details and even has some English wording on the back.

Is Rise worth the price? For a Persona fan, absolutely. The quality is outstanding and the price is very fair for what you are getting. I'm more of an articulated figure collector but I would hit up Wave for an entire cast if they were willing to go through with it.

Thanks for reading. If you're still interested in Rise, I hate to have to tell you that she seems to be sold out at most retailers. Such is the life of an today, gone tomorrow.   read

11:29 PM on 04.06.2012

Anyone interested in a Nendo Luka?

I have a used Nendoroid Luka for sale: $20 + shipping

Only catch is...Tako Luka is not included. It's an authentic Nendo, AAA sticker still on the back. She's only been on display briefly and the box is pretty much perfect.

So, yea, long gone Nendo, minus her little pal for cheap.

Leave a message if interested of email me at m1981 AT ufl DOT edu   read

8:11 PM on 04.06.2012

Figma Photography

Just got some new cloth backgrounds and snapped a few shots.

I can't lose! by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Deathstare by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Muv Luv Alt by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Phantom by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Madoka by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Zero by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Aya by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Teamwork by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

And a little of the know...

Sisters by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr   read

8:46 PM on 03.18.2012

Monthly Megapixel: St. Patrick's Day Beer Ads

I made a few poster style beer ads for St. Patrick's Day. Should be a little something here for everyone.

Saber St.Patrick's Day Ad by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

DUKE TOGO REMEMBERS by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Lucky Catch by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Contract by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Devastate 6 by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr   read

6:53 PM on 03.04.2012

Book Sale (Manga, Comics, Games)

Clearing out my book shelf a bit.

[b]Udon Street Fighter Managa sized collections 1-6
Udon Street Fighter Legends Chun li, Ibuki, Sakura[/b]
Asking: Cover Price on these. (Typically $12-15) They are all mint.

Dance in the Vampire Bund Manga 1-10 & Gaiden
Asking: $6 a volume or $55 for the whole set.

Darkstalkers Graphic File (cover has slight wear to it, nothing serious, just some rub marks due to the nature of the material. Corners have a slight bit of wear to them due to Amazon shipping boxes)
Asking: $20

Prices do not include shipping. Payments via PayPal must assume the PayPal fee or be sent as a gift.   read

7:58 PM on 02.27.2012

Maid to Order...

I just took a bunch of pictures of my maid figures after seeing the re-release of Saber Maid.

Fun times ahead Master!

Saber is first...

Saber Maid Close Up by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Misaka to follow her further down the post...

Mikasa Maid 7 Close Up by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Saber Maid 1 by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Saber Maid 2 by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Saber Maid 3 by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Saber Maid 4 by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Saber Maid Up Skirt by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Saber Maid Legs by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Saber Maid Skirt Detail by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Saber Maid Back Detail by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Saber Maid 5 by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Misaka time:

Mikasa Maid 1 by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Mikasa Maid 2 by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Mikasa Maid 3 by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Mikasa Maid 4 by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Mikasa Maid 5 by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Mikasa Maid 6 by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr   read

5:04 PM on 02.26.2012

Monthly Megapixel: Make a Friend Day

Despite his best efforts and a little liquid courage, Make a Friend Day goes poorly for Touma...the ladies just aren't into him.

by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr   read

8:46 PM on 12.21.2011

Monthly Megapixel: Holiday Party

Kyon - Ok Santa, you need to understand somethings about the way Haruhi looks at Christmas and especially the way she looks at parties... She's going to be kind of demanding and...oh crap here she comes. Just play along ok? Trust me...

Haruhi - HEY FAT MAN! Remember this piece of crap bike you left me last year? I told you it was supposed to turn into a robot. RO-BOT? What's so hard about that?

Kyon – Oh crap, here we go...

Haruhi – Look here Santa, you're going to turn this friggen bike into a transforming robot. We're having a Christmas party tonight and you can't party without a bad-ass transforming robot motorcycle woman...

Kyon – Hey...this is a nice bike...

Santa – Well, by Christmas young lady... I suppose I've got a little bit of extra Christmas magic I can use here...

Haruhi – Oh HELL YES! That's what I'm talking about Santa! Nice work!

Kyon – Whoa...she's a cutie...for a robot I mean...

Haruhi – Hrm...You're right, she IS a cutie. We need to hook her up with a handsome robot pal.

Haruhi - SANTA! This lady here needs a metal stud. Something sleek, fast...with a sexy voice.

Santa – Well, we have to be careful Haruhi...a description like that might...

Starscream – Reporting for duty...Santa? What's going on here?

Haruhi – Screamer! Perfect! Santa and I are hooking you up with some robot tail! Mistletoe is that away! Try and keep any dark fluids off the rug.

Starscream – So I hear you don't mind when people ride you...

Arcee – Just make sure to hold on to my handlebars...

Santa – Haruhi I think maybe that's enough...

Haruhi – Hey! What else have you got in here?

Kyon – I want no part of this...

Santa – Hey! Careful what you pull out of that bag...

Haruhi – Just what every party needs! Drunk chicks! No Christmas party is complete without drunk chicks!

Kyon – Haruhi! You don't bring a bunch of drunk girls to a party with Santa!

Haruhi need to chill out. Ladies?

Haruhi – That's right! Drink up Kyon! You need to chill the F' out! Drink up the Christmas cheer!

Santa – Servebot! What are you doing with a bottle of whiskey? What's going on in that bag?

Haruhi – This party is turning out pretty good! We need some music now...what do these kids like? A little Justin? How about Ke$ha? Oh...I know...

Kyon – Thish Shervebot is myy best pal... Yes I would like another drink.

::Luka and Miku arrive out of the bag and begin to fill the small room with the tremendous sound of J-Pop::

Haruhi – C'mon Santa, let's move this party outside...

Santa – oh my...this IS the best Christmas party I've been to in some time...

Haruhi – I know right? Those girls are getting the cat drunk...Starscream is riding Arcee... Luka and Miku are rocking out and...Kyon is getting upskirt pictures of Luka...oh gawddamit!   read

7:40 PM on 11.21.2011

Monthly Megapixel: 'Tis the Season

Today Yotsuba is adventuring out with Daddy to see leaves changing colors and to buy fixings for Thanksgiving!

Daddy says you know it's time for Turkey when they put pumpkins in the coffee. Daddy is stupid! HAHAHA! Next we're going shopping for yummy dinner!

WHAT? This store gots it all wrong! It's not Christmas time yet!

Yotsuba's rage is rising! There's no turkey to be found! Christmas is invading! Yotsuba found bras but no potatoes! WHERE IS THE MASHED POTATOES!?!?

TREES ON SALE AND NO STUFFING?!? Daddy! Yotsuba is concerned that Yotsuba is actually a time traveler!

GOOD NEWS! Yotsuba found the Thanksgiving bananas! Christmas hasn't taken over yet!

Yes! Yotsuba found the corn bread! Lots of bread and no underwear! This is becoming a successful trip! Hrm, Yes, Yotsuba would like to visit the toy section...

WHAAA???!!!??? Yotsuba needs to have those so that Juralumin can host tea parties for more people than just Yotsuba... Christmas isn't...too far away is it?   read

9:27 PM on 10.30.2011

Sideshow Spooktacular - Halloween: Ghost Stories Gone Wrong

(This picture was not east to get. The lighting was a challenge and getting the clear plastic blood pieces to remain lit up was even harder.)   read

2:55 PM on 09.27.2011

Monthly Megapixel: Got It Made, Got It Made, Got It Made...

I decided to go for two simple shots instead of a storyboard this time. Each shot is meant to be a story in itself. (One's for the fellas, the other is for the ladies [but maybe they're both for the fellas, I MAY be a pig...])

Hot for Teacher: Lessons will be learned...

(Lady Teacher)

Professor's Wolfwood secretly enjoyed that the girls competed for his attention...

(Dude Teacher)

Full size links:   read

7:59 AM on 08.31.2011

Summer Wars (Monthly Megapixel Contest)

Not all summer vacations go as planned...

Mori decided to take a quiet, peaceful stroll amongst the summer flowers...

"This is...a good day." thought Mori...

Little did he know that it was a good day...A GOOD DAY TO DIE!

Elsewhere in the same botanical gardens, otherworldly demons enjoyed the serenity...

"Good heavens, this filthy biological threat is blocking my audience from having a perfect look at my perfect form."

Nature learned a harsh lesson that day...everything burns.

A cruel new war had began during that summer and only a lone figure with a cold heart could appreciate the desolation...

As news of the tragedy spread, largely by idiots...

New heroes took up arms against this menace:

And eventually, a leader with a voice was found. Mai Shinarui and her epic boobs went on TV to convince people never again to start forest fires, even when they look really awesome.

Everyone agreed because they all just wanted to get back to playing Monster Hunter.

Also, they ate hamburgers with Tako Luka. WTF? Right?

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