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Counterpunch avatar 9:35 PM on 12.23.2012  (server time)
Yamato's P3 FES Aigis Maid Version Review

I really enjoy the SMT/Persona series, so when Yamato out of nowhere released Aigis in her maid costume from Persona 3 FES; there was little doubt I would get her if price and timing allowed.

Aigis Maid Costume P3FES by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

In Persona 3 FES many of the costumes that get worn for one reason or another in the story part of the game become available as armor for the party when you complete various side quests. Yukari is set to be part of a maid cafe during culture week and this opens up the maid set of costumes for the female characters. So unlike some figures and series, this outfit is rooted in something that happens in-game.

Aigis Maid Costume P3FES by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Let's start the turn around here. Aigis comes on a mirrored base (which was somewhat permanently marked by the packaging). Her posture and pose are very accurate to the somewhat stiff character she has until very late game.

Aigis Maid Costume P3FES by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Notice here that a line runs down her leg. She is actually not wearing stockings. Due to her physical construction of her robotic body, her white outer shell plays a neat visual trick, mimicking tights or stockings that often accompany this kind of uniform. Of course if you noticed she was wearing knee socks already, it might be a moot point.

Aigis Maid Costume P3FES by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Her back is tied off with a traditional bow. The hair is well done, even if it is clumped in large bunches.

Aigis Maid Costume P3FES by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

With just a slight shift in angles, Aigis really shows that her pose while simple, has some versatility to it.

Aigis Maid Costume P3FES by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

This shot shows something really quite interesting. I almost passed on this figure because of the shoes. See, Aigis has these...hoof sort of things for feet. When I saw the shoes, I was like..."Is that right?" So I went and looked and yes, this is entirely game accurate. For this costume, she dons shoes. What's really cool here is that you can actually see the line in her socks where the hoofs actually are. I'm not sure what she put in the shoe to keep them on or if they are perhaps an attachment like her various gun arms. It works either way! The shoes are nicely polished too. (Also, this is the most I've ever talked about shoes. Ever.)

Aigis Maid Costume P3FES by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

More beautiful detail in her head gyros. Each part of her head-wear is detailed and accurately done.

Aigis Maid Costume P3FES by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Last picture in the set. Aigis' face here is somewhat serene and somewhat knowing. There is a bit of artistic license here in her expression and in the softness of her features. At first, I didn't like it all that much but, this is one instance where pictures can not do the figure justice. They rob it of the depth that gives Aigis her sharp look.

I'd definitely recommend this figure to any Persona fan or maid connoisseur. Due to the price, I would have a hard time recommending her to anyone else. It's not that she's not worth it, but for the price you can buy a lot of other more dynamic figures. Overall, she's a lovely piece and worthy of shelf space for any Persona collector.

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