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Persona (P4A) Prize Figures from Taito

A few weeks ago, while browsing for new figures on Tomo, my wife and I saw that the Persona prize figures from Taito had been released without our knowledge.

We were delighted to see that they actually looked decent.  On further inspection...they were quite good.  Damn good in fact.

So we did what any responsible adult does in this situation.  We went to eBay and bought the entire line.

These just confirmed how much I enjoy well done prize figures.  Properly treated, they are the perfect balance of size, cost, and quality for someone who enjoys a lot of varied franchises.

I'll post pics of each figure released so far and comment where appropriate.  Enjoy.

Yu Narukami

Yu Close Up by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

You'll notice the Persona 4 characters don't wear their trademark glasses.  That is canon to the Persona 4 Arena story though, so...there you have it.  ^_^

Yu by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

The bases for the Persona 4 cast all have these yellow trapezoid shapes.  They interlock nicely and allow for some interesting cluster shots.  They are textured like steel flooring is in warehouses.  They are kind of cheaply made compared to the figures.  Often they are slightly warped or the foot pegs don't sit flush on the base.  A minor complaint to be sure.

Yosuke Hanamura

Yosuke Close Up by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Truth be told, it was Yosuke that sold me on these.  I have enough Yukikos and Chies to last me a long while.  Yosuke however?  Well Bandai fucked up a good thing by not getting a Zero Art of him to market.  I couldn't pass this up.  

Yosuke by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Very well done over all, even his kunai are removable.  It's like they pulled his animation straight off the screen.

Yosuke and Jiraiya by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Speaking of Bandai's work...  Here is the Taito prize figure paired with Jiraiya from the D-Arts line.  

Chie Satonaka

Chie by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Back to Bandai, but owning the Zero Art of Chie, this figure her is probably my least favorite.  She quite nicely captures the promotional art of the game as evident by her slightly too-long legs.

Chie Close Up by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

A couple of things to note, this is the first figure in a long while to actually make me worry about figure-lean.  We'll see if she keeps upright over time.  The pose she takes is at a significant angle for the small connection she makes with her base.

One last look at Chie with her pal Yukiko:

Yukiko and Chie by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Yukiko Amagi

Yukiko by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Yukiko gets a little more love from me because her Bandi figure is boring with a capital 'B'.  This figure is anything but boring.

Yukiko Close Up by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Yukiko is working with three textures here:  her sweater, her skirt, and her stockings.  For a prize figure to not gloss over these details is outstanding.  

Yukiko Profile by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

On the side view you can see that her skirt is two-toned.  The figure was fun to shoot because it really is a different shot from different angles.  That sounds painfully obvious but it's a depth thing.  The front shots of her hide the depth of the sculpting and angles in the arms and hair.

Persona 4 Arena Gang by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Lousy pic because it was tough to get them all in a shot with proper lighting, but here you can see the height comparisons between the figures.


Aigis Close Up by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Ah, my mechanical maiden...this is one of the more lovely renditions of Aigis that I own.  You can notice the small changes to her that make up her P4A version here.  (headband guns, hip thrusters, tie in place of bow)

Aigis (stand) by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Unlike the other figures in the set, Aigis hovers on her stand.  It's work pointing out that her stand is completely different from the other figures.  Disappointing in a way as it makes her stand out, but somewhat appropriate too if you're familiar with her game mechanics.

Aigis Side by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Side view of Aigis, showing off the size of her accessory which is just kind of...out there.  Honestly it feels like an afterthought especially because the other guns are left off.  

Kanji Tatsumi

Kanji Close Up by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Like Yosuke, I never thought I'd get a figure of Kanji and he really does not disappoint.

Kanji by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Kanji threatens with his weapon from the game, a folding chair, and looks rad doing it.  The details on this guy are great.  From the quality stitch work to his nose ring, they really pulled out all the stops.

Kanji Coat by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Take a look at his coat here.  This could have been easily half-assed and no one would have minded, but all the straps and material is treated as though it occupied real space.  Well done Taito.

Naoto and Kanji by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Next to Naoto,..CAUSE THAT'S WHERE A REAL MAN WOULD BE!  ^_-  (if you don't know, ask somebody)

Naoto Shirogane

Naoto Profile by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Bang bang.  Out of all the female characters, it was Naoto I was most looking forward to.  She met all my expectations, but at the same time, a few prize figure style issues cropped up with this figure.

Naoto Side by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Beautifully posed in her P4A attire, note that it differs from her P4 attire, Naoto is simple but dynamic.

Naoto Rear by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Here is a better look at her pants.  The lines are well maintained even across the various folds and creases.

Naoto Coat by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Here you can see a close up of her cost...and the small problems she suffers from.  Mostly it is a paint issue.  White paint applies poorly to dark colors.  More expensive figures can have multiple coats applied or a slower hand at the application.  I suspect that the small degree of sloppiness here is the result of her production as a prize figure.  Still, it's only noticeable from certain angles and I only bring it up because this is the kind of thing that really tweeks some people off.  You can also notice a small smudge on her coat.  The other figures might have marks like that, but I don't remember seeing any.

Naoto Close Up by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr

Lastly a close up of our fair skinned beauty.  I wish I had been able to get a better shot of her face, but the eyes and subtle tilt of her head are still compelling.

Conclusion:  If you're a Persona fan, for the price, these are well worth your money.  Nicely sized, scaled, and detailed; I would easily recommend them.

One thing to consider as you purchase...Taito for all their good work, nearly ruins each figure with sub-standard packing.  Each figure has had varying degrees of bubble wrap but ultimately just jostles around in the box.  By the time I got Naoto and Kanji, I was emailing sellers and assuring them that I did not mind them opening and securing the figures prior to shipping.  I advise you do the same lest they get scuffed or damaged in transit.  Many of their finer points could be damaged if mishandled.

Happy hunting.
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